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llvm::CFLAndersAAResult::FunctionInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 FunctionInfo (const Function &, const SmallVectorImpl< Value *> &, const ReachabilitySet &, const AliasAttrMap &)
bool mayAlias (const Value *, LocationSize, const Value *, LocationSize) const
const AliasSummarygetAliasSummary () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 323 of file CFLAndersAliasAnalysis.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FunctionInfo()

llvm::CFLAndersAAResult::FunctionInfo::FunctionInfo ( const Function Fn,
const SmallVectorImpl< Value *> &  RetVals,
const ReachabilitySet &  ReachSet,
const AliasAttrMap &  AMap 

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAliasSummary()

const AliasSummary& llvm::CFLAndersAAResult::FunctionInfo::getAliasSummary ( ) const

Definition at line 343 of file CFLAndersAliasAnalysis.cpp.

◆ mayAlias()

bool llvm::CFLAndersAAResult::FunctionInfo::mayAlias ( const Value LHS,
LocationSize  MaybeLHSSize,
const Value RHS,
LocationSize  MaybeRHSSize 
) const

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