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llvm::IRTranslator Class Reference

#include "llvm/CodeGen/GlobalISel/IRTranslator.h"

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Public Member Functions

 IRTranslator ()
StringRef getPassName () const override
 getPassName - Return a nice clean name for a pass. More...
void getAnalysisUsage (AnalysisUsage &AU) const override
 getAnalysisUsage - This function should be overriden by passes that need analysis information to do their job. More...
bool runOnMachineFunction (MachineFunction &MF) override
 runOnMachineFunction - This method must be overloaded to perform the desired machine code transformation or analysis. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachineFunctionPass
bool doInitialization (Module &) override
 doInitialization - Virtual method overridden by subclasses to do any necessary initialization before any pass is run. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::FunctionPass
 FunctionPass (char &pid)
PasscreatePrinterPass (raw_ostream &OS, const std::string &Banner) const override
 createPrinterPass - Get a function printer pass. More...
void assignPassManager (PMStack &PMS, PassManagerType T) override
 Find appropriate Function Pass Manager or Call Graph Pass Manager in the PM Stack and add self into that manager. More...
PassManagerType getPotentialPassManagerType () const override
 Return what kind of Pass Manager can manage this pass. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::Pass
 Pass (PassKind K, char &pid)
 Pass (const Pass &)=delete
Passoperator= (const Pass &)=delete
virtual ~Pass ()
PassKind getPassKind () const
AnalysisID getPassID () const
 getPassID - Return the PassID number that corresponds to this pass. More...
virtual bool doFinalization (Module &)
 doFinalization - Virtual method overriden by subclasses to do any necessary clean up after all passes have run. More...
virtual void print (raw_ostream &OS, const Module *M) const
 print - Print out the internal state of the pass. More...
void dump () const
virtual void preparePassManager (PMStack &)
 Check if available pass managers are suitable for this pass or not. More...
void setResolver (AnalysisResolver *AR)
AnalysisResolvergetResolver () const
virtual void releaseMemory ()
 releaseMemory() - This member can be implemented by a pass if it wants to be able to release its memory when it is no longer needed. More...
virtual void * getAdjustedAnalysisPointer (AnalysisID ID)
 getAdjustedAnalysisPointer - This method is used when a pass implements an analysis interface through multiple inheritance. More...
virtual ImmutablePassgetAsImmutablePass ()
virtual PMDataManagergetAsPMDataManager ()
virtual void verifyAnalysis () const
 verifyAnalysis() - This member can be implemented by a analysis pass to check state of analysis information. More...
virtual void dumpPassStructure (unsigned Offset=0)
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType * getAnalysisIfAvailable () const
 getAnalysisIfAvailable<AnalysisType>() - Subclasses use this function to get analysis information that might be around, for example to update it. More...
bool mustPreserveAnalysisID (char &AID) const
 mustPreserveAnalysisID - This method serves the same function as getAnalysisIfAvailable, but works if you just have an AnalysisID. More...
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysis () const
 getAnalysis<AnalysisType>() - This function is used by subclasses to get to the analysis information that they claim to use by overriding the getAnalysisUsage function. More...
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysis (Function &F)
 getAnalysis<AnalysisType>() - This function is used by subclasses to get to the analysis information that they claim to use by overriding the getAnalysisUsage function. More...
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysisID (AnalysisID PI) const
template<typename AnalysisType >
AnalysisType & getAnalysisID (AnalysisID PI, Function &F)

Static Public Attributes

static char ID = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::Pass
static const PassInfolookupPassInfo (const void *TI)
static const PassInfolookupPassInfo (StringRef Arg)
static PasscreatePass (AnalysisID ID)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachineFunctionPass
 MachineFunctionPass (char &ID)
void getAnalysisUsage (AnalysisUsage &AU) const override
 getAnalysisUsage - Subclasses that override getAnalysisUsage must call this. More...
virtual MachineFunctionProperties getRequiredProperties () const
virtual MachineFunctionProperties getSetProperties () const
virtual MachineFunctionProperties getClearedProperties () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::FunctionPass
bool skipFunction (const Function &F) const
 Optional passes call this function to check whether the pass should be skipped. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file IRTranslator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IRTranslator()

IRTranslator::IRTranslator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAnalysisUsage()

void IRTranslator::getAnalysisUsage ( AnalysisUsage ) const

getAnalysisUsage - This function should be overriden by passes that need analysis information to do their job.

