LLVM  16.0.0git
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1 //===- llvm/Support/Unicode.cpp - Unicode character properties -*- C++ -*-===//
2 //
3 // Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4 // See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
6 //
7 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
8 //
9 // This file implements functions that allow querying certain properties of
10 // Unicode characters.
11 //
12 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
14 #include "llvm/Support/Unicode.h"
18 namespace llvm {
19 namespace sys {
20 namespace unicode {
22 /// Unicode code points of the categories L, M, N, P, S and Zs are considered
23 /// printable.
24 /// In addition, U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN is also considered printable, as
25 /// it's actually displayed on most terminals. \return true if the character is
26 /// considered printable.
27 bool isPrintable(int UCS) {
28  // https://unicode.org/Public/15.0.0/ucdxml/
29  static const UnicodeCharRange PrintableRanges[] = {
30  {0x0020, 0x007E}, {0x00A0, 0x00AC}, {0x00AE, 0x0377},
31  {0x037A, 0x037F}, {0x0384, 0x038A}, {0x038C, 0x038C},
32  {0x038E, 0x03A1}, {0x03A3, 0x052F}, {0x0531, 0x0556},
33  {0x0559, 0x058A}, {0x058D, 0x058F}, {0x0591, 0x05C7},
34  {0x05D0, 0x05EA}, {0x05EF, 0x05F4}, {0x0606, 0x061B},
35  {0x061D, 0x06DC}, {0x06DE, 0x070D}, {0x0710, 0x074A},
36  {0x074D, 0x07B1}, {0x07C0, 0x07FA}, {0x07FD, 0x082D},
37  {0x0830, 0x083E}, {0x0840, 0x085B}, {0x085E, 0x085E},
38  {0x0860, 0x086A}, {0x0870, 0x088E}, {0x0898, 0x08E1},
39  {0x08E3, 0x0983}, {0x0985, 0x098C}, {0x098F, 0x0990},
40  {0x0993, 0x09A8}, {0x09AA, 0x09B0}, {0x09B2, 0x09B2},
41  {0x09B6, 0x09B9}, {0x09BC, 0x09C4}, {0x09C7, 0x09C8},
42  {0x09CB, 0x09CE}, {0x09D7, 0x09D7}, {0x09DC, 0x09DD},
43  {0x09DF, 0x09E3}, {0x09E6, 0x09FE}, {0x0A01, 0x0A03},
44  {0x0A05, 0x0A0A}, {0x0A0F, 0x0A10}, {0x0A13, 0x0A28},
45  {0x0A2A, 0x0A30}, {0x0A32, 0x0A33}, {0x0A35, 0x0A36},
46  {0x0A38, 0x0A39}, {0x0A3C, 0x0A3C}, {0x0A3E, 0x0A42},
47  {0x0A47, 0x0A48}, {0x0A4B, 0x0A4D}, {0x0A51, 0x0A51},
48  {0x0A59, 0x0A5C}, {0x0A5E, 0x0A5E}, {0x0A66, 0x0A76},
49  {0x0A81, 0x0A83}, {0x0A85, 0x0A8D}, {0x0A8F, 0x0A91},
