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llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl Class Reference

#include "llvm/Analysis/LegacyDivergenceAnalysis.h"

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Public Member Functions

bool isDivergent (const Value *V) const
bool isDivergentUse (const Use *U) const
bool isUniform (const Value *V) const
bool isUniformUse (const Use *U) const
void removeValue (const Value *V)
void print (raw_ostream &OS, const Module *) const
bool shouldUseGPUDivergenceAnalysis (const Function &F, const TargetTransformInfo &TTI, const LoopInfo &LI)
void run (Function &F, TargetTransformInfo &TTI, DominatorTree &DT, PostDominatorTree &PDT, const LoopInfo &LI)

Protected Attributes

std::unique_ptr< DivergenceInfogpuDA
DenseSet< const Value * > DivergentValues
DenseSet< const Use * > DivergentUses

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file LegacyDivergenceAnalysis.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isDivergent()

bool LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::isDivergent ( const Value V) const

◆ isDivergentUse()

bool LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::isDivergentUse ( const Use U) const

◆ isUniform()

bool llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::isUniform ( const Value V) const

Definition at line 43 of file LegacyDivergenceAnalysis.h.

References isDivergent().

◆ isUniformUse()

bool llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::isUniformUse ( const Use U) const

Definition at line 47 of file LegacyDivergenceAnalysis.h.

References isDivergentUse().

◆ print()

void LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::print ( raw_ostream OS,
const Module  
) const

◆ removeValue()

void llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::removeValue ( const Value V)

◆ run()

void LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::run ( Function F,
llvm::TargetTransformInfo TTI,
llvm::DominatorTree DT,
llvm::PostDominatorTree PDT,
const LoopInfo LI 

◆ shouldUseGPUDivergenceAnalysis()

bool LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::shouldUseGPUDivergenceAnalysis ( const Function F,
const TargetTransformInfo TTI,
const LoopInfo LI 

Member Data Documentation

◆ DivergentUses

DenseSet<const Use *> llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::DivergentUses

◆ DivergentValues

DenseSet<const Value *> llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::DivergentValues

◆ gpuDA

std::unique_ptr<DivergenceInfo> llvm::LegacyDivergenceAnalysisImpl::gpuDA

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