If a pass specifies that it uses a particular analysis result to this function, it can then use the getAnalysis<AnalysisType>() function, below.

Reimplemented from llvm::Pass.

Definition at line 152 of file IRTranslator.cpp.

References llvm::AnalysisUsage::addRequired(), llvm::MachineBasicBlock::addSuccessor(), llvm::MachineBasicBlock::addSuccessorWithoutProb(), assert(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildBr(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildBrCond(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildBrJT(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildConstant(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildCopy(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildICmp(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildInstr(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildJumpTable(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildSub(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::buildZExtOrTrunc(), C, llvm::SwitchInst::cases(), llvm::SwitchCG::CC_BitTests, llvm::SwitchCG::CC_JumpTable, llvm::SwitchCG::CaseBlock::CmpLHS, llvm::computeValueLLTs(), llvm::copy(), llvm::MachineInstr::copyFlagsFromInstruction(), llvm::dbgs(), llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTable::Default, llvm::dyn_cast(), llvm::CmpInst::FCMP_FALSE, llvm::CmpInst::FCMP_TRUE, llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTableHeader::First, llvm::ConstantInt::get(), llvm::AllocaInst::getAlignment(), llvm::AllocaInst::getAllocatedType(), llvm::Constant::getAllOnesValue(), llvm::MachineFunctionPass::getAnalysisUsage(), llvm::AllocaInst::getArraySize(), llvm::MachineBasicBlock::getBasicBlock(), llvm::BranchInst::getCondition(), llvm::SwitchInst::getCondition(), llvm::Module::getDataLayout(), llvm::SwitchInst::getDefaultDest(), llvm::Type::getInt8PtrTy(), llvm::getLLTForType(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::getMBB(), llvm::Instruction::getModule(), llvm::ilist_node_with_parent< NodeTy, ParentTy, Options >::getNextNode(), llvm::Constant::getNullValue(), llvm::SwitchInst::getNumCases(), llvm::User::getOperand(), llvm::Instruction::getParent(), llvm::MachineBasicBlock::getParent(), llvm::Type::getPointerTo(), llvm::PPC::getPredicate(), llvm::MachineInstrBuilder::getReg(), llvm::ReturnInst::getReturnValue(), llvm::getSelectionDAGFallbackAnalysisUsage(), llvm::BranchInst::getSuccessor(), llvm::AllocaInst::getType(), llvm::Value::getType(), llvm::DataLayout::getTypeStoreSize(), llvm::ConstantFP::getZeroValueForNegation(), I, llvm::CmpInst::ICMP_UGT, if(), llvm::Type::isAggregateType(), llvm::CmpInst::isIntPredicate(), llvm::MachineBasicBlock::isLayoutSuccessor(), llvm::Type::isSized(), llvm::BranchInst::isUnconditional(), llvm::BranchProbability::isUnknown(), llvm::Type::isVoidTy(), llvm::HexagonISD::JT, llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTable::JTI, llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTableHeader::Last, LLVM_DEBUG, llvm::max(), llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTable::MBB, MRI, llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTableHeader::OmitRangeCheck, llvm::Value::print(), llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTable::Reg, reportTranslationError(), llvm::MipsISD::Ret, llvm::LLT::scalar(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::setDebugLoc(), llvm::MachineIRBuilder::setMBB(), SI, Size, llvm::SmallVectorBase::size(), llvm::SwitchCG::sortAndRangeify(), llvm::succ_size(), Success, llvm::successors(), llvm::SwitchCG::JumpTableHeader::SValue, and llvm::RISCVFenceField::W.

Referenced by getPassName().

◆ getPassName()

StringRef llvm::IRTranslator::getPassName ( ) const

getPassName - Return a nice clean name for a pass.

This usually implemented in terms of the name that is registered by one of the Registration templates, but can be overloaded directly.

Reimplemented from llvm::Pass.

Definition at line 618 of file IRTranslator.h.

References getAnalysisUsage(), and runOnMachineFunction().

◆ runOnMachineFunction()

bool IRTranslator::runOnMachineFunction ( MachineFunction MF)

Member Data Documentation

◆ ID

char IRTranslator::ID = 0

Definition at line 63 of file IRTranslator.h.

Referenced by getOffsetFromIndices().

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