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LoopAnalysisManager.h File Reference

This header provides classes for managing per-loop analyses. More...

#include "llvm/IR/PassManager.h"

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struct  llvm::LoopStandardAnalysisResults
 The adaptor from a function pass to a loop pass computes these analyses and makes them available to the loop passes "for free". More...
class  llvm::LoopAnalysisManagerFunctionProxy::Result
 A specialized result for the LoopAnalysisManagerFunctionProxy which retains a LoopInfo reference. More...


namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


typedef AnalysisManager< Loop, LoopStandardAnalysisResults & > llvm::LoopAnalysisManager
 The loop analysis manager.
typedef InnerAnalysisManagerProxy< LoopAnalysisManager, Function > llvm::LoopAnalysisManagerFunctionProxy
 A proxy from a LoopAnalysisManager to a Function.
typedef OuterAnalysisManagerProxy< FunctionAnalysisManager, Loop, LoopStandardAnalysisResults & > llvm::FunctionAnalysisManagerLoopProxy
 A proxy from a FunctionAnalysisManager to a Loop.


PreservedAnalyses llvm::getLoopPassPreservedAnalyses ()
 Returns the minimum set of Analyses that all loop passes must preserve.

Detailed Description

This header provides classes for managing per-loop analyses.

These are typically used as part of a loop pass pipeline over the loop nests of a function.

Loop analyses are allowed to make some simplifying assumptions: 1) Loops are, where possible, in simplified form. 2) Loops are always in LCSSA form. 3) A collection of analysis results are available:

The primary mechanism to provide these invariants is the loop pass manager, but they can also be manually provided in order to reason about a loop from outside of a dedicated pass manager.

Definition in file LoopAnalysisManager.h.