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llvm::sys::detail Namespace Reference


 Helper functions to extract CPU details from CPUID on x86.


StringRef getHostCPUNameForPowerPC (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
 Helper functions to extract HostCPUName from /proc/cpuinfo on linux. More...
StringRef getHostCPUNameForARM (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef getHostCPUNameForS390x (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef getHostCPUNameForBPF ()

Function Documentation

◆ getHostCPUNameForARM()

StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForARM ( StringRef  ProcCpuinfoContent)

◆ getHostCPUNameForBPF()

StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForBPF ( )

Definition at line 382 of file Host.cpp.

References llvm::support::aligned.

◆ getHostCPUNameForPowerPC()

StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForPowerPC ( StringRef  ProcCpuinfoContent)

Helper functions to extract HostCPUName from /proc/cpuinfo on linux.

Definition at line 73 of file Host.cpp.

References llvm::StringRef::begin(), llvm::StringSwitch< T, R >::Case(), llvm::StringSwitch< T, R >::Default(), and llvm::StringRef::end().

◆ getHostCPUNameForS390x()

StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForS390x ( StringRef  ProcCpuinfoContent)

Definition at line 337 of file Host.cpp.

References E, I, llvm::StringRef::npos, llvm::StringRef::split(), and startswith().