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llvm::GraphTraits< const Function * > Member List

This is the complete list of members for llvm::GraphTraits< const Function * >, including all inherited members.

child_begin(NodeRef N)llvm::GraphTraits< const BasicBlock * >inlinestatic
child_end(NodeRef N)llvm::GraphTraits< const BasicBlock * >inlinestatic
ChildIteratorType typedefllvm::GraphTraits< const BasicBlock * >
getEntryNode(const Function *F)llvm::GraphTraits< const Function * >inlinestatic
llvm::GraphTraits< const BasicBlock * >::getEntryNode(const BasicBlock *BB)llvm::GraphTraits< const BasicBlock * >inlinestatic
NodeRef typedefllvm::GraphTraits< const BasicBlock * >
nodes_begin(const Function *F)llvm::GraphTraits< const Function * >inlinestatic
nodes_end(const Function *F)llvm::GraphTraits< const Function * >inlinestatic
nodes_iterator typedefllvm::GraphTraits< const Function * >
size(const Function *F)llvm::GraphTraits< const Function * >inlinestatic