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llvm::PBQP::RegAlloc Namespace Reference


class  AllowedRegVector
 Holds a vector of the allowed physical regs for a vreg. More...
class  GraphMetadata
 Holds graph-level metadata relevant to PBQP RA problems. More...
class  MatrixMetadata
 Metadata to speed allocatability test. More...
class  NodeMetadata
 Holds solver state and other metadata relevant to each PBQP RA node. More...
class  PBQPRAGraph
class  RegAllocSolverImpl


unsigned getSpillOptionIdx ()
 Spill option index. More...
hash_code hash_value (const AllowedRegVector &OptRegs)
Solution solve (PBQPRAGraph &G)

Function Documentation

◆ getSpillOptionIdx()

unsigned llvm::PBQP::RegAlloc::getSpillOptionIdx ( )

Spill option index.

Definition at line 48 of file RegAllocPBQP.h.

◆ hash_value()

hash_code llvm::PBQP::RegAlloc::hash_value ( const AllowedRegVector OptRegs)

Definition at line 124 of file RegAllocPBQP.h.

References llvm::hash_combine(), and llvm::hash_combine_range().

◆ solve()

Solution llvm::PBQP::RegAlloc::solve ( PBQPRAGraph G)

Definition at line 521 of file RegAllocPBQP.h.

References G, and llvm::PBQP::RegAlloc::RegAllocSolverImpl::solve().