LLVM  10.0.0svn
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1 //===- DIARawSymbol.h - DIA implementation of IPDBRawSymbol ----*- C++ -*-===//
2 //
3 // Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4 // See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
6 //
7 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
12 #include "DIASupport.h"
15 namespace llvm {
16 namespace pdb {
17 class DIASession;
18 class DIARawSymbol : public IPDBRawSymbol {
19 public:
20  DIARawSymbol(const DIASession &PDBSession, CComPtr<IDiaSymbol> DiaSymbol);
22  void dump(raw_ostream &OS, int Indent, PdbSymbolIdField ShowIdFields,
23  PdbSymbolIdField RecurseIdFields) const override;
25  CComPtr<IDiaSymbol> getDiaSymbol() const { return Symbol; }
27  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
28  findChildren(PDB_SymType Type) const override;
29  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
31  PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override;
32  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
34  PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags,
35  uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset) const override;
36  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
38  uint64_t VA) const override;
39  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
41  uint32_t RVA) const override;
43  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
44  findInlineFramesByAddr(uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset) const override;
45  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
46  findInlineFramesByRVA(uint32_t RVA) const override;
47  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols>
48  findInlineFramesByVA(uint64_t VA) const override;
50  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers> findInlineeLines() const override;
51  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
53  uint32_t Length) const override;
54  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
55  findInlineeLinesByRVA(uint32_t RVA, uint32_t Length) const override;
56  std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
57  findInlineeLinesByVA(uint64_t VA, uint32_t Length) const override;
59  void getDataBytes(llvm::SmallVector<uint8_t, 32> &bytes) const override;
60  void getFrontEndVersion(VersionInfo &Version) const override;
61  void getBackEndVersion(VersionInfo &Version) const override;
62  PDB_MemberAccess getAccess() const override;
63  uint32_t getAddressOffset() const override;
64  uint32_t getAddressSection() const override;
65  uint32_t getAge() const override;
66  SymIndexId getArrayIndexTypeId() const override;
67  uint32_t getBaseDataOffset() const override;
68  uint32_t getBaseDataSlot() const override;
69  SymIndexId getBaseSymbolId() const override;
70  PDB_BuiltinType getBuiltinType() const override;
71  uint32_t getBitPosition() const override;
72  PDB_CallingConv getCallingConvention() const override;
73  SymIndexId getClassParentId() const override;
74  std::string getCompilerName() const override;
75  uint32_t getCount() const override;
76  uint32_t getCountLiveRanges() const override;
77  PDB_Lang getLanguage() const override;
78  SymIndexId getLexicalParentId() const override;
79  std::string getLibraryName() const override;
84  SymIndexId getLowerBoundId() const override;
85  uint32_t getMemorySpaceKind() const override;
86  std::string getName() const override;
88  uint32_t getNumberOfColumns() const override;
89  uint32_t getNumberOfModifiers() const override;
90  uint32_t getNumberOfRegisterIndices() const override;
91  uint32_t getNumberOfRows() const override;
92  std::string getObjectFileName() const override;
93  uint32_t getOemId() const override;
94  SymIndexId getOemSymbolId() const override;
95  uint32_t getOffsetInUdt() const override;
96  PDB_Cpu getPlatform() const override;
97  uint32_t getRank() const override;
98  codeview::RegisterId getRegisterId() const override;
99  uint32_t getRegisterType() const override;
100  uint32_t getRelativeVirtualAddress() const override;
101  uint32_t getSamplerSlot() const override;
102  uint32_t getSignature() const override;
103  uint32_t getSizeInUdt() const override;
104  uint32_t getSlot() const override;
105  std::string getSourceFileName() const override;
106  std::unique_ptr<IPDBLineNumber> getSrcLineOnTypeDefn() const override;
107  uint32_t getStride() const override;
108  SymIndexId getSubTypeId() const override;
109  std::string getSymbolsFileName() const override;
110  SymIndexId getSymIndexId() const override;
111  uint32_t getTargetOffset() const override;
112  uint32_t getTargetRelativeVirtualAddress() const override;
113  uint64_t getTargetVirtualAddress() const override;
114  uint32_t getTargetSection() const override;
115  uint32_t getTextureSlot() const override;
116  uint32_t getTimeStamp() const override;
117  uint32_t getToken() const override;
118  SymIndexId getTypeId() const override;
119  uint32_t getUavSlot() const override;
120  std::string getUndecoratedName() const override;
121  std::string getUndecoratedNameEx(PDB_UndnameFlags Flags) const override;
122  SymIndexId getUnmodifiedTypeId() const override;
123  SymIndexId getUpperBoundId() const override;
124  Variant getValue() const override;
125  uint32_t getVirtualBaseDispIndex() const override;
126  uint32_t getVirtualBaseOffset() const override;
127  SymIndexId getVirtualTableShapeId() const override;
128  std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbolTypeBuiltin>
129  getVirtualBaseTableType() const override;
130  PDB_DataKind getDataKind() const override;
