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2014 European LLVM Conference

SPONSORED BY: ARM, QuIC, Codeplay, HSA Foundation, Google, Parrot, and SICSA.

  1. Information
  2. Programme
  • What: The 4th European LLVM Meeting
  • Why: To network, learn how LLVM is used, and exchange ideas
  • When: Monday 7th - Tuesday 8th April 2014
  • Where: Edinburgh, Scotland


The 4th European LLVM conference (EuroLLVM) took place on April 7th-8th 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland. A total of 211 participants from across the world registered for the conference. The event was hosted by the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics. Thanks to all who came!

  • All available videos have been added.


Speaker Title  
Tobias Edler von Koch
(University of Edinburgh)
Conference Opening & Welcome [Slides] [Video]
Chandler Carruth
Keynote: Passes in LLVM, Part 1 [Slides] [Video]
Marshall Clow
Keynote: What's new in C++14, and how you can take advantage of it [Slides] [Video]
Rafael Ávila de Espíndola
(World Wide Studios/Sony Computer Entertainment)
LTO: History and work to be done [Slides] [Video]
Reinoud Elhorst, Mark Batty, David Chisnall
(University of Cambridge)
Efficient code generation for weakly ordered architectures [Slides] [Report]
Andy Thomason
How to build LLVM in under ten seconds [Slides] [Web version]
Ulrich Weigand
(IBM Linux Technology Center)
A new ABI for little-endian PowerPC64: design and implementation [Slides] [Video]
JF Bastien
Portable Native Client. Fast, Secure, Simple: Pick Three. [Slides] [Notes] [Video]
Marcello Maggioni
(Codeplay Software)
Branching in Data-Parallel Languages using Predication with LLVM [Slides] [Video]
Daniel Jasper
clang-tidy - Lint-like checks and beyond [Slides]
Greg Bedwell
(SN Systems Ltd/Sony Computer Entertainment)
PlayStation(R)4 CPU Toolchain: Launch Post-mortem [Slides] [Video]
Andrew MacPherson
(Fabric Software Inc.)
Fabric Engine and KL: LLVM for 3D Digital Content Creation [Slides] [Video]
Frej Drejhammar
(Swedish Institute of Computer Science)
BEAMJIT: An LLVM based just-in-time compiler for Erlang [Slides] [Video]
Tom Spink
(University of Edinburgh)
Custom Alias-analysis in an LLVM-backed region-based Dynamic Binary Translator [Slides] [Video]
Hans Wennborg
clang-cl: what it is, how it works, and how to use it [Slides] [Video]


Speaker Title  
Nick Lewycky
Refactoring a large C++ codebase using clang [Slides] [Code]
Fraser Cormack, Pierre-André Saulais
(Codeplay Software)
Building an LLVM Backend [Slides]

Lightning Talks & Posters

Video of the lightning talks.

Author Title  
Kostya Serebryany (Google) Detecting "container overflow" bugs [Slides]
Gabor Greif 3-bit Waymarking [Slides]
Jason Evans (Facebook) Targeting HHVM's JIT compiler to LLVM [Slides]
Tobias Rieger (HU Berlin) Async Magic - std::async in C++ and its consequences for optimizations [Slides]
Kostya Serebryany (Google) "AsanCoverage" -- coverage combined with AddressSanitizer [Slides]
Gabor Ballabas (University of Szeged, Hungary) LLVM AArch64 buildbot [Slides] [Poster]
Tilmann Scheller (Samsung Electronics) Fast JIT code generation [Slides]
Franz Richter-Gottfried
(Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg)
OCLAcc - OpenCL for FPGA-Accelerators [Poster]
Marcello Maggioni (Codeplay Software) LLVM Data Structures [Slides]
Jonathan Roelofs (CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics) Which targets does clang support? [Slides]
Andrey Bokhanko (Intel) Intel Clang-Based C++ Compiler [Poster]
Virgile Prevosto and Franck Védrine (CEA LIST)
Bart Jacobs and Gijs van Spauwen (KU Leuven)
Clang as a C++ front-end for Frama-C and VeriFast [Poster]
Yi-Hong Lyu
(Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
DBILL: An Efficient and Retargetable Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Framework using LLVM Backend [Poster]
Simon Cook (Embecosm) Machine Guided Energy Efficient Compilation (MAGEEC) and LLVM [Poster]

For historical interest, the full conference programme can be found here.