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DisassemblerTypes.h File Reference
#include "llvm-c/DataTypes.h"
#include <stddef.h>
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struct  LLVMOpInfoSymbol1
 The initial support in LLVM MC for the most general form of a relocatable expression is "AddSymbol - SubtractSymbol + Offset". More...
struct  LLVMOpInfo1


#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_None   0 /* all targets */
 The operand VariantKinds for symbolic disassembly. More...
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM_HI16   1 /* :upper16: */
 The ARM target VariantKinds. More...
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM_LO16   2 /* :lower16: */
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_PAGE   1 /* @page */
 The ARM64 target VariantKinds. More...
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_PAGEOFF   2 /* @pageoff */
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_GOTPAGE   3 /* @gotpage */
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_GOTPAGEOFF   4 /* @gotpageoff */
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_TLVP   5 /* @tvlppage */
#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_TLVOFF   6 /* @tvlppageoff */
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_InOut_None   0
 The reference types on input and output. More...
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_Branch   1
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_PCrel_Load   2
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADRP   0x100000001
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADDXri   0x100000002
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_LDRXui   0x100000003
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_LDRXl   0x100000004
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADR   0x100000005
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_SymbolStub   1
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_LitPool_SymAddr   2
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_LitPool_CstrAddr   3
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_CFString_Ref   4
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Message   5
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Message_Ref   6
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Selector_Ref   7
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Class_Ref   8
#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_DeMangled_Name   9


typedef void * LLVMDisasmContextRef
 An opaque reference to a disassembler context. More...
typedef int(* LLVMOpInfoCallback) (void *DisInfo, uint64_t PC, uint64_t Offset, uint64_t Size, int TagType, void *TagBuf)
 The type for the operand information call back function. More...


const typedef char *(* LLVMSymbolLookupCallback )(void *DisInfo, uint64_t ReferenceValue, uint64_t *ReferenceType, uint64_t ReferencePC, const char **ReferenceName)
 The type for the symbol lookup function. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_DeMangled_Name

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_DeMangled_Name   9

Definition at line 158 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADDXri

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADDXri   0x100000002

Definition at line 131 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADR

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADR   0x100000005

Definition at line 137 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADRP

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_ADRP   0x100000001

Definition at line 129 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_LDRXl

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_LDRXl   0x100000004

Definition at line 135 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_LDRXui

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_ARM64_LDRXui   0x100000003

Definition at line 133 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_Branch

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_Branch   1

Definition at line 124 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_PCrel_Load

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_In_PCrel_Load   2

Definition at line 126 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_InOut_None

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_InOut_None   0

The reference types on input and output.

Definition at line 121 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_LitPool_CstrAddr

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_LitPool_CstrAddr   3

Definition at line 144 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_LitPool_SymAddr

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_LitPool_SymAddr   2

Definition at line 142 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_CFString_Ref

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_CFString_Ref   4

Definition at line 147 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Class_Ref

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Class_Ref   8

Definition at line 155 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Message

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Message   5

Definition at line 149 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Message_Ref

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Message_Ref   6

Definition at line 151 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Selector_Ref

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_Objc_Selector_Ref   7

Definition at line 153 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_SymbolStub

#define LLVMDisassembler_ReferenceType_Out_SymbolStub   1

Definition at line 140 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_GOTPAGE

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_GOTPAGE   3 /* @gotpage */

Definition at line 95 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_GOTPAGEOFF

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_GOTPAGEOFF   4 /* @gotpageoff */

Definition at line 96 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_PAGE

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_PAGE   1 /* @page */

The ARM64 target VariantKinds.

Definition at line 93 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_PAGEOFF

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_PAGEOFF   2 /* @pageoff */

Definition at line 94 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_TLVOFF

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_TLVOFF   6 /* @tvlppageoff */

Definition at line 98 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_TLVP

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM64_TLVP   5 /* @tvlppage */

Definition at line 97 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM_HI16

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM_HI16   1 /* :upper16: */

The ARM target VariantKinds.

Definition at line 87 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM_LO16

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_ARM_LO16   2 /* :lower16: */

Definition at line 88 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_None

#define LLVMDisassembler_VariantKind_None   0 /* all targets */

The operand VariantKinds for symbolic disassembly.

Definition at line 82 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ LLVMDisasmContextRef

typedef void* LLVMDisasmContextRef

An opaque reference to a disassembler context.

Definition at line 23 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

◆ LLVMOpInfoCallback

typedef int(* LLVMOpInfoCallback) (void *DisInfo, uint64_t PC, uint64_t Offset, uint64_t Size, int TagType, void *TagBuf)

The type for the operand information call back function.

This is called to get the symbolic information for an operand of an instruction. Typically this is from the relocation information, symbol table, etc. That block of information is saved when the disassembler context is created and passed to the call back in the DisInfo parameter. The instruction containing operand is at the PC parameter. For some instruction sets, there can be more than one operand with symbolic information. To determine the symbolic operand information for each operand, the bytes for the specific operand in the instruction are specified by the Offset parameter and its byte widith is the size parameter. For instructions sets with fixed widths and one symbolic operand per instruction, the Offset parameter will be zero and Size parameter will be the instruction width. The information is returned in TagBuf and is Triple specific with its specific information defined by the value of TagType for that Triple. If symbolic information is returned the function returns 1, otherwise it returns 0.

Definition at line 42 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ LLVMSymbolLookupCallback

const typedef char*(* LLVMSymbolLookupCallback) (void *DisInfo, uint64_t ReferenceValue, uint64_t *ReferenceType, uint64_t ReferencePC, const char **ReferenceName)

The type for the symbol lookup function.

This may be called by the disassembler for things like adding a comment for a PC plus a constant offset load instruction to use a symbol name instead of a load address value. It is passed the block information is saved when the disassembler context is created and the ReferenceValue to look up as a symbol. If no symbol is found for the ReferenceValue NULL is returned. The ReferenceType of the instruction is passed indirectly as is the PC of the instruction in ReferencePC. If the output reference can be determined its type is returned indirectly in ReferenceType along with ReferenceName if any, or that is set to NULL.

Definition at line 112 of file DisassemblerTypes.h.