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Host.h File Reference
#include <string>
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class  llvm::StringMap< ValueTy, AllocatorTy >
 StringMap - This is an unconventional map that is specialized for handling keys that are "strings", which are basically ranges of bytes. More...


 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
 Helper functions to extract CPU details from CPUID on x86.


enum  llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures { llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures::UNKNOWN, llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures::GENUINE_INTEL, llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures::AUTHENTIC_AMD }


std::string llvm::sys::getDefaultTargetTriple ()
 getDefaultTargetTriple() - Return the default target triple the compiler has been configured to produce code for. More...
std::string llvm::sys::getProcessTriple ()
 getProcessTriple() - Return an appropriate target triple for generating code to be loaded into the current process, e.g. More...
StringRef llvm::sys::getHostCPUName ()
 getHostCPUName - Get the LLVM name for the host CPU. More...
bool llvm::sys::getHostCPUFeatures (StringMap< bool, MallocAllocator > &Features)
 getHostCPUFeatures - Get the LLVM names for the host CPU features. More...
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForPowerPC (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
 Helper functions to extract HostCPUName from /proc/cpuinfo on linux. More...
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForARM (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForS390x (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForRISCV (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForSPARC (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForBPF ()
VendorSignatures llvm::sys::detail::x86::getVendorSignature (unsigned *MaxLeaf=nullptr)
 Returns the host CPU's vendor. More...