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llvm::FunctionSummary::VFuncId Struct Reference

An "identifier" for a virtual function. More...

#include "llvm/IR/ModuleSummaryIndex.h"

Public Attributes

GlobalValue::GUID GUID
uint64_t Offset

Detailed Description

An "identifier" for a virtual function.

This contains the type identifier represented as a GUID and the offset from the address point to the virtual function pointer, where "address point" is as defined in the Itanium ABI: https://itanium-cxx-abi.github.io/cxx-abi/abi.html#vtable-general

Definition at line 694 of file ModuleSummaryIndex.h.

Member Data Documentation


GlobalValue::GUID llvm::FunctionSummary::VFuncId::GUID

Definition at line 695 of file ModuleSummaryIndex.h.

◆ Offset

uint64_t llvm::FunctionSummary::VFuncId::Offset

Definition at line 696 of file ModuleSummaryIndex.h.

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