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llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor Struct Reference

Describes an entry of the various gnu_pub* debug sections. More...

#include "llvm/BinaryFormat/Dwarf.h"

Public Member Functions

 PubIndexEntryDescriptor (GDBIndexEntryKind Kind, GDBIndexEntryLinkage Linkage)
 PubIndexEntryDescriptor (GDBIndexEntryKind Kind)
 PubIndexEntryDescriptor (uint8_t Value)
uint8_t toBits () const

Public Attributes

GDBIndexEntryKind Kind
GDBIndexEntryLinkage Linkage

Detailed Description

Describes an entry of the various gnu_pub* debug sections.

The gnu_pub* kind looks like:

0-3 reserved 4-6 symbol kind 7 0 == global, 1 == static

A gdb_index descriptor includes the above kind, shifted 24 bits up with the offset of the cu within the debug_info section stored in those 24 bits.

Definition at line 814 of file Dwarf.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PubIndexEntryDescriptor() [1/3]

llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor::PubIndexEntryDescriptor ( GDBIndexEntryKind  Kind,
GDBIndexEntryLinkage  Linkage 

Definition at line 817 of file Dwarf.h.

◆ PubIndexEntryDescriptor() [2/3]

llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor::PubIndexEntryDescriptor ( GDBIndexEntryKind  Kind)

Definition at line 819 of file Dwarf.h.

◆ PubIndexEntryDescriptor() [3/3]

llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor::PubIndexEntryDescriptor ( uint8_t  Value)

Definition at line 821 of file Dwarf.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ toBits()

uint8_t llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor::toBits ( ) const

Definition at line 826 of file Dwarf.h.

References Kind, and Linkage.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Kind

GDBIndexEntryKind llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor::Kind

Definition at line 815 of file Dwarf.h.

Referenced by toBits().

◆ Linkage

GDBIndexEntryLinkage llvm::dwarf::PubIndexEntryDescriptor::Linkage

Definition at line 816 of file Dwarf.h.

Referenced by toBits().

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