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  • Undef and Poison: Present and Future - J. Lee

Technical Talks:

  • Clang & Linux: Asm Goto with Outputs - B. Wendling; N. Desaulniers
  • LLVM Libc: Current Status, Challenges and Future Plans - S. Reddy; G. Chatelet; P. Asker; D. Finkelstein
  • Branch Coverage: Squeezing more out of LLVM Source-based Code Coverage - A. Phipps
  • Memory tagging in LLVM and Android - E. Stepanov; K. Serebryany; P. Collingbourne; M. Phillips
  • Towards a representation of arbitrary alias graph in LLVM IR for Fortran code - K. Li; T. Islam
  • Control-flow sensitive escape analysis in Falcon JIT - A. Pilipenko
  • Extending Clang for checking compliance with automotive coding standards - M. Vujosevic Janicic
  • An Update on Optimizing Multiple Exit Loops - P. Reames
  • Code Size Compiler Optimizations and Techniques - A. Kumar
  • Accelerate Matrix Multiplication Using the New POWER Outer Product Instructions - B. Saleil; J. Carvalho
  • CIL : Common MLIR Dialect for C/C++ and Fortran - P. NR; V. M; Ranjith; Srihari
  • Building compiler extension for LLVM 10.0.1 - S. Guelton
  • LLVM-based mutation testing for C and C++ - A. Denisov; S. Pankevich
  • Matrix Support in Clang and LLVM- F. Hahn
  • Adding CUDA® Support to Cling: JIT Compile to GPUs - S. Ehrig
  • The Present and Future of Interprocedural Optimization in LLVM - J. Doerfert; B. Homerding; S. Baziotis; S. Stipanovic; H. Ueno; K. Dinel; S. Okumura; L. Chen
  • Pushing Back Lit’s Boundaries to Test Libc++ - L. Dionne
  • Evolving “convergent”: Lessons from Control Flow in AMDGPU - N. Hähnle
  • How to update debug info in compiler transformations - A. Prantl; V. Kumar
  • Proposal for A Framework for More Effective Loop Optimizations - M. Kruse; H. Finkel
  • Changing Everything With Clang Plugins: A Story About Syntax Extensions, Clang’s AST, and Quantum Computing = H. Finkel; A. Mccaskey
  • (OpenMP) Parallelism-Aware Optimizations - J. Doerfert; S. Stipanovic; H. Mosquera; J. Chesterfield; G. Georgakoudis; J. Huber
  • Checked C: Adding memory safety support to LLVM - M. Grang; K. Kjeer


  • Everything I know about debugging LLVM - N. Desaulniers
  • LLVM in a Bare Metal Environment - H. Qadeer
  • LLVM PGO Instrumentation: Example of CallSite-Aware Profiling - P. Kosov; S. Yakushkin
  • Understanding Changes made by a Pass in the Opt Pipeline. - J. Schmeiser
  • Using clang-tidy for customized checkers and large scale source tree refactoring - V. Bridgers
  • Finding Your Way Around the LLVM Dependence Analysis Zoo - S. Baziotis; S. Moll
  • Using the clang static analyzer to find bugs - V. Bridgers
  • A Deep Dive into the Interprocedural Optimization Infrastructure - J. Doerfert; B. Homerding; S. Baziotis; S. Stipanovic; H. Ueno; K. Dinel; S. Okumura; L. Chen
  • MLIR Tutorial - M. Amini

Lightning Talks:

