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llvm::StackSafetyInfo Class Reference

Interface to access stack safety analysis results for single function. More...

#include "llvm/Analysis/StackSafetyAnalysis.h"


struct  InfoTy

Public Member Functions

 StackSafetyInfo ()
 StackSafetyInfo (Function *F, std::function< ScalarEvolution &()> GetSE)
 StackSafetyInfo (StackSafetyInfo &&)
StackSafetyInfooperator= (StackSafetyInfo &&)
 ~StackSafetyInfo ()
const InfoTygetInfo () const
void print (raw_ostream &O) const
std::vector< FunctionSummary::ParamAccessgetParamAccesses () const
 Parameters use for a FunctionSummary. More...

Detailed Description

Interface to access stack safety analysis results for single function.

Definition at line 26 of file StackSafetyAnalysis.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StackSafetyInfo() [1/3]

StackSafetyInfo::StackSafetyInfo ( )

Referenced by StackSafetyInfo().

◆ StackSafetyInfo() [2/3]

StackSafetyInfo::StackSafetyInfo ( Function F,
std::function< ScalarEvolution &()>  GetSE 

Definition at line 702 of file StackSafetyAnalysis.cpp.

References operator=(), StackSafetyInfo(), and ~StackSafetyInfo().

◆ StackSafetyInfo() [3/3]

StackSafetyInfo::StackSafetyInfo ( StackSafetyInfo &&  )

◆ ~StackSafetyInfo()

StackSafetyInfo::~StackSafetyInfo ( )

Referenced by StackSafetyInfo().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInfo()

const StackSafetyInfo::InfoTy & StackSafetyInfo::getInfo ( ) const

Definition at line 712 of file StackSafetyAnalysis.cpp.

Referenced by getParamAccesses(), and print().

◆ getParamAccesses()

std::vector< FunctionSummary::ParamAccess > StackSafetyInfo::getParamAccesses ( ) const

Parameters use for a FunctionSummary.

Function collects access information of all pointer parameters. Information includes a range of direct access of parameters by the functions and all call sites accepting the parameter. StackSafety assumes that missing parameter information means possibility of access to the parameter with any offset, so we can correctly link code without StackSafety information, e.g. non-ThinLTO.

Definition at line 752 of file StackSafetyAnalysis.cpp.

References C, llvm::FunctionSummary::ParamAccess::Calls, getInfo(), and llvm::StackSafetyGlobalInfo::StackSafetyGlobalInfo().

◆ operator=()

StackSafetyInfo & StackSafetyInfo::operator= ( StackSafetyInfo &&  )

Referenced by StackSafetyInfo().

◆ print()

void StackSafetyInfo::print ( raw_ostream O) const

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