131  PDB_SymType getSymTag() const override;
132  codeview::GUID getGuid() const override;
133  int32_t getOffset() const override;
134  int32_t getThisAdjust() const override;
135  int32_t getVirtualBasePointerOffset() const override;
136  PDB_LocType getLocationType() const override;
137  PDB_Machine getMachineType() const override;
138  codeview::ThunkOrdinal getThunkOrdinal() const override;
139  uint64_t getLength() const override;
140  uint64_t getLiveRangeLength() const override;
141  uint64_t getVirtualAddress() const override;
142  PDB_UdtType getUdtKind() const override;
143  bool hasConstructor() const override;
144  bool hasCustomCallingConvention() const override;
145  bool hasFarReturn() const override;
146  bool isCode() const override;
147  bool isCompilerGenerated() const override;
148  bool isConstType() const override;
149  bool isEditAndContinueEnabled() const override;
150  bool isFunction() const override;
151  bool getAddressTaken() const override;
152  bool getNoStackOrdering() const override;
153  bool hasAlloca() const override;
154  bool hasAssignmentOperator() const override;
155  bool hasCTypes() const override;
156  bool hasCastOperator() const override;
157  bool hasDebugInfo() const override;
158  bool hasEH() const override;
159  bool hasEHa() const override;
160  bool hasInlAsm() const override;
161  bool hasInlineAttribute() const override;
162  bool hasInterruptReturn() const override;
163  bool hasFramePointer() const override;
164  bool hasLongJump() const override;
165  bool hasManagedCode() const override;
166  bool hasNestedTypes() const override;
167  bool hasNoInlineAttribute() const override;
168  bool hasNoReturnAttribute() const override;
169  bool hasOptimizedCodeDebugInfo() const override;
170  bool hasOverloadedOperator() const override;
171  bool hasSEH() const override;
172  bool hasSecurityChecks() const override;
173  bool hasSetJump() const override;
174  bool hasStrictGSCheck() const override;
175  bool isAcceleratorGroupSharedLocal() const override;
176  bool isAcceleratorPointerTagLiveRange() const override;
177  bool isAcceleratorStubFunction() const override;
178  bool isAggregated() const override;
179  bool isIntroVirtualFunction() const override;
180  bool isCVTCIL() const override;
181  bool isConstructorVirtualBase() const override;
182  bool isCxxReturnUdt() const override;
183  bool isDataAligned() const override;
184  bool isHLSLData() const override;
185  bool isHotpatchable() const override;
186  bool isIndirectVirtualBaseClass() const override;
187  bool isInterfaceUdt() const override;
188  bool isIntrinsic() const override;
189  bool isLTCG() const override;
190  bool isLocationControlFlowDependent() const override;
191  bool isMSILNetmodule() const override;
192  bool isMatrixRowMajor() const override;
193  bool isManagedCode() const override;
194  bool isMSILCode() const override;
195  bool isMultipleInheritance() const override;
196  bool isNaked() const override;
197  bool isNested() const override;
198  bool isOptimizedAway() const override;
199  bool isPacked() const override;
200  bool isPointerBasedOnSymbolValue() const override;
201  bool isPointerToDataMember() const override;
202  bool isPointerToMemberFunction() const override;
203  bool isPureVirtual() const override;
204  bool isRValueReference() const override;
205  bool isRefUdt() const override;
206  bool isReference() const override;
207  bool isRestrictedType() const override;
208  bool isReturnValue() const override;
209  bool isSafeBuffers() const override;
210  bool isScoped() const override;
211  bool isSdl() const override;
212  bool isSingleInheritance() const override;
213  bool isSplitted() const override;
214  bool isStatic() const override;
215  bool hasPrivateSymbols() const override;
216  bool isUnalignedType() const override;
217  bool isUnreached() const override;
218  bool isValueUdt() const override;
219  bool isVirtual() const override;
220  bool isVirtualBaseClass() const override;
221  bool isVirtualInheritance() const override;
222  bool isVolatileType() const override;
223  bool wasInlined() const override;
224  std::string getUnused() const override;
226 private:
227  const DIASession &Session;
228  CComPtr<IDiaSymbol> Symbol;
229 };
230 }
231 }
233 #endif
bool hasAlloca() const override
bool hasInlineAttribute() const override
bool hasNoReturnAttribute() const override
uint32_t getToken() const override
uint32_t getLiveRangeStartRelativeVirtualAddress() const override
bool hasInterruptReturn() const override
bool isRValueReference() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findInlineFramesByVA(uint64_t VA) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findInlineFramesByAddr(uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset) const override
PDB_UdtType getUdtKind() const override
This class represents lattice values for constants.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:23
int32_t getOffset() const override
void dump(raw_ostream &OS, int Indent, PdbSymbolIdField ShowIdFields, PdbSymbolIdField RecurseIdFields) const override
bool isStatic() const override
codeview::RegisterId getLocalBasePointerRegisterId() const override
uint32_t getNumberOfColumns() const override
amdgpu Simplify well known AMD library false FunctionCallee Value const Twine & Name
uint32_t getTargetOffset() const override
bool hasOptimizedCodeDebugInfo() const override
SymIndexId getClassParentId() const override
These values correspond to the UdtKind enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/wcstk66t.aspx.
