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llvm-admin team
May 25, 2007
LLVM Developers' Meeting Proceedings

~60 people attended.

These videos are also viewable on youtube.

Chris Hanson contributed a podcast feed that you subscribe to in iTunes or on Apple TV.

All videos are presented in QuickTime format, all slides are in PDF format.

EventMediaWho Description

Session 0:

video Vikram Adve
Chris Lattner
A brief history of LLVM - During this brief session, Vikram and Chris (the originators of LLVM) presented a brief history of the early history of LLVM.
video Everyone Introductions - Everyone introduced themselves to the group.


Session 1:
Learning LLVM

Devang Patel Demystifying The LLVM Pass Manager - The PassManager, which manages the execution of all LLVM passes, was recently revised to be simpler and more useful. This talk will help you understand what the new pass manager does and how to use it.
Evan Cheng The LLVM Code Generator - An overview of the LLVM generic code generator design and changes to it that are coming in the future.
Nick Lewycky Introduction To Predicate Simplifier - A review of the design and implementation of LLVM's Predicate Simplifier Pass, otherwise known as VRP (Value Range Propagation).
Reid Spencer HLVM - An overview of HLVM, its current status and its goals after integration with LLVM.


Session 2:
Using LLVM

slides (PDF)Scott Michel The Cell BE Symbiotic Processor Element Backend - A presentation of the practice and experience that resulted from Aerospace's implementation of an LLVM back-end Target for the Cell BE Symbiotic Processor Element.
slides (PDF)
slides (PPT)
John Criswell Secure Virtual Architecture - A presentation on our research to create a virtual machine that operates below the operating system and a brief introduction to some of the novel security capabilities that our architecture can enable.
Steve Naroff New LLVM C Front-end - This talk describes a new from-scratch C frontend (which is aiming to support Objective C and C++ someday) for LLVM, built as a native part of the LLVM system and in the LLVM design style.
slides video Chris Lattner LLVM in OpenGL and for Dynamic Languages - A presentation put together in 10 minutes, talking about LLVM being used for OpenGL and some speculative talk about dynamic languages.


Session 3:

MediaLeaderDiscussion Topic
video Christopher Lamb Concurrency Primitives - For multi-threaded shared memory models.
video Reid Spencer LLVM Roadmap - Does the development community care to disclose and maintain advance information about what is being worked on?
video Chris Lattner Adoption Goals - While our adoption has increased greatly recently, we're still tiny compared to other compiler and virtual machine systems.
video Reid Spencer
Chris Lattner
Project Management, License, Naming
video Chris Lattner Feedback on the Meeting

The table below lists the confirmed attendees for the meeting.

Confirmed Attendees
Vikram AdveUIUC
Bob ArcherAdobe Systems Incorporated.
Owen AndersonIndependent
Ryan BrownGoogle
Evan ChengApple Inc.
Josh ConnerApple Inc.
John CriswellUIUC
Kat DanielsonApple Inc.
Mike EnglerAdobe Systems Incorporated.
Rafael EspíndolaGoogle
Tomas EvensenWind River
Samuel FigueroaApple Inc.
Han GaoAdobe Systems Incorporated.
Dan GohmanCray Inc.
Lang HamesUniversity of Sydney
Stuart HastingsApple Inc.
Victor HernandezApple Inc.
Robert HundtGoogle
Dale JohannesenApple Inc.
Ted KremenekIndependent
Christopher LambAgeia Technologies, Inc.
Chris LattnerApple Inc.
Tanya LattnerIndependent
Andrew LenharthUIUC
Julien LerougeApple Inc.
Nick LewyckyIndependent
Confirmed Attendees
Efrem LipkinCoDesign
Gabe McArthurIndependent
Paul McJonesAdobe Systems Incorporated.
Scott MichelAerospace
Dan MonizMatasano
Alireza MoshtaghiMicrochip Technology
Lakshmankumar MukkavilliCisco Systems
Robert MyklandAscenium Corp.
Steve NaroffApple Inc.
Devang PatelApple Inc.
Fernando Magno Quintao PereiraUCLA
Jeff PoznanovicCray Inc.
Ron PriceApple Inc.
Chuck RoseAdobe Systems Incorporated.
Mark SchimmelWind River
Reid SpencerIndependent
Raju SubbianWind River
Mark ThomasAerospace
Sarah ThompsonNASA, Ames Research Center
Andrew TrickHP
Bill WendlingApple Inc.
Marcel WeiherMetaObject
James WeisnerAscenium Corp.
Calum WilkieMicrochip Technology
Scott WilliamsGoogle

Total confirmed: 51

Unconfirmed Attendees
Michael McCrackenUCSD, Ph.D. Candidate
Kelly WilsonUniversity of Calgary
Unconfirmed 1NASA, Ames

Total unconfirmed: 3