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WebAssemblyUtilities.h File Reference
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 ---------------------— PointerInfo ------------------------------------—


enum  llvm::WebAssembly::WasmAddressSpace : unsigned { llvm::WebAssembly::WASM_ADDRESS_SPACE_DEFAULT = 0, llvm::WebAssembly::WASM_ADDRESS_SPACE_WASM_VAR = 1 }


bool llvm::WebAssembly::isDefaultAddressSpace (unsigned AS)
bool llvm::WebAssembly::isWasmVarAddressSpace (unsigned AS)
bool llvm::WebAssembly::isValidAddressSpace (unsigned AS)
bool llvm::WebAssembly::isChild (const MachineInstr &MI, const WebAssemblyFunctionInfo &MFI)
 Test whether MI is a child of some other node in an expression tree. More...
bool llvm::WebAssembly::mayThrow (const MachineInstr &MI)
const MachineOperandllvm::WebAssembly::getCalleeOp (const MachineInstr &MI)
 Returns the operand number of a callee, assuming the argument is a call instruction. More...
MCSymbolWasmllvm::WebAssembly::getOrCreateFunctionTableSymbol (MCContext &Ctx, const WebAssemblySubtarget *Subtarget)
 Returns the __indirect_function_table, for use in call_indirect and in function bitcasts. More...
MCSymbolWasmllvm::WebAssembly::getOrCreateFuncrefCallTableSymbol (MCContext &Ctx, const WebAssemblySubtarget *Subtarget)
 Returns the __funcref_call_table, for use in funcref calls when lowered to table.set + call_indirect. More...
MachineInstrllvm::WebAssembly::findCatch (MachineBasicBlock *EHPad)
 Find a catch instruction from an EH pad. More...


const char *const llvm::WebAssembly::ClangCallTerminateFn
const char *const llvm::WebAssembly::CxaBeginCatchFn = "__cxa_begin_catch"
const char *const llvm::WebAssembly::CxaRethrowFn = "__cxa_rethrow"
const char *const llvm::WebAssembly::StdTerminateFn = "_ZSt9terminatev"
const char *const llvm::WebAssembly::PersonalityWrapperFn

Detailed Description

This file contains the declaration of the WebAssembly-specific utility functions.

Definition in file WebAssemblyUtilities.h.