If you are using a released version of LLVM, see the download page to find your documentation.

The LLVM compiler infrastructure supports a wide range of projects, from industrial strength compilers to specialized JIT applications to small research projects.

Similarly, documentation is broken down into several high-level groupings targeted at different audiences:

LLVM Design & Overview

Several introductory papers and presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions.

The LLVM Lexicon


Introduction to the LLVM Compiler

Presentation providing a users introduction to LLVM.

Intro to LLVM

A chapter from the book “The Architecture of Open Source Applications” that describes high-level design decisions that shaped LLVM.

LLVM: A Compilation Framework for Lifelong Program Analysis & Transformation

Design overview.

LLVM: An Infrastructure for Multi-Stage Optimization

More details (quite old now).


Getting Started, How-tos, Developer Guides, and Tutorials.

Getting Started/Tutorials

For those new to the LLVM system.

User Guides

User guides and How-tos.


LLVM and API reference documentation.

Discourse Migration Guide

Guide for users to migrate to Discourse


LLVM welcomes contributions of all kinds. To learn more, see the following articles:

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