Definition: PDBTypes.h:308
uint32_t getTextureSlot() const override
bool isNaked() const override
uint32_t getVirtualBaseDispIndex() const override
Defines flags used for enumerating child symbols.
Definition: PDBTypes.h:100
bool isValueUdt() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findInlineeLinesByAddr(uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset, uint32_t Length) const override
SymIndexId getBaseSymbolId() const override
SymIndexId getOemSymbolId() const override
std::string getUnused() const override
bool isConstructorVirtualBase() const override
bool getNoStackOrdering() const override
bool isPureVirtual() const override
bool isSdl() const override
SymIndexId getVirtualTableShapeId() const override
std::string getSymbolsFileName() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findInlineeLinesByVA(uint64_t VA, uint32_t Length) const override
bool isFunction() const override
bool isReturnValue() const override
PDB_Machine getMachineType() const override
bool isRefUdt() const override
bool hasManagedCode() const override
bool isVirtual() const override
bool hasOverloadedOperator() const override
bool hasCastOperator() const override
uint32_t getStride() const override
bool hasEHa() const override
bool isIntroVirtualFunction() const override
uint32_t getNumberOfRegisterIndices() const override
std::string getName() const override
codeview::ThunkOrdinal getThunkOrdinal() const override
SymIndexId getUnmodifiedTypeId() const override
This represents the &#39;GUID&#39; type from windows.h.
Definition: GUID.h:21
bool isScoped() const override
SymIndexId getLowerBoundId() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBLineNumber > getSrcLineOnTypeDefn() const override
std::string getUndecoratedNameEx(PDB_UndnameFlags Flags) const override
bool isCxxReturnUdt() const override
bool isVolatileType() const override
uint32_t getNumberOfAcceleratorPointerTags() const override
SymIndexId getUpperBoundId() const override
PDB_SymType getSymTag() const override
bool isNested() const override
bool isMSILNetmodule() const override
bool isPointerToMemberFunction() const override
uint64_t getLength() const override
bool isOptimizedAway() const override
SymIndexId getSymIndexId() const override
bool isIndirectVirtualBaseClass() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findChildrenByVA(PDB_SymType Type, StringRef Name, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags, uint64_t VA) const override
uint32_t getTimeStamp() const override
bool isIntrinsic() const override
These values correspond to the flags that can be combined to control the return of an undecorated nam...
Definition: PDBTypes.h:359
void getFrontEndVersion(VersionInfo &Version) const override
PDB_BuiltinType getBuiltinType() const override
bool hasCustomCallingConvention() const override
uint32_t getLiveRangeStartAddressOffset() const override
bool isLocationControlFlowDependent() const override
bool isAcceleratorPointerTagLiveRange() const override
bool isRestrictedType() const override
bool hasCTypes() const override
These values correspond to the SymTagEnum enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bkedss5f.aspx.
Definition: PDBTypes.h:241
uint32_t getRank() const override
PDB_MemberAccess getAccess() const override
bool getAddressTaken() const override
uint32_t getTargetSection() const override
uint32_t getRegisterType() const override
bool isAcceleratorGroupSharedLocal() const override
bool isEditAndContinueEnabled() const override
The instances of the Type class are immutable: once they are created, they are never changed...
Definition: Type.h:46
These values correspond to the DataKind enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b2x2t313.aspx.
Definition: PDBTypes.h:226
void getDataBytes(llvm::SmallVector< uint8_t, 32 > &bytes) const override
IPDBRawSymbol defines an interface used to represent an arbitrary symbol.
