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llvm::object::MachOBindEntry Class Reference

MachOBindEntry encapsulates the current state in the decompression of binding opcodes. More...

#include "llvm/Object/MachO.h"

Public Types

enum  Kind { Kind::Regular, Kind::Lazy, Kind::Weak }

Public Member Functions

 MachOBindEntry (Error *Err, const MachOObjectFile *O, ArrayRef< uint8_t > Opcodes, bool is64Bit, MachOBindEntry::Kind)
int32_t segmentIndex () const
uint64_t segmentOffset () const
StringRef typeName () const
StringRef symbolName () const
uint32_t flags () const
int64_t addend () const
int ordinal () const
StringRef segmentName () const
StringRef sectionName () const
uint64_t address () const
bool operator== (const MachOBindEntry &) const
void moveNext ()


class MachOObjectFile

Detailed Description

MachOBindEntry encapsulates the current state in the decompression of binding opcodes.

This allows you to iterate through the compressed table of bindings using: Error Err; for (const llvm::object::MachOBindEntry &Entry : Obj->bindTable(&Err)) { } if (Err) { report error ...

Definition at line 211 of file MachO.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Kind


Definition at line 213 of file MachO.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MachOBindEntry()

MachOBindEntry::MachOBindEntry ( Error Err,
const MachOObjectFile O,
ArrayRef< uint8_t >  Opcodes,
bool  is64Bit,
MachOBindEntry::Kind  BK 

Member Function Documentation

◆ addend()

int64_t MachOBindEntry::addend ( ) const

Definition at line 3960 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

◆ address()

uint64_t MachOBindEntry::address ( ) const

◆ flags()

uint32_t MachOBindEntry::flags ( ) const

Definition at line 3962 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

◆ moveNext()

void MachOBindEntry::moveNext ( )

Definition at line 3466 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

References llvm::ArrayRef< T >::end(), and SegmentOffset().

Referenced by MachOBindEntry().

◆ operator==()

bool MachOBindEntry::operator== ( const MachOBindEntry Other) const

Definition at line 3984 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

References assert(), and llvm::ArrayRef< T >::data().

◆ ordinal()

int MachOBindEntry::ordinal ( ) const

Definition at line 3964 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

◆ sectionName()

StringRef MachOBindEntry::sectionName ( ) const

◆ segmentIndex()

int32_t MachOBindEntry::segmentIndex ( ) const

Definition at line 3942 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

◆ segmentName()

StringRef MachOBindEntry::segmentName ( ) const

◆ segmentOffset()

uint64_t MachOBindEntry::segmentOffset ( ) const

Definition at line 3944 of file MachOObjectFile.cpp.

References SegmentOffset().

◆ symbolName()

StringRef MachOBindEntry::symbolName ( ) const

◆ typeName()

StringRef MachOBindEntry::typeName ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ MachOObjectFile

friend class MachOObjectFile

Definition at line 235 of file MachO.h.

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