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llvm::orc::LLLazyJITBuilder Class Reference

Constructs LLLazyJIT instances. More...

#include "llvm/ExecutionEngine/Orc/LLJIT.h"

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- Public Types inherited from llvm::orc::LLLazyJITBuilderState
using IndirectStubsManagerBuilderFunction = std::function< std::unique_ptr< IndirectStubsManager >()>
- Public Types inherited from llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState
using ObjectLinkingLayerCreator = std::function< Expected< std::unique_ptr< ObjectLayer > >(ExecutionSession &, const Triple &)>
using CompileFunctionCreator = std::function< Expected< std::unique_ptr< IRCompileLayer::IRCompiler > >(JITTargetMachineBuilder JTMB)>
using ProcessSymbolsJITDylibSetupFunction = unique_function< Expected< JITDylibSP >(LLJIT &J)>
using PlatformSetupFunction = unique_function< Expected< JITDylibSP >(LLJIT &J)>
using NotifyCreatedFunction = std::function< Error(LLJIT &)>
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::orc::LLLazyJITBuilderState
Error prepareForConstruction ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState
Error prepareForConstruction ()
 Called prior to JIT class construcion to fix up defaults.
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::orc::LLLazyJITBuilderSetters< LLLazyJIT, LLLazyJITBuilder, LLLazyJITBuilderState >
LLLazyJITBuildersetLazyCompileFailureAddr (ExecutorAddr Addr)
 Set the address in the target address to call if a lazy compile fails.
LLLazyJITBuildersetLazyCallthroughManager (std::unique_ptr< LazyCallThroughManager > LCTMgr)
 Set the lazy-callthrough manager.
LLLazyJITBuildersetIndirectStubsManagerBuilder (LLLazyJITBuilderState::IndirectStubsManagerBuilderFunction ISMBuilder)
 Set the IndirectStubsManager builder function.
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderSetters< JITType, SetterImpl, State >
SetterImpl & setExecutorProcessControl (std::unique_ptr< ExecutorProcessControl > EPC)
 Set a ExecutorProcessControl for this instance.
SetterImpl & setExecutionSession (std::unique_ptr< ExecutionSession > ES)
 Set an ExecutionSession for this instance.
SetterImpl & setJITTargetMachineBuilder (JITTargetMachineBuilder JTMB)
 Set the JITTargetMachineBuilder for this instance.
std::optional< JITTargetMachineBuilder > & getJITTargetMachineBuilder ()
 Return a reference to the JITTargetMachineBuilder.
SetterImpl & setDataLayout (std::optional< DataLayout > DL)
 Set a DataLayout for this instance.
SetterImpl & setLinkProcessSymbolsByDefault (bool LinkProcessSymbolsByDefault)
 The LinkProcessSymbolsDyDefault flag determines whether the "Process" JITDylib will be added to the default link order at LLJIT construction time.
SetterImpl & setProcessSymbolsJITDylibSetup (LLJITBuilderState::ProcessSymbolsJITDylibSetupFunction SetupProcessSymbolsJITDylib)
 Set a setup function for the process symbols dylib.
SetterImpl & setObjectLinkingLayerCreator (LLJITBuilderState::ObjectLinkingLayerCreator CreateObjectLinkingLayer)
 Set an ObjectLinkingLayer creation function.
SetterImpl & setCompileFunctionCreator (LLJITBuilderState::CompileFunctionCreator CreateCompileFunction)
 Set a CompileFunctionCreator.
SetterImpl & setPrePlatformSetup (unique_function< Error(LLJIT &)> PrePlatformSetup)
 Set a setup function to be run just before the PlatformSetupFunction is run.
SetterImpl & setPlatformSetUp (LLJITBuilderState::PlatformSetupFunction SetUpPlatform)
 Set up an PlatformSetupFunction.
SetterImpl & setNotifyCreatedCallback (LLJITBuilderState::NotifyCreatedFunction Callback)
 Set up a callback after successful construction of the JIT.
SetterImpl & setNumCompileThreads (unsigned NumCompileThreads)
 Set the number of compile threads to use.
SetterImpl & setExecutorProcessControl (ExecutorProcessControl &EPC)
 Set an ExecutorProcessControl object.
Expected< std::unique_ptr< JITType > > create ()
 Create an instance of the JIT.
- Public Attributes inherited from llvm::orc::LLLazyJITBuilderState
Triple TT
ExecutorAddr LazyCompileFailureAddr
std::unique_ptr< LazyCallThroughManagerLCTMgr
IndirectStubsManagerBuilderFunction ISMBuilder
- Public Attributes inherited from llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState
std::unique_ptr< ExecutorProcessControlEPC
std::unique_ptr< ExecutionSessionES
std::optional< JITTargetMachineBuilderJTMB
std::optional< DataLayoutDL
bool LinkProcessSymbolsByDefault = true
ProcessSymbolsJITDylibSetupFunction SetupProcessSymbolsJITDylib
ObjectLinkingLayerCreator CreateObjectLinkingLayer
CompileFunctionCreator CreateCompileFunction
unique_function< Error(LLJIT &)> PrePlatformSetup
PlatformSetupFunction SetUpPlatform
NotifyCreatedFunction NotifyCreated
unsigned NumCompileThreads = 0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderSetters< JITType, SetterImpl, State >
SetterImpl & impl ()

Detailed Description

Constructs LLLazyJIT instances.

Definition at line 556 of file LLJIT.h.

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