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llvm::CSKYConstantPoolJT Class Reference

CSKY-specific constantpool value of a jump table. More...

#include "Target/CSKY/CSKYConstantPoolValue.h"

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Public Member Functions

signed getJTI ()
int getExistingMachineCPValue (MachineConstantPool *CP, Align Alignment) override
void addSelectionDAGCSEId (FoldingSetNodeID &ID) override
void print (raw_ostream &O) const override
 print - Implement operator<< More...
bool equals (const CSKYConstantPoolJT *A) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue
const char * getModifierText () const
unsigned getPCAdjustment () const
bool mustAddCurrentAddress () const
CSKYCP::CSKYCPModifier getModifier () const
unsigned getLabelID () const
bool isGlobalValue () const
bool isExtSymbol () const
bool isBlockAddress () const
bool isMachineBasicBlock () const
bool isJT () const
bool isConstPool () const
bool equals (const CSKYConstantPoolValue *A) const
template<typename Derived >
int getExistingMachineCPValueImpl (MachineConstantPool *CP, Align Alignment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachineConstantPoolValue
 MachineConstantPoolValue (Type *ty)
virtual ~MachineConstantPoolValue ()=default
TypegetType () const
virtual unsigned getSizeInBytes (const DataLayout &DL) const

Static Public Member Functions

static CSKYConstantPoolJTCreate (Type *Ty, int JTI, unsigned PCAdj, CSKYCP::CSKYCPModifier Modifier)
static bool classof (const CSKYConstantPoolValue *ACPV)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue
 CSKYConstantPoolValue (Type *Ty, CSKYCP::CSKYCPKind Kind, unsigned PCAdjust, CSKYCP::CSKYCPModifier Modifier, bool AddCurrentAddress, unsigned ID=0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue
unsigned PCAdjust
CSKYCP::CSKYCPModifier Modifier
bool AddCurrentAddress
unsigned LabelId = 0

Detailed Description

CSKY-specific constantpool value of a jump table.

Definition at line 200 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSelectionDAGCSEId()

void CSKYConstantPoolJT::addSelectionDAGCSEId ( FoldingSetNodeID ID)

◆ classof()

static bool llvm::CSKYConstantPoolJT::classof ( const CSKYConstantPoolValue ACPV)

Definition at line 221 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.h.

References llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue::isJT().

◆ Create()

CSKYConstantPoolJT * CSKYConstantPoolJT::Create ( Type Ty,
int  JTI,
unsigned  PCAdj,
CSKYCP::CSKYCPModifier  Modifier 

Definition at line 209 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.cpp.

References llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue::Modifier.

◆ equals()

bool llvm::CSKYConstantPoolJT::equals ( const CSKYConstantPoolJT A) const

Definition at line 217 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.h.

References llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue::equals().

◆ getExistingMachineCPValue()

int CSKYConstantPoolJT::getExistingMachineCPValue ( MachineConstantPool CP,
Align  Alignment 

Reimplemented from llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue.

Definition at line 214 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.cpp.

References llvm::HexagonISD::CP.

◆ getJTI()

signed llvm::CSKYConstantPoolJT::getJTI ( )

Definition at line 210 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.h.

◆ print()

void CSKYConstantPoolJT::print ( raw_ostream O) const

print - Implement operator<<

Reimplemented from llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue.

Definition at line 224 of file CSKYConstantPoolValue.cpp.

References llvm::RISCVFenceField::O, and llvm::CSKYConstantPoolValue::print().

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