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llvm::OwningArrayRef< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for llvm::OwningArrayRef< T >, including all inherited members.

ArrayRef()=defaultllvm::ArrayRef< T >
ArrayRef(std::nullopt_t)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const T &OneElt)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const T *data, size_t length)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const T *begin, const T *end)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const SmallVectorTemplateCommon< T, U > &Vec)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const std::vector< T, A > &Vec)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const std::array< T, N > &Arr)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const T(&Arr)[N])llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const std::initializer_list< T > &Vec)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const ArrayRef< U * > &A, std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< U *const *, T const * >::value > *=nullptr)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const SmallVectorTemplateCommon< U *, DummyT > &Vec, std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< U *const *, T const * >::value > *=nullptr)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
ArrayRef(const std::vector< U *, A > &Vec, std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< U *const *, T const * >::value > *=nullptr)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
back() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
begin() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
const_iterator typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
const_pointer typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
const_reference typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
const_reverse_iterator typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
copy(Allocator &A)llvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
data() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
difference_type typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
drop_back(size_t N=1) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
drop_front(size_t N=1) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
drop_until(PredicateT Pred) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
drop_while(PredicateT Pred) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
empty() constllvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
end() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
equals(ArrayRef RHS) constllvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
front() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
iterator typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
MutableArrayRef()=defaultllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
MutableArrayRef(std::nullopt_t)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(T &OneElt)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(T *data, size_t length)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(T *begin, T *end)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(SmallVectorImpl< T > &Vec)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(std::vector< T > &Vec)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(std::array< T, N > &Arr)llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
MutableArrayRef(T(&Arr)[N])llvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
operator std::vector< T >() constllvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
operator=(OwningArrayRef &&Other)llvm::OwningArrayRef< T >inline
llvm::MutableArrayRef::operator=(U &&Temporary)=deletellvm::ArrayRef< T >
llvm::MutableArrayRef::operator=(std::initializer_list< U >)=deletellvm::ArrayRef< T >
operator[](size_t Index) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
OwningArrayRef()=defaultllvm::OwningArrayRef< T >
OwningArrayRef(size_t Size)llvm::OwningArrayRef< T >inline
OwningArrayRef(ArrayRef< T > Data)llvm::OwningArrayRef< T >inline
OwningArrayRef(OwningArrayRef &&Other)llvm::OwningArrayRef< T >inline
pointer typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
rbegin() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
reference typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
rend() constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
reverse_iterator typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
size() constllvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
size_type typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
slice(size_t N, size_t M) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
slice(size_t N) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
take_back(size_t N=1) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
take_front(size_t N=1) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
take_until(PredicateT Pred) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
take_while(PredicateT Pred) constllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >inline
value_type typedefllvm::MutableArrayRef< T >
vec() constllvm::ArrayRef< T >inline
~OwningArrayRef()llvm::OwningArrayRef< T >inline