50  {0x0A93, 0x0AA8}, {0x0AAA, 0x0AB0}, {0x0AB2, 0x0AB3},
51  {0x0AB5, 0x0AB9}, {0x0ABC, 0x0AC5}, {0x0AC7, 0x0AC9},
52  {0x0ACB, 0x0ACD}, {0x0AD0, 0x0AD0}, {0x0AE0, 0x0AE3},
53  {0x0AE6, 0x0AF1}, {0x0AF9, 0x0AFF}, {0x0B01, 0x0B03},
54  {0x0B05, 0x0B0C}, {0x0B0F, 0x0B10}, {0x0B13, 0x0B28},
55  {0x0B2A, 0x0B30}, {0x0B32, 0x0B33}, {0x0B35, 0x0B39},
56  {0x0B3C, 0x0B44}, {0x0B47, 0x0B48}, {0x0B4B, 0x0B4D},
57  {0x0B55, 0x0B57}, {0x0B5C, 0x0B5D}, {0x0B5F, 0x0B63},
58  {0x0B66, 0x0B77}, {0x0B82, 0x0B83}, {0x0B85, 0x0B8A},
59  {0x0B8E, 0x0B90}, {0x0B92, 0x0B95}, {0x0B99, 0x0B9A},
60  {0x0B9C, 0x0B9C}, {0x0B9E, 0x0B9F}, {0x0BA3, 0x0BA4},
61  {0x0BA8, 0x0BAA}, {0x0BAE, 0x0BB9}, {0x0BBE, 0x0BC2},
62  {0x0BC6, 0x0BC8}, {0x0BCA, 0x0BCD}, {0x0BD0, 0x0BD0},
63  {0x0BD7, 0x0BD7}, {0x0BE6, 0x0BFA}, {0x0C00, 0x0C0C},
64  {0x0C0E, 0x0C10}, {0x0C12, 0x0C28}, {0x0C2A, 0x0C39},
65  {0x0C3C, 0x0C44}, {0x0C46, 0x0C48}, {0x0C4A, 0x0C4D},
66  {0x0C55, 0x0C56}, {0x0C58, 0x0C5A}, {0x0C5D, 0x0C5D},
67  {0x0C60, 0x0C63}, {0x0C66, 0x0C6F}, {0x0C77, 0x0C8C},
68  {0x0C8E, 0x0C90}, {0x0C92, 0x0CA8}, {0x0CAA, 0x0CB3},
69  {0x0CB5, 0x0CB9}, {0x0CBC, 0x0CC4}, {0x0CC6, 0x0CC8},
70  {0x0CCA, 0x0CCD}, {0x0CD5, 0x0CD6}, {0x0CDD, 0x0CDE},
71  {0x0CE0, 0x0CE3}, {0x0CE6, 0x0CEF}, {0x0CF1, 0x0CF3},
72  {0x0D00, 0x0D0C}, {0x0D0E, 0x0D10}, {0x0D12, 0x0D44},
73  {0x0D46, 0x0D48}, {0x0D4A, 0x0D4F}, {0x0D54, 0x0D63},
74  {0x0D66, 0x0D7F}, {0x0D81, 0x0D83}, {0x0D85, 0x0D96},
75  {0x0D9A, 0x0DB1}, {0x0DB3, 0x0DBB}, {0x0DBD, 0x0DBD},
76  {0x0DC0, 0x0DC6}, {0x0DCA, 0x0DCA}, {0x0DCF, 0x0DD4},
77  {0x0DD6, 0x0DD6}, {0x0DD8, 0x0DDF}, {0x0DE6, 0x0DEF},
78  {0x0DF2, 0x0DF4}, {0x0E01, 0x0E3A}, {0x0E3F, 0x0E5B},
79  {0x0E81, 0x0E82}, {0x0E84, 0x0E84}, {0x0E86, 0x0E8A},
80  {0x0E8C, 0x0EA3}, {0x0EA5, 0x0EA5}, {0x0EA7, 0x0EBD},
81  {0x0EC0, 0x0EC4}, {0x0EC6, 0x0EC6}, {0x0EC8, 0x0ECE},
82  {0x0ED0, 0x0ED9}, {0x0EDC, 0x0EDF}, {0x0F00, 0x0F47},
83  {0x0F49, 0x0F6C}, {0x0F71, 0x0F97}, {0x0F99, 0x0FBC},
84  {0x0FBE, 0x0FCC}, {0x0FCE, 0x0FDA}, {0x1000, 0x10C5},
85  {0x10C7, 0x10C7}, {0x10CD, 0x10CD}, {0x10D0, 0x1248},
86  {0x124A, 0x124D}, {0x1250, 0x1256}, {0x1258, 0x1258},
