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Chris Lattner
2008 LLVM Developers' Gathering in Japan

This was the first LLVM gathering held on 23 Aug, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.

In the gathering, we introduced LLVM and explored use of LLVM for various projects. Around 40 people was attended this gathering, so it was a bit larger gathering in Japan.

Following are slides used at the gathering. See also the Google Groups site.


The slides are in a mix of English and Japanese. Note that the Japanese slides can be generally understood by English speakers by using online translation tools such as Google translate.

[Slides Jp] syoyo LLVM Overview
[Slides En] syoyo Using LLVM's JIT infastructure
[Slides En] syoyo Partial evaluation with LLVM
[Slides En] nyaxt LLVM First Steps [Code]
[Slides Jp] shinh An LLVM benchmark
[Slides Jp] syoyo py2llvm: Python to LLVM translator [Code]
[Slides En] syoyo RSL (RenderMan Shading Language) - LLVM compiler project proposal
[Slides Jp] omo Binaries are not only output

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