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llvm::orc::LazyCallThroughManager Class Reference

Manages a set of 'lazy call-through' trampolines. More...

#include "llvm/ExecutionEngine/Orc/LazyReexports.h"

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class  NotifyResolvedFunction
 Clients will want to take some action on first resolution, e.g. More...
class  NotifyResolvedFunctionImpl

Public Member Functions

Expected< JITTargetAddressgetCallThroughTrampoline (JITDylib &SourceJD, SymbolStringPtr SymbolName, std::shared_ptr< NotifyResolvedFunction > NotifyResolved)

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename NotifyResolvedImpl >
static std::unique_ptr< NotifyResolvedFunctioncreateNotifyResolvedFunction (NotifyResolvedImpl NotifyResolved)
 Create a shared NotifyResolvedFunction from a given type that is callable with the correct signature. More...

Protected Member Functions

 LazyCallThroughManager (ExecutionSession &ES, JITTargetAddress ErrorHandlerAddr, std::unique_ptr< TrampolinePool > TP)
JITTargetAddress callThroughToSymbol (JITTargetAddress TrampolineAddr)
void setTrampolinePool (std::unique_ptr< TrampolinePool > TP)

Detailed Description

Manages a set of 'lazy call-through' trampolines.

These are compiler re-entry trampolines that are pre-bound to look up a given symbol in a given JITDylib, then jump to that address. Since compilation of symbols is triggered on first lookup, these call-through trampolines can be used to implement lazy compilation.

The easiest way to construct these call-throughs is using the lazyReexport function.

Definition at line 37 of file LazyReexports.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LazyCallThroughManager()

llvm::orc::LazyCallThroughManager::LazyCallThroughManager ( ExecutionSession ES,
JITTargetAddress  ErrorHandlerAddr,
std::unique_ptr< TrampolinePool TP 

Definition at line 21 of file LazyReexports.cpp.

Referenced by createNotifyResolvedFunction().

Member Function Documentation

◆ callThroughToSymbol()

JITTargetAddress llvm::orc::LazyCallThroughManager::callThroughToSymbol ( JITTargetAddress  TrampolineAddr)

◆ createNotifyResolvedFunction()

template<typename NotifyResolvedImpl >
static std::unique_ptr<NotifyResolvedFunction> llvm::orc::LazyCallThroughManager::createNotifyResolvedFunction ( NotifyResolvedImpl  NotifyResolved)

Create a shared NotifyResolvedFunction from a given type that is callable with the correct signature.

Definition at line 73 of file LazyReexports.h.

References callThroughToSymbol(), getCallThroughTrampoline(), LazyCallThroughManager(), and llvm::AMDGPU::HSAMD::Kernel::Key::SymbolName.

◆ getCallThroughTrampoline()

Expected< JITTargetAddress > llvm::orc::LazyCallThroughManager::getCallThroughTrampoline ( JITDylib SourceJD,
SymbolStringPtr  SymbolName,
std::shared_ptr< NotifyResolvedFunction NotifyResolved 

◆ setTrampolinePool()

void llvm::orc::LazyCallThroughManager::setTrampolinePool ( std::unique_ptr< TrampolinePool TP)

Definition at line 91 of file LazyReexports.h.

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