87  {0x125A, 0x125D}, {0x1260, 0x1288}, {0x128A, 0x128D},
88  {0x1290, 0x12B0}, {0x12B2, 0x12B5}, {0x12B8, 0x12BE},
89  {0x12C0, 0x12C0}, {0x12C2, 0x12C5}, {0x12C8, 0x12D6},
90  {0x12D8, 0x1310}, {0x1312, 0x1315}, {0x1318, 0x135A},
91  {0x135D, 0x137C}, {0x1380, 0x1399}, {0x13A0, 0x13F5},
92  {0x13F8, 0x13FD}, {0x1400, 0x169C}, {0x16A0, 0x16F8},
93  {0x1700, 0x1715}, {0x171F, 0x1736}, {0x1740, 0x1753},
94  {0x1760, 0x176C}, {0x176E, 0x1770}, {0x1772, 0x1773},
95  {0x1780, 0x17DD}, {0x17E0, 0x17E9}, {0x17F0, 0x17F9},
96  {0x1800, 0x180D}, {0x180F, 0x1819}, {0x1820, 0x1878},
97  {0x1880, 0x18AA}, {0x18B0, 0x18F5}, {0x1900, 0x191E},
98  {0x1920, 0x192B}, {0x1930, 0x193B}, {0x1940, 0x1940},
99  {0x1944, 0x196D}, {0x1970, 0x1974}, {0x1980, 0x19AB},
100  {0x19B0, 0x19C9}, {0x19D0, 0x19DA}, {0x19DE, 0x1A1B},
101  {0x1A1E, 0x1A5E}, {0x1A60, 0x1A7C}, {0x1A7F, 0x1A89},
102  {0x1A90, 0x1A99}, {0x1AA0, 0x1AAD}, {0x1AB0, 0x1ACE},
103  {0x1B00, 0x1B4C}, {0x1B50, 0x1B7E}, {0x1B80, 0x1BF3},
104  {0x1BFC, 0x1C37}, {0x1C3B, 0x1C49}, {0x1C4D, 0x1C88},
105  {0x1C90, 0x1CBA}, {0x1CBD, 0x1CC7}, {0x1CD0, 0x1CFA},
106  {0x1D00, 0x1F15}, {0x1F18, 0x1F1D}, {0x1F20, 0x1F45},
107  {0x1F48, 0x1F4D}, {0x1F50, 0x1F57}, {0x1F59, 0x1F59},
108  {0x1F5B, 0x1F5B}, {0x1F5D, 0x1F5D}, {0x1F5F, 0x1F7D},
109  {0x1F80, 0x1FB4}, {0x1FB6, 0x1FC4}, {0x1FC6, 0x1FD3},
110  {0x1FD6, 0x1FDB}, {0x1FDD, 0x1FEF}, {0x1FF2, 0x1FF4},
111  {0x1FF6, 0x1FFE}, {0x2000, 0x200A}, {0x2010, 0x2027},
112  {0x202F, 0x205F}, {0x2070, 0x2071}, {0x2074, 0x208E},
113  {0x2090, 0x209C}, {0x20A0, 0x20C0}, {0x20D0, 0x20F0},
114  {0x2100, 0x218B}, {0x2190, 0x2426}, {0x2440, 0x244A},
115  {0x2460, 0x2B73}, {0x2B76, 0x2B95}, {0x2B97, 0x2CF3},
116  {0x2CF9, 0x2D25}, {0x2D27, 0x2D27}, {0x2D2D, 0x2D2D},
117  {0x2D30, 0x2D67}, {0x2D6F, 0x2D70}, {0x2D7F, 0x2D96},
118  {0x2DA0, 0x2DA6}, {0x2DA8, 0x2DAE}, {0x2DB0, 0x2DB6},
119  {0x2DB8, 0x2DBE}, {0x2DC0, 0x2DC6}, {0x2DC8, 0x2DCE},
120  {0x2DD0, 0x2DD6}, {0x2DD8, 0x2DDE}, {0x2DE0, 0x2E5D},
121  {0x2E80, 0x2E99}, {0x2E9B, 0x2EF3}, {0x2F00, 0x2FD5},
122  {0x2FF0, 0x2FFB}, {0x3000, 0x303F}, {0x3041, 0x3096},
123  {0x3099, 0x30FF}, {0x3105, 0x312F}, {0x3131, 0x318E},
124  {0x3190, 0x31E3}, {0x31F0, 0x321E}, {0x3220, 0xA48C},
