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llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule Struct Reference

A structure containing all data belonging to a single minidump module. More...

#include "llvm/ObjectYAML/MinidumpYAML.h"

Public Attributes

minidump::Module Entry
std::string Name
yaml::BinaryRef CvRecord
yaml::BinaryRef MiscRecord

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Stream::StreamKind Kind = Stream::StreamKind::ModuleList
static constexpr minidump::StreamType Type = minidump::StreamType::ModuleList

Detailed Description

A structure containing all data belonging to a single minidump module.

Definition at line 73 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CvRecord

yaml::BinaryRef llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule::CvRecord

Definition at line 79 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

◆ Entry

minidump::Module llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule::Entry

Definition at line 77 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

◆ Kind

constexpr Stream::StreamKind llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule::Kind = Stream::StreamKind::ModuleList

Definition at line 74 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

◆ MiscRecord

yaml::BinaryRef llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule::MiscRecord

Definition at line 80 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

◆ Name

std::string llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule::Name

Definition at line 78 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

◆ Type

constexpr minidump::StreamType llvm::MinidumpYAML::detail::ParsedModule::Type = minidump::StreamType::ModuleList

Definition at line 75 of file MinidumpYAML.h.

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