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llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 MetadataLoaderImpl (BitstreamCursor &Stream, Module &TheModule, BitcodeReaderValueList &ValueList, std::function< Type *(unsigned)> getTypeByID, bool IsImporting)
Error parseMetadata (bool ModuleLevel)
 Parse a METADATA_BLOCK. More...
bool hasFwdRefs () const
MetadatagetMetadataFwdRefOrLoad (unsigned ID)
DISubprogramlookupSubprogramForFunction (Function *F)
bool hasSeenOldLoopTags () const
Error parseMetadataAttachment (Function &F, ArrayRef< Instruction * > InstructionList)
 Parse metadata attachments. More...
Error parseMetadataKinds ()
 Parse the metadata kinds out of the METADATA_KIND_BLOCK. More...
void setStripTBAA (bool Value)
bool isStrippingTBAA () const
unsigned size () const
void shrinkTo (unsigned N)
void upgradeDebugIntrinsics (Function &F)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 404 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MetadataLoaderImpl()

llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::MetadataLoaderImpl ( BitstreamCursor Stream,
Module TheModule,
BitcodeReaderValueList ValueList,
std::function< Type *(unsigned)>  getTypeByID,
bool  IsImporting 

Definition at line 632 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

References Context.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMetadataFwdRefOrLoad()

Metadata* llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::getMetadataFwdRefOrLoad ( unsigned  ID)

Definition at line 645 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ hasFwdRefs()

bool llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::hasFwdRefs ( ) const

Definition at line 643 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ hasSeenOldLoopTags()

bool llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::hasSeenOldLoopTags ( ) const

Definition at line 665 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ isStrippingTBAA()

bool llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::isStrippingTBAA ( ) const

Definition at line 673 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ lookupSubprogramForFunction()

DISubprogram* llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::lookupSubprogramForFunction ( Function F)

◆ parseMetadata()

Error llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::parseMetadata ( bool  ModuleLevel)


If ModuleLevel is true then we are parsing module level metadata.

Definition at line 957 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

References error().

◆ parseMetadataAttachment()

Error llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::parseMetadataAttachment ( Function F,
ArrayRef< Instruction * >  InstructionList 

Parse metadata attachments.

Definition at line 2185 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ parseMetadataKinds()

Error llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::parseMetadataKinds ( )

Parse the metadata kinds out of the METADATA_KIND_BLOCK.

Definition at line 2289 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ setStripTBAA()

void llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::setStripTBAA ( bool  Value)

Definition at line 672 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ shrinkTo()

void llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::shrinkTo ( unsigned  N)

Definition at line 676 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

References N.

◆ size()

unsigned llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::size ( ) const

Definition at line 675 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

◆ upgradeDebugIntrinsics()

void llvm::MetadataLoader::MetadataLoaderImpl::upgradeDebugIntrinsics ( Function F)

Definition at line 677 of file MetadataLoader.cpp.

References F.

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