125  {0xA490, 0xA4C6}, {0xA4D0, 0xA62B}, {0xA640, 0xA6F7},
126  {0xA700, 0xA7CA}, {0xA7D0, 0xA7D1}, {0xA7D3, 0xA7D3},
127  {0xA7D5, 0xA7D9}, {0xA7F2, 0xA82C}, {0xA830, 0xA839},
128  {0xA840, 0xA877}, {0xA880, 0xA8C5}, {0xA8CE, 0xA8D9},
129  {0xA8E0, 0xA953}, {0xA95F, 0xA97C}, {0xA980, 0xA9CD},
130  {0xA9CF, 0xA9D9}, {0xA9DE, 0xA9FE}, {0xAA00, 0xAA36},
131  {0xAA40, 0xAA4D}, {0xAA50, 0xAA59}, {0xAA5C, 0xAAC2},
132  {0xAADB, 0xAAF6}, {0xAB01, 0xAB06}, {0xAB09, 0xAB0E},
133  {0xAB11, 0xAB16}, {0xAB20, 0xAB26}, {0xAB28, 0xAB2E},
134  {0xAB30, 0xAB6B}, {0xAB70, 0xABED}, {0xABF0, 0xABF9},
135  {0xAC00, 0xD7A3}, {0xD7B0, 0xD7C6}, {0xD7CB, 0xD7FB},
136  {0xF900, 0xFA6D}, {0xFA70, 0xFAD9}, {0xFB00, 0xFB06},
137  {0xFB13, 0xFB17}, {0xFB1D, 0xFB36}, {0xFB38, 0xFB3C},
138  {0xFB3E, 0xFB3E}, {0xFB40, 0xFB41}, {0xFB43, 0xFB44},
139  {0xFB46, 0xFBC2}, {0xFBD3, 0xFD8F}, {0xFD92, 0xFDC7},
140  {0xFDCF, 0xFDCF}, {0xFDF0, 0xFE19}, {0xFE20, 0xFE52},
141  {0xFE54, 0xFE66}, {0xFE68, 0xFE6B}, {0xFE70, 0xFE74},
142  {0xFE76, 0xFEFC}, {0xFF01, 0xFFBE}, {0xFFC2, 0xFFC7},
143  {0xFFCA, 0xFFCF}, {0xFFD2, 0xFFD7}, {0xFFDA, 0xFFDC},
144  {0xFFE0, 0xFFE6}, {0xFFE8, 0xFFEE}, {0xFFFC, 0xFFFD},
145  {0x10000, 0x1000B}, {0x1000D, 0x10026}, {0x10028, 0x1003A},
146  {0x1003C, 0x1003D}, {0x1003F, 0x1004D}, {0x10050, 0x1005D},
147  {0x10080, 0x100FA}, {0x10100, 0x10102}, {0x10107, 0x10133},
148  {0x10137, 0x1018E}, {0x10190, 0x1019C}, {0x101A0, 0x101A0},
149  {0x101D0, 0x101FD}, {0x10280, 0x1029C}, {0x102A0, 0x102D0},
150  {0x102E0, 0x102FB}, {0x10300, 0x10323}, {0x1032D, 0x1034A},
151  {0x10350, 0x1037A}, {0x10380, 0x1039D}, {0x1039F, 0x103C3},
152  {0x103C8, 0x103D5}, {0x10400, 0x1049D}, {0x104A0, 0x104A9},
153  {0x104B0, 0x104D3}, {0x104D8, 0x104FB}, {0x10500, 0x10527},
154  {0x10530, 0x10563}, {0x1056F, 0x1057A}, {0x1057C, 0x1058A},
155  {0x1058C, 0x10592}, {0x10594, 0x10595}, {0x10597, 0x105A1},
156  {0x105A3, 0x105B1}, {0x105B3, 0x105B9}, {0x105BB, 0x105BC},
157  {0x10600, 0x10736}, {0x10740, 0x10755}, {0x10760, 0x10767},
158  {0x10780, 0x10785}, {0x10787, 0x107B0}, {0x107B2, 0x107BA},
159  {0x10800, 0x10805}, {0x10808, 0x10808}, {0x1080A, 0x10835},
160  {0x10837, 0x10838}, {0x1083C, 0x1083C}, {0x1083F, 0x10855},
