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llvm::orc::CAPIDefinitionGenerator Class Referencefinal
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Public Member Functions

 CAPIDefinitionGenerator (LLVMOrcDisposeCAPIDefinitionGeneratorFunction Dispose, void *Ctx, LLVMOrcCAPIDefinitionGeneratorTryToGenerateFunction TryToGenerate)
 ~CAPIDefinitionGenerator ()
Error tryToGenerate (LookupState &LS, LookupKind K, JITDylib &JD, JITDylibLookupFlags JDLookupFlags, const SymbolLookupSet &LookupSet) override
 DefinitionGenerators should override this method to insert new definitions into the parent JITDylib. More...
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virtual ~DefinitionGenerator ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 281 of file OrcV2CBindings.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAPIDefinitionGenerator()

llvm::orc::CAPIDefinitionGenerator::CAPIDefinitionGenerator ( LLVMOrcDisposeCAPIDefinitionGeneratorFunction  Dispose,
void *  Ctx,
LLVMOrcCAPIDefinitionGeneratorTryToGenerateFunction  TryToGenerate 

Definition at line 283 of file OrcV2CBindings.cpp.

◆ ~CAPIDefinitionGenerator()

llvm::orc::CAPIDefinitionGenerator::~CAPIDefinitionGenerator ( )

Definition at line 288 of file OrcV2CBindings.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ tryToGenerate()

Error llvm::orc::CAPIDefinitionGenerator::tryToGenerate ( LookupState LS,
LookupKind  K,
JITDylib JD,
JITDylibLookupFlags  JDLookupFlags,
const SymbolLookupSet LookupSet 

DefinitionGenerators should override this method to insert new definitions into the parent JITDylib.

K specifies the kind of this lookup. JD specifies the target JITDylib being searched, and JDLookupFlags specifies whether the search should match against hidden symbols. Finally, Symbols describes the set of unresolved symbols and their associated lookup flags.

Implements llvm::orc::DefinitionGenerator.

Definition at line 293 of file OrcV2CBindings.cpp.

References llvm::orc::OrcV2CAPIHelper::extractLookupState(), llvm::orc::OrcV2CAPIHelper::getRawPoolEntryPtr(), llvm::AArch64CC::LS, llvm::AArch64_AM::LSR, llvm::orc::SymbolLookupSet::size(), and llvm::wrap().

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