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llvm::yaml::ScalarTraits< FixedSizeHex< N > > Struct Template Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void output (const FixedSizeHex< N > &Fixed, void *, raw_ostream &OS)
static StringRef input (StringRef Scalar, void *, FixedSizeHex< N > &Fixed)
static QuotingType mustQuote (StringRef S)

Detailed Description

template<std::size_t N>
struct llvm::yaml::ScalarTraits< FixedSizeHex< N > >

Definition at line 179 of file MinidumpYAML.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ input()

template<std::size_t N>
static StringRef llvm::yaml::ScalarTraits< FixedSizeHex< N > >::input ( StringRef  Scalar,
void *  ,
FixedSizeHex< N > &  Fixed 

Definition at line 184 of file MinidumpYAML.cpp.

References llvm::all_of(), llvm::copy(), llvm::Fixed, isHexDigit(), and N.

◆ mustQuote()

template<std::size_t N>
static QuotingType llvm::yaml::ScalarTraits< FixedSizeHex< N > >::mustQuote ( StringRef  S)

Definition at line 195 of file MinidumpYAML.cpp.

References llvm::None.

◆ output()

template<std::size_t N>
static void llvm::yaml::ScalarTraits< FixedSizeHex< N > >::output ( const FixedSizeHex< N > &  Fixed,
void *  ,
raw_ostream OS 

Definition at line 180 of file MinidumpYAML.cpp.

References llvm::Fixed, llvm::makeArrayRef(), and llvm::symbolize::toHex().

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