161  {0x10857, 0x1089E}, {0x108A7, 0x108AF}, {0x108E0, 0x108F2},
162  {0x108F4, 0x108F5}, {0x108FB, 0x1091B}, {0x1091F, 0x10939},
163  {0x1093F, 0x1093F}, {0x10980, 0x109B7}, {0x109BC, 0x109CF},
164  {0x109D2, 0x10A03}, {0x10A05, 0x10A06}, {0x10A0C, 0x10A13},
165  {0x10A15, 0x10A17}, {0x10A19, 0x10A35}, {0x10A38, 0x10A3A},
166  {0x10A3F, 0x10A48}, {0x10A50, 0x10A58}, {0x10A60, 0x10A9F},
167  {0x10AC0, 0x10AE6}, {0x10AEB, 0x10AF6}, {0x10B00, 0x10B35},
168  {0x10B39, 0x10B55}, {0x10B58, 0x10B72}, {0x10B78, 0x10B91},
169  {0x10B99, 0x10B9C}, {0x10BA9, 0x10BAF}, {0x10C00, 0x10C48},
170  {0x10C80, 0x10CB2}, {0x10CC0, 0x10CF2}, {0x10CFA, 0x10D27},
171  {0x10D30, 0x10D39}, {0x10E60, 0x10E7E}, {0x10E80, 0x10EA9},
172  {0x10EAB, 0x10EAD}, {0x10EB0, 0x10EB1}, {0x10EFD, 0x10F27},
173  {0x10F30, 0x10F59}, {0x10F70, 0x10F89}, {0x10FB0, 0x10FCB},
174  {0x10FE0, 0x10FF6}, {0x11000, 0x1104D}, {0x11052, 0x11075},
175  {0x1107F, 0x110BC}, {0x110BE, 0x110C2}, {0x110D0, 0x110E8},
176  {0x110F0, 0x110F9}, {0x11100, 0x11134}, {0x11136, 0x11147},
177  {0x11150, 0x11176}, {0x11180, 0x111DF}, {0x111E1, 0x111F4},
178  {0x11200, 0x11211}, {0x11213, 0x11241}, {0x11280, 0x11286},
179  {0x11288, 0x11288}, {0x1128A, 0x1128D}, {0x1128F, 0x1129D},
180  {0x1129F, 0x112A9}, {0x112B0, 0x112EA}, {0x112F0, 0x112F9},
181  {0x11300, 0x11303}, {0x11305, 0x1130C}, {0x1130F, 0x11310},
182  {0x11313, 0x11328}, {0x1132A, 0x11330}, {0x11332, 0x11333},
183  {0x11335, 0x11339}, {0x1133B, 0x11344}, {0x11347, 0x11348},
184  {0x1134B, 0x1134D}, {0x11350, 0x11350}, {0x11357, 0x11357},
185  {0x1135D, 0x11363}, {0x11366, 0x1136C}, {0x11370, 0x11374},
186  {0x11400, 0x1145B}, {0x1145D, 0x11461}, {0x11480, 0x114C7},
187  {0x114D0, 0x114D9}, {0x11580, 0x115B5}, {0x115B8, 0x115DD},
188  {0x11600, 0x11644}, {0x11650, 0x11659}, {0x11660, 0x1166C},
189  {0x11680, 0x116B9}, {0x116C0, 0x116C9}, {0x11700, 0x1171A},
190  {0x1171D, 0x1172B}, {0x11730, 0x11746}, {0x11800, 0x1183B},
191  {0x118A0, 0x118F2}, {0x118FF, 0x11906}, {0x11909, 0x11909},
192  {0x1190C, 0x11913}, {0x11915, 0x11916}, {0x11918, 0x11935},
193  {0x11937, 0x11938}, {0x1193B, 0x11946}, {0x11950, 0x11959},
