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llvm::MinidumpYAML Namespace Reference




struct  Object
 The top level structure representing a minidump object, consisting of a minidump header, and zero or more streams. More...
struct  RawContentStream
 A minidump stream represented as a sequence of hex bytes. More...
struct  Stream
 The base class for all minidump streams. More...
struct  SystemInfoStream
 SystemInfo minidump stream. More...
struct  TextContentStream
 A StringRef, which is printed using YAML block notation. More...


using ModuleListStream = detail::ListStream< detail::ParsedModule >
using ThreadListStream = detail::ListStream< detail::ParsedThread >
using MemoryListStream = detail::ListStream< detail::ParsedMemoryDescriptor >

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◆ MemoryListStream

Definition at line 103 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

◆ ModuleListStream

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◆ ThreadListStream

Definition at line 102 of file MinidumpYAML.h.