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llvm::minidump::SystemInfo Struct Reference

The SystemInfo stream, containing various information about the system where this minidump was generated. More...

#include "llvm/BinaryFormat/Minidump.h"

Public Attributes

support::little_t< ProcessorArchitectureProcessorArch
support::ulittle16_t ProcessorLevel
support::ulittle16_t ProcessorRevision
uint8_t NumberOfProcessors
uint8_t ProductType
support::ulittle32_t MajorVersion
support::ulittle32_t MinorVersion
support::ulittle32_t BuildNumber
support::little_t< OSPlatformPlatformId
support::ulittle32_t CSDVersionRVA
support::ulittle16_t SuiteMask
support::ulittle16_t Reserved

Detailed Description

The SystemInfo stream, containing various information about the system where this minidump was generated.

Definition at line 166 of file Minidump.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ BuildNumber

support::ulittle32_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::BuildNumber

Definition at line 176 of file Minidump.h.


CPUInfo llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::CPU

Definition at line 183 of file Minidump.h.

◆ CSDVersionRVA

support::ulittle32_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::CSDVersionRVA

Definition at line 178 of file Minidump.h.

Referenced by layout().

◆ MajorVersion

support::ulittle32_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::MajorVersion

Definition at line 174 of file Minidump.h.

◆ MinorVersion

support::ulittle32_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::MinorVersion

Definition at line 175 of file Minidump.h.

◆ NumberOfProcessors

uint8_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::NumberOfProcessors

Definition at line 171 of file Minidump.h.

◆ PlatformId

support::little_t<OSPlatform> llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::PlatformId

Definition at line 177 of file Minidump.h.

◆ ProcessorArch

support::little_t<ProcessorArchitecture> llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::ProcessorArch

Definition at line 167 of file Minidump.h.

◆ ProcessorLevel

support::ulittle16_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::ProcessorLevel

Definition at line 168 of file Minidump.h.

◆ ProcessorRevision

support::ulittle16_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::ProcessorRevision

Definition at line 169 of file Minidump.h.

◆ ProductType

uint8_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::ProductType

Definition at line 172 of file Minidump.h.

◆ Reserved

support::ulittle16_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::Reserved

Definition at line 181 of file Minidump.h.

◆ SuiteMask

support::ulittle16_t llvm::minidump::SystemInfo::SuiteMask

Definition at line 180 of file Minidump.h.

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