194  {0x119A0, 0x119A7}, {0x119AA, 0x119D7}, {0x119DA, 0x119E4},
195  {0x11A00, 0x11A47}, {0x11A50, 0x11AA2}, {0x11AB0, 0x11AF8},
196  {0x11B00, 0x11B09}, {0x11C00, 0x11C08}, {0x11C0A, 0x11C36},
197  {0x11C38, 0x11C45}, {0x11C50, 0x11C6C}, {0x11C70, 0x11C8F},
198  {0x11C92, 0x11CA7}, {0x11CA9, 0x11CB6}, {0x11D00, 0x11D06},
199  {0x11D08, 0x11D09}, {0x11D0B, 0x11D36}, {0x11D3A, 0x11D3A},
200  {0x11D3C, 0x11D3D}, {0x11D3F, 0x11D47}, {0x11D50, 0x11D59},
201  {0x11D60, 0x11D65}, {0x11D67, 0x11D68}, {0x11D6A, 0x11D8E},
202  {0x11D90, 0x11D91}, {0x11D93, 0x11D98}, {0x11DA0, 0x11DA9},
203  {0x11EE0, 0x11EF8}, {0x11F00, 0x11F10}, {0x11F12, 0x11F3A},
204  {0x11F3E, 0x11F59}, {0x11FB0, 0x11FB0}, {0x11FC0, 0x11FF1},
205  {0x11FFF, 0x12399}, {0x12400, 0x1246E}, {0x12470, 0x12474},
206  {0x12480, 0x12543}, {0x12F90, 0x12FF2}, {0x13000, 0x1342F},
207  {0x13440, 0x13455}, {0x14400, 0x14646}, {0x16800, 0x16A38},
208  {0x16A40, 0x16A5E}, {0x16A60, 0x16A69}, {0x16A6E, 0x16ABE},
209  {0x16AC0, 0x16AC9}, {0x16AD0, 0x16AED}, {0x16AF0, 0x16AF5},
210  {0x16B00, 0x16B45}, {0x16B50, 0x16B59}, {0x16B5B, 0x16B61},
211  {0x16B63, 0x16B77}, {0x16B7D, 0x16B8F}, {0x16E40, 0x16E9A},
212  {0x16F00, 0x16F4A}, {0x16F4F, 0x16F87}, {0x16F8F, 0x16F9F},
213  {0x16FE0, 0x16FE4}, {0x16FF0, 0x16FF1}, {0x17000, 0x187F7},
214  {0x18800, 0x18CD5}, {0x18D00, 0x18D08}, {0x1AFF0, 0x1AFF3},
215  {0x1AFF5, 0x1AFFB}, {0x1AFFD, 0x1AFFE}, {0x1B000, 0x1B122},
216  {0x1B132, 0x1B132}, {0x1B150, 0x1B152}, {0x1B155, 0x1B155},
217  {0x1B164, 0x1B167}, {0x1B170, 0x1B2FB}, {0x1BC00, 0x1BC6A},
218  {0x1BC70, 0x1BC7C}, {0x1BC80, 0x1BC88}, {0x1BC90, 0x1BC99},
219  {0x1BC9C, 0x1BC9F}, {0x1CF00, 0x1CF2D}, {0x1CF30, 0x1CF46},
220  {0x1CF50, 0x1CFC3}, {0x1D000, 0x1D0F5}, {0x1D100, 0x1D126},
221  {0x1D129, 0x1D172}, {0x1D17B, 0x1D1EA}, {0x1D200, 0x1D245},
222  {0x1D2C0, 0x1D2D3}, {0x1D2E0, 0x1D2F3}, {0x1D300, 0x1D356},
223  {0x1D360, 0x1D378}, {0x1D400, 0x1D454}, {0x1D456, 0x1D49C},
224  {0x1D49E, 0x1D49F}, {0x1D4A2, 0x1D4A2}, {0x1D4A5, 0x1D4A6},
225  {0x1D4A9, 0x1D4AC}, {0x1D4AE, 0x1D4B9}, {0x1D4BB, 0x1D4BB},
226  {0x1D4BD, 0x1D4C3}, {0x1D4C5, 0x1D505}, {0x1D507, 0x1D50A},
227  {0x1D50D, 0x1D514}, {0x1D516, 0x1D51C}, {0x1D51E, 0x1D539},