  • Finding and Outlining Similarities in LLVM IR - A. Litteken
  • A fast algorithm for global code motion of congruent instructions - A. Kumar; S. Pop
  • From Implicit Pass Dependencies to Effectiveness Prediction - H. Ueno; J. Doerfert; E. Park; G. Georgakoudis; T. Jayatilaka; S. Badruswamy
  • Using Clang as An Alternative C/C++ Frontend of The ROSE Source-to-Source Compiler - A. Wang; P. Lin; C. Liao; Y. Yan
  • OpenACC support in Flang with a MLIR dialect - V. Clement; J. Vetter
  • Fragmenting the DWARF to Enable Dead Debug Data Elimination - J. Henderson
  • Source-based Code Coverage for Embedded Use Cases - A. Phipps; C. Addison
  • pre-merge checks for LLVM - M. Goncharov; C. Kühnel
  • Getting stack size just right on XCore - J. McCrea
  • Compile Faster with the Program Repository and ccache - Y. Yi; P. Bowen-Huggett
  • GWP-TSan: Zero-Cost Detection of Data Races in Production - M. Morehouse; K. Serebryany
  • CompilerInvocation to -cc1 command line - D. Grumberg
  • Outer-Loop Vectorization Legality Analysis for RV: One Step Closer to a Powerful Vectorizer for LLVM - S. Baziotis
  • Flang Update - S. Scalpone
  • Code Feature Analysis, Tracking, and Future Usage - T. Jayatilaka; J. Doerfert; G. Georgakoudis; E. Park; H. Ueno; S. Badruswamy
  • Lowering XLA HLO using RISE - A Functional Pattern-based MLIR Dialect - M. Lücke; A. Smith; M. Steuwer
  • SYCL for CUDA: An overview of implementing PI for CUDA - A. Johnston
  • Extending LLDB to More Scripting Languages - J. Devlieghere
  • Adding a Subtarget Support to LLVM in Five Minutes - E. Yakubova

Birds of a Feather:

  • ClangBuiltLinux BoF - N. Desaulniers
  • Loop Optimization BoF - M. Kruse; K. Barton
  • LLVM Just-In-Time Compilers BoF - L. Hames
  • Code Size Optimization - S. Bartell; V. Adve

Student Research Competition

  • Enzyme: High-Performance Automatic Differentiation of LLVM - W. Moses; V. Churavy
  • SPAM: Stateless Permutation of Application Memory with LLVM - M. Ziad; M. Arroyo; S. Sethumadhavan
  • HPVM-FPGFA: Leveraging Compiler Optimizations for Hardware-Agnostic FPGA Programming - A. Ejjeh; K. Kanwar; M. Kotsifakou; V. Adve; R. Rutenbar
  • Guided Linking: shrinking and speeding up dynamically linked code - S. Bartell; V. Adve
  • ApproxTuner: A Compiler and Runtime System for Adaptive Approximations - H. Sharif; M. Kotsifakou; Y. Zhao; A. Kothari; B. Schreiber; E. Wang; Y. Sarita; N. Zhao; K. Joshi; V. Adve; S. Misailovic; S. Adve


  • CIRCT: MLIR for Hardware Design - A. Wilson; S. Neuendorffer; C. Lattner;
  • An Approach to Generate Correctly Rounded Math Libraries for New Floating Point Variants - J. Lim; M. Aanjaneya; J. Gustafson; S. Nagarakatte
  • Compiling a Higher-Order Smart Contract Language to LLVM - V. Nagaraj; J. Johannsen; A. Trunov; G. Pirlea; A. Kumar; I. Sergey
  • To -jInfinity & Beyond - W. Moses; K. Kwok; L. Sha
  • llvm-diva – Debug Information Visual Analyzer - C. Enciso
  • Quickly Finding RISC-V Code Quality Issues with Differential Analysis - L. Marques
  • Error estimates of floating-point numbers and Jacobian matrix computation in Clad - V. Vassilev; A. Penev; R. Shakhov
  • Data Dependency using MSSA: Analysis and Contrast - R. Sharma; W. Tsang
  • Connecting Clang to The ROSE Source-to-Source Compiler - A. Wang; P. Lin; C. Liao; Y. Yan
  • Incremental Compilation Support in Clang - V. Vassilevv; D. Lange
  • Enzyme: High-Performance Automatic Differentiation of LLVM - W. Moses; V. Churavy