Definition: IPDBRawSymbol.h:49
bool isPointerBasedOnSymbolValue() const override
uint32_t getOffsetInUdt() const override
bool isAcceleratorStubFunction() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findChildrenByAddr(PDB_SymType Type, StringRef Name, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags, uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset) const override
bool isDataAligned() const override
uint64_t getTargetVirtualAddress() const override
bool hasNestedTypes() const override
codeview::GUID getGuid() const override
SymIndexId getLexicalParentId() const override
bool isVirtualBaseClass() const override
bool hasEH() const override
bool wasInlined() const override
bool isAggregated() const override
bool isMSILCode() const override
uint32_t getSizeInUdt() const override
These values correspond to the LocationType enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn...
Definition: PDBTypes.h:290
uint32_t getTargetRelativeVirtualAddress() const override
bool isPacked() const override
PDB_CallingConv getCallingConvention() const override
std::string getCompilerName() const override
uint64_t getLiveRangeLength() const override
bool isConstType() const override
bool isCode() const override
uint32_t getSignature() const override
These values correspond to the CV_CFL_LANG enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bw3aekw6.aspx.
Definition: CodeView.h:143
bool hasSEH() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findInlineFramesByRVA(uint32_t RVA) const override
bool isCVTCIL() const override
int32_t getVirtualBasePointerOffset() const override
bool isManagedCode() const override
bool hasPrivateSymbols() const override
bool isSafeBuffers() const override
These values correspond to the CV_CPU_TYPE_e enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn...
Definition: CodeView.h:78
int32_t getThisAdjust() const override
std::string getLibraryName() const override
codeview::RegisterId getRegisterId() const override
bool isMatrixRowMajor() const override
bool isHLSLData() const override
uint32_t getSlot() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findInlineeLinesByRVA(uint32_t RVA, uint32_t Length) const override
SymIndexId getArrayIndexTypeId() const override
bool hasLongJump() const override
bool hasAssignmentOperator() const override
uint32_t getVirtualBaseOffset() const override
DIARawSymbol(const DIASession &PDBSession, CComPtr< IDiaSymbol > DiaSymbol)
std::string getSourceFileName() const override
uint32_t getBaseDataOffset() const override
SymIndexId getTypeId() const override
bool hasSetJump() const override
bool isVirtualInheritance() const override
bool isUnreached() const override
SymIndexId getSubTypeId() const override
bool isPointerToDataMember() const override
uint32_t getNumberOfModifiers() const override
PDB_LocType getLocationType() const override
bool hasStrictGSCheck() const override
bool hasSecurityChecks() const override
void getBackEndVersion(VersionInfo &Version) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findInlineeLines() const override
bool hasFramePointer() const override
uint32_t getNumberOfRows() const override
std::string getUndecoratedName() const override
uint32_t getAddressSection() const override
uint32_t getAge() const override
PDB_Cpu getPlatform() const override
CComPtr< IDiaSymbol > getDiaSymbol() const
Definition: DIARawSymbol.h:25
uint32_t getOemId() const override
bool isHotpatchable() const override
bool isMultipleInheritance() const override
These values correspond to the THUNK_ORDINAL enumeration.
Definition: CodeView.h:548
These values correspond to the Basictype enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/4szdtzc3.aspx.
Definition: PDBTypes.h:333
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findChildren(PDB_SymType Type) const override
bool hasNoInlineAttribute() const override
bool isLTCG() const override
uint32_t getCount() const override
bool isSplitted() const override
uint64_t getVirtualAddress() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbols > findChildrenByRVA(PDB_SymType Type, StringRef Name, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags, uint32_t RVA) const override
These values correspond to the CV_call_e enumeration, and are documented at the following locations: ...
Definition: CodeView.h:173
uint32_t getMemorySpaceKind() const override
This class implements an extremely fast bulk output stream that can only output to a stream...
Definition: raw_ostream.h:45
bool isCompilerGenerated() const override
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:48
Variant getValue() const override
bool isSingleInheritance() const override
uint32_t getLiveRangeStartAddressSection() const override
PDB_Lang getLanguage() const override
std::string getObjectFileName() const override
bool isInterfaceUdt() const override
bool isReference() const override
PDB_DataKind getDataKind() const override
bool hasInlAsm() const override
uint32_t getAddressOffset() const override
uint32_t getUavSlot() const override
uint32_t getBitPosition() const override
uint32_t getBaseDataSlot() const override
const uint64_t Version
Definition: InstrProf.h:980
bool hasConstructor() const override
bool isUnalignedType() const override
uint32_t getCountLiveRanges() const override
uint32_t getSamplerSlot() const override
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbolTypeBuiltin > getVirtualBaseTableType() const override
bool hasDebugInfo() const override
bool hasFarReturn() const override
uint32_t getRelativeVirtualAddress() const override
Definition: PDBTypes.h:382