LLVM 18.0.0git
Types.h File Reference
#include "llvm-c/DataTypes.h"
#include "llvm-c/ExternC.h"

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typedef int LLVMBool
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueMemoryBuffer * LLVMMemoryBufferRef
 LLVM uses a polymorphic type hierarchy which C cannot represent, therefore parameters must be passed as base types.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueContext * LLVMContextRef
 The top-level container for all LLVM global data.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueModule * LLVMModuleRef
 The top-level container for all other LLVM Intermediate Representation (IR) objects.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueType * LLVMTypeRef
 Each value in the LLVM IR has a type, an LLVMTypeRef.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueValue * LLVMValueRef
 Represents an individual value in LLVM IR.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueBasicBlock * LLVMBasicBlockRef
 Represents a basic block of instructions in LLVM IR.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueMetadata * LLVMMetadataRef
 Represents an LLVM Metadata.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueNamedMDNode * LLVMNamedMDNodeRef
 Represents an LLVM Named Metadata Node.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueValueMetadataEntry LLVMValueMetadataEntry
 Represents an entry in a Global Object's metadata attachments.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueBuilder * LLVMBuilderRef
 Represents an LLVM basic block builder.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueDIBuilder * LLVMDIBuilderRef
 Represents an LLVM debug info builder.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueModuleProvider * LLVMModuleProviderRef
 Interface used to provide a module to JIT or interpreter.
typedef struct LLVMOpaquePassManager * LLVMPassManagerRef
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueUse * LLVMUseRef
 Used to get the users and usees of a Value.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueAttributeRef * LLVMAttributeRef
 Used to represent an attributes.
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueDiagnosticInfo * LLVMDiagnosticInfoRef
typedef struct LLVMComdat * LLVMComdatRef
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueModuleFlagEntry LLVMModuleFlagEntry
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueJITEventListener * LLVMJITEventListenerRef
typedef struct LLVMOpaqueBinary * LLVMBinaryRef