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llvm::DiagnosticInfo Class Referenceabstract

This is the base abstract class for diagnostic reporting in the backend. More...

#include "llvm/IR/DiagnosticInfo.h"

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Public Member Functions

 DiagnosticInfo (int Kind, DiagnosticSeverity Severity)
virtual ~DiagnosticInfo ()=default
int getKind () const
DiagnosticSeverity getSeverity () const
virtual void print (DiagnosticPrinter &DP) const =0
 Print using the given DP a user-friendly message.

Detailed Description

This is the base abstract class for diagnostic reporting in the backend.

The print method must be overloaded by the subclasses to print a user-friendly message in the client of the backend (let us call it a frontend).

Definition at line 108 of file DiagnosticInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DiagnosticInfo()

llvm::DiagnosticInfo::DiagnosticInfo ( int  Kind,
DiagnosticSeverity  Severity 

Definition at line 117 of file DiagnosticInfo.h.

◆ ~DiagnosticInfo()

virtual llvm::DiagnosticInfo::~DiagnosticInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getKind()

int llvm::DiagnosticInfo::getKind ( ) const

◆ getSeverity()

DiagnosticSeverity llvm::DiagnosticInfo::getSeverity ( ) const

◆ print()

virtual void llvm::DiagnosticInfo::print ( DiagnosticPrinter DP) const
pure virtual

Print using the given DP a user-friendly message.

This is the default message that will be printed to the user. It is used when the frontend does not directly take advantage of the information contained in fields of the subclasses. The printed message must not end with '.' nor start with a severity keyword.

Implemented in llvm::DiagnosticInfoInlineAsm, llvm::DiagnosticInfoDebugMetadataVersion, llvm::DiagnosticInfoIgnoringInvalidDebugMetadata, llvm::DiagnosticInfoSampleProfile, llvm::DiagnosticInfoPGOProfile, llvm::DiagnosticInfoResourceLimit, llvm::DiagnosticInfoOptimizationBase, llvm::DiagnosticInfoMIRParser, llvm::DiagnosticInfoISelFallback, llvm::DiagnosticInfoUnsupported, llvm::DiagnosticInfoMisExpect, llvm::DiagnosticInfoSrcMgr, llvm::DiagnosticInfoDontCall, and llvm::LinkDiagnosticInfo.

Referenced by llvm::LLVMContext::diagnose(), and llvm::LTOCodeGenerator::DiagnosticHandler().

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