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Host.h File Reference
#include <string>
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class  llvm::StringMap< ValueTy, AllocatorTy >
 StringMap - This is an unconventional map that is specialized for handling keys that are "strings", which are basically ranges of bytes. More...


 ---------------------— PointerInfo ------------------------------------—
 Helper functions to extract CPU details from CPUID on x86.


enum  llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures { llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures::UNKNOWN, llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures::GENUINE_INTEL, llvm::sys::detail::x86::VendorSignatures::AUTHENTIC_AMD }


std::string llvm::sys::getDefaultTargetTriple ()
 getDefaultTargetTriple() - Return the default target triple the compiler has been configured to produce code for. More...
std::string llvm::sys::getProcessTriple ()
 getProcessTriple() - Return an appropriate target triple for generating code to be loaded into the current process, e.g. More...
StringRef llvm::sys::getHostCPUName ()
 getHostCPUName - Get the LLVM name for the host CPU. More...
bool llvm::sys::getHostCPUFeatures (StringMap< bool, MallocAllocator > &Features)
 getHostCPUFeatures - Get the LLVM names for the host CPU features. More...
int llvm::sys::getHostNumPhysicalCores ()
 Get the number of physical cores (as opposed to logical cores returned from thread::hardware_concurrency(), which includes hyperthreads). More...
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForPowerPC (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
 Helper functions to extract HostCPUName from /proc/cpuinfo on linux. More...
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForARM (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForS390x (StringRef ProcCpuinfoContent)
StringRef llvm::sys::detail::getHostCPUNameForBPF ()
VendorSignatures llvm::sys::detail::x86::getVendorSignature (unsigned *MaxLeaf=nullptr)
 Returns the host CPU's vendor. More...