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llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 InProgressLookupState (LookupKind K, JITDylibSearchOrder SearchOrder, SymbolLookupSet LookupSet, SymbolState RequiredState)
virtual ~InProgressLookupState ()
virtual void complete (std::unique_ptr< InProgressLookupState > IPLS)=0
virtual void fail (Error Err)=0

Public Attributes

LookupKind K
JITDylibSearchOrder SearchOrder
SymbolLookupSet LookupSet
SymbolState RequiredState
std::unique_lock< std::mutex > GeneratorLock
size_t CurSearchOrderIndex = 0
bool NewJITDylib = true
SymbolLookupSet DefGeneratorCandidates
SymbolLookupSet DefGeneratorNonCandidates
std::vector< std::weak_ptr< DefinitionGenerator > > CurDefGeneratorStack

Detailed Description

Definition at line 487 of file Core.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InProgressLookupState()

llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::InProgressLookupState ( LookupKind  K,
JITDylibSearchOrder  SearchOrder,
SymbolLookupSet  LookupSet,
SymbolState  RequiredState 

Definition at line 489 of file Core.cpp.

References DefGeneratorCandidates, and LookupSet.

◆ ~InProgressLookupState()

virtual llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::~InProgressLookupState ( )

Definition at line 495 of file Core.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ complete()

virtual void llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::complete ( std::unique_ptr< InProgressLookupState IPLS)
pure virtual

◆ fail()

virtual void llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::fail ( Error  Err)
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

◆ CurDefGeneratorStack

std::vector<std::weak_ptr<DefinitionGenerator> > llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::CurDefGeneratorStack

Definition at line 509 of file Core.cpp.

◆ CurSearchOrderIndex

size_t llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::CurSearchOrderIndex = 0

Definition at line 505 of file Core.cpp.

◆ DefGeneratorCandidates

SymbolLookupSet llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::DefGeneratorCandidates

Definition at line 507 of file Core.cpp.

Referenced by InProgressLookupState().

◆ DefGeneratorNonCandidates

SymbolLookupSet llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::DefGeneratorNonCandidates

Definition at line 508 of file Core.cpp.

◆ GeneratorLock

std::unique_lock<std::mutex> llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::GeneratorLock

◆ K

LookupKind llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::K

Definition at line 499 of file Core.cpp.

◆ LookupSet

SymbolLookupSet llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::LookupSet

Definition at line 501 of file Core.cpp.

Referenced by InProgressLookupState().

◆ NewJITDylib

bool llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::NewJITDylib = true

Definition at line 506 of file Core.cpp.

◆ RequiredState

SymbolState llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::RequiredState

Definition at line 502 of file Core.cpp.

◆ SearchOrder

JITDylibSearchOrder llvm::orc::InProgressLookupState::SearchOrder

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