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YAMLRemarkSerializer.cpp File Reference
#include "llvm/Remarks/YAMLRemarkSerializer.h"
#include "llvm/Remarks/Remark.h"
#include "llvm/Support/FileSystem.h"
#include <optional>
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struct  llvm::yaml::MappingTraits< remarks::Remark * >
struct  llvm::yaml::MappingTraits< RemarkLocation >
struct  llvm::yaml::StringBlockVal
 Helper struct for multiline string block literals. More...
struct  llvm::yaml::BlockScalarTraits< StringBlockVal >
struct  llvm::yaml::SequenceTraits< ArrayRef< T > >
 ArrayRef is not really compatible with the YAMLTraits. More...
struct  llvm::yaml::MappingTraits< Argument >
 Implement this as a mapping for now to get proper quotation for the value. More...


namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
namespace  llvm::yaml


template<typename T >
static void mapRemarkHeader (yaml::IO &io, T PassName, T RemarkName, std::optional< RemarkLocation > RL, T FunctionName, std::optional< uint64_t > Hotness, ArrayRef< Argument > Args)
static void emitMagic (raw_ostream &OS)
static void emitVersion (raw_ostream &OS)
static void emitStrTab (raw_ostream &OS, std::optional< const StringTable * > StrTab)
static void emitExternalFile (raw_ostream &OS, StringRef Filename)

Function Documentation

◆ emitExternalFile()

static void emitExternalFile ( raw_ostream OS,
StringRef  Filename 

◆ emitMagic()

static void emitMagic ( raw_ostream OS)

◆ emitStrTab()

static void emitStrTab ( raw_ostream OS,
std::optional< const StringTable * >  StrTab 

◆ emitVersion()

static void emitVersion ( raw_ostream OS)

◆ mapRemarkHeader()

template<typename T >
static void mapRemarkHeader ( yaml::IO &  io,
T  PassName,
T  RemarkName,
std::optional< RemarkLocation RL,
T  FunctionName,
std::optional< uint64_t Hotness,
ArrayRef< Argument Args