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llvm::MCParserUtils Namespace Reference


bool parseAssignmentExpression (StringRef Name, bool allow_redef, MCAsmParser &Parser, MCSymbol *&Symbol, const MCExpr *&Value)
 Parse a value expression and return whether it can be assigned to a symbol with the given name.
static bool isSymbolUsedInExpression (const MCSymbol *Sym, const MCExpr *Value)
 Returns whether the given symbol is used anywhere in the given expression, or subexpressions.

Function Documentation

◆ isSymbolUsedInExpression()

static bool llvm::MCParserUtils::isSymbolUsedInExpression ( const MCSymbol Sym,
const MCExpr Value 

◆ parseAssignmentExpression()

bool llvm::MCParserUtils::parseAssignmentExpression ( StringRef  Name,
bool  allow_redef,
MCAsmParser Parser,
MCSymbol *&  Symbol,
const MCExpr *&  Value