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M68k.h File Reference
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 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


FunctionPassllvm::createM68kISelDag (M68kTargetMachine &TM)
 This pass converts a legalized DAG into a M68k-specific DAG, ready for instruction scheduling. More...
FunctionPassllvm::createM68kExpandPseudoPass ()
 Return a Machine IR pass that expands M68k-specific pseudo instructions into a sequence of actual instructions. More...
FunctionPassllvm::createM68kGlobalBaseRegPass ()
 This pass initializes a global base register for PIC on M68k. More...
FunctionPassllvm::createM68kCollapseMOVEMPass ()
 Finds sequential MOVEM instruction and collapse them into a single one. More...
FunctionPass * llvm::createM68kConvertMOVToMOVMPass ()
 Finds MOVE instructions before any conditioanl branch instruction and replaces them with MOVEM instruction. More...
InstructionSelectorllvm::createM68kInstructionSelector (const M68kTargetMachine &TM, const M68kSubtarget &Subtarget, const M68kRegisterBankInfo &RBI)

Detailed Description

This file contains the entry points for global functions defined in the M68k target library, as used by the LLVM JIT.

Definition in file M68k.h.