LLVM Snapshot Builds

LLVM is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source License, an OSI-approved license.

Other builds

See the releases page for stable releases, and the apt page for nightly packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

Windows snapshot builds

We provide a periodically updated installer for Windows. The current installer integrates with MSVC 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Windows installer, based on SVN r214131.

To use the LLVM toolchain from Visual Studio, select a project in Solution Explorer, open its Property Page (Alt+F7 by default), and in the "General" section of "Configuration Properties" change "Platform Toolset" to "LLVM-vs2010" or "LLVM-vs2012".

Alternatively, invoke MSBuild with /p:PlatformToolset=LLVM-vs2012 to try out the toolchain without modifying the project files.

Currently, the package only includes clang, clang-format, lld, and the AddressSanitizer runtime from compiler-rt, but eventually it should grow to encompass other Clang tools, lldb, and possibly other LLVM projects such as libc++.

clang-format plugin for Visual Studio

We also provide a standalone Visual Studio plugin for clang-format. It requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional or later. Notably, the Express editions do not support plugins.

Visual Studio plugin installer, based on SVN r214131.