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Remarks.h File Reference
#include "llvm-c/ExternC.h"
#include "llvm-c/Types.h"
#include <stddef.h>

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typedef struct LLVMRemarkOpaqueString * LLVMRemarkStringRef
 String containing a buffer and a length.
typedef struct LLVMRemarkOpaqueDebugLoc * LLVMRemarkDebugLocRef
 DebugLoc containing File, Line and Column.
typedef struct LLVMRemarkOpaqueArg * LLVMRemarkArgRef
 Element of the "Args" list.
typedef struct LLVMRemarkOpaqueEntry * LLVMRemarkEntryRef
 A remark emitted by the compiler.
typedef struct LLVMRemarkOpaqueParser * LLVMRemarkParserRef


enum  LLVMRemarkType {
  LLVMRemarkTypeUnknown , LLVMRemarkTypePassed , LLVMRemarkTypeMissed , LLVMRemarkTypeAnalysis ,
  LLVMRemarkTypeAnalysisFPCommute , LLVMRemarkTypeAnalysisAliasing , LLVMRemarkTypeFailure
 The type of the emitted remark. More...


const charLLVMRemarkStringGetData (LLVMRemarkStringRef String)
 Returns the buffer holding the string.
uint32_t LLVMRemarkStringGetLen (LLVMRemarkStringRef String)
 Returns the size of the string.
LLVMRemarkStringRef LLVMRemarkDebugLocGetSourceFilePath (LLVMRemarkDebugLocRef DL)
 Return the path to the source file for a debug location.
uint32_t LLVMRemarkDebugLocGetSourceLine (LLVMRemarkDebugLocRef DL)
 Return the line in the source file for a debug location.
uint32_t LLVMRemarkDebugLocGetSourceColumn (LLVMRemarkDebugLocRef DL)
 Return the column in the source file for a debug location.
LLVMRemarkStringRef LLVMRemarkArgGetKey (LLVMRemarkArgRef Arg)
 Returns the key of an argument.
LLVMRemarkStringRef LLVMRemarkArgGetValue (LLVMRemarkArgRef Arg)
 Returns the value of an argument.
LLVMRemarkDebugLocRef LLVMRemarkArgGetDebugLoc (LLVMRemarkArgRef Arg)
 Returns the debug location that is attached to the value of this argument.
void LLVMRemarkEntryDispose (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Free the resources used by the remark entry.
enum LLVMRemarkType LLVMRemarkEntryGetType (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 The type of the remark.
LLVMRemarkStringRef LLVMRemarkEntryGetPassName (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Get the name of the pass that emitted this remark.
LLVMRemarkStringRef LLVMRemarkEntryGetRemarkName (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Get an identifier of the remark.
LLVMRemarkStringRef LLVMRemarkEntryGetFunctionName (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Get the name of the function being processed when the remark was emitted.
LLVMRemarkDebugLocRef LLVMRemarkEntryGetDebugLoc (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Returns the debug location that is attached to this remark.
uint64_t LLVMRemarkEntryGetHotness (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Return the hotness of the remark.
uint32_t LLVMRemarkEntryGetNumArgs (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 The number of arguments the remark holds.
LLVMRemarkArgRef LLVMRemarkEntryGetFirstArg (LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Get a new iterator to iterate over a remark's argument.
LLVMRemarkArgRef LLVMRemarkEntryGetNextArg (LLVMRemarkArgRef It, LLVMRemarkEntryRef Remark)
 Get the next argument in Remark from the position of It.
LLVMRemarkParserRef LLVMRemarkParserCreateYAML (const void *Buf, uint64_t Size)
 Creates a remark parser that can be used to parse the buffer located in Buf of size Size bytes.
LLVMRemarkParserRef LLVMRemarkParserCreateBitstream (const void *Buf, uint64_t Size)
 Creates a remark parser that can be used to parse the buffer located in Buf of size Size bytes.
LLVMRemarkEntryRef LLVMRemarkParserGetNext (LLVMRemarkParserRef Parser)
 Returns the next remark in the file.
LLVMBool LLVMRemarkParserHasError (LLVMRemarkParserRef Parser)
 Returns 1 if the parser encountered an error while parsing the buffer.
const charLLVMRemarkParserGetErrorMessage (LLVMRemarkParserRef Parser)
 Returns a null-terminated string containing an error message.
void LLVMRemarkParserDispose (LLVMRemarkParserRef Parser)
 Releases all the resources used by Parser.
uint32_t LLVMRemarkVersion (void)
 Returns the version of the remarks library.