228  {0x1D53B, 0x1D53E}, {0x1D540, 0x1D544}, {0x1D546, 0x1D546},
229  {0x1D54A, 0x1D550}, {0x1D552, 0x1D6A5}, {0x1D6A8, 0x1D7CB},
230  {0x1D7CE, 0x1DA8B}, {0x1DA9B, 0x1DA9F}, {0x1DAA1, 0x1DAAF},
231  {0x1DF00, 0x1DF1E}, {0x1DF25, 0x1DF2A}, {0x1E000, 0x1E006},
232  {0x1E008, 0x1E018}, {0x1E01B, 0x1E021}, {0x1E023, 0x1E024},
233  {0x1E026, 0x1E02A}, {0x1E030, 0x1E06D}, {0x1E08F, 0x1E08F},
234  {0x1E100, 0x1E12C}, {0x1E130, 0x1E13D}, {0x1E140, 0x1E149},
235  {0x1E14E, 0x1E14F}, {0x1E290, 0x1E2AE}, {0x1E2C0, 0x1E2F9},
236  {0x1E2FF, 0x1E2FF}, {0x1E4D0, 0x1E4F9}, {0x1E7E0, 0x1E7E6},
237  {0x1E7E8, 0x1E7EB}, {0x1E7ED, 0x1E7EE}, {0x1E7F0, 0x1E7FE},
238  {0x1E800, 0x1E8C4}, {0x1E8C7, 0x1E8D6}, {0x1E900, 0x1E94B},
239  {0x1E950, 0x1E959}, {0x1E95E, 0x1E95F}, {0x1EC71, 0x1ECB4},
240  {0x1ED01, 0x1ED3D}, {0x1EE00, 0x1EE03}, {0x1EE05, 0x1EE1F},
241  {0x1EE21, 0x1EE22}, {0x1EE24, 0x1EE24}, {0x1EE27, 0x1EE27},
242  {0x1EE29, 0x1EE32}, {0x1EE34, 0x1EE37}, {0x1EE39, 0x1EE39},
243  {0x1EE3B, 0x1EE3B}, {0x1EE42, 0x1EE42}, {0x1EE47, 0x1EE47},
244  {0x1EE49, 0x1EE49}, {0x1EE4B, 0x1EE4B}, {0x1EE4D, 0x1EE4F},
245  {0x1EE51, 0x1EE52}, {0x1EE54, 0x1EE54}, {0x1EE57, 0x1EE57},
246  {0x1EE59, 0x1EE59}, {0x1EE5B, 0x1EE5B}, {0x1EE5D, 0x1EE5D},
247  {0x1EE5F, 0x1EE5F}, {0x1EE61, 0x1EE62}, {0x1EE64, 0x1EE64},
248  {0x1EE67, 0x1EE6A}, {0x1EE6C, 0x1EE72}, {0x1EE74, 0x1EE77},
249  {0x1EE79, 0x1EE7C}, {0x1EE7E, 0x1EE7E}, {0x1EE80, 0x1EE89},
250  {0x1EE8B, 0x1EE9B}, {0x1EEA1, 0x1EEA3}, {0x1EEA5, 0x1EEA9},
251  {0x1EEAB, 0x1EEBB}, {0x1EEF0, 0x1EEF1}, {0x1F000, 0x1F02B},
252  {0x1F030, 0x1F093}, {0x1F0A0, 0x1F0AE}, {0x1F0B1, 0x1F0BF},
253  {0x1F0C1, 0x1F0CF}, {0x1F0D1, 0x1F0F5}, {0x1F100, 0x1F1AD},
254  {0x1F1E6, 0x1F202}, {0x1F210, 0x1F23B}, {0x1F240, 0x1F248},
255  {0x1F250, 0x1F251}, {0x1F260, 0x1F265}, {0x1F300, 0x1F6D7},
256  {0x1F6DC, 0x1F6EC}, {0x1F6F0, 0x1F6FC}, {0x1F700, 0x1F776},
257  {0x1F77B, 0x1F7D9}, {0x1F7E0, 0x1F7EB}, {0x1F7F0, 0x1F7F0},
258  {0x1F800, 0x1F80B}, {0x1F810, 0x1F847}, {0x1F850, 0x1F859},
259  {0x1F860, 0x1F887}, {0x1F890, 0x1F8AD}, {0x1F8B0, 0x1F8B1},
260  {0x1F900, 0x1FA53}, {0x1FA60, 0x1FA6D}, {0x1FA70, 0x1FA7C},
261  {0x1FA80, 0x1FA88}, {0x1FA90, 0x1FABD}, {0x1FABF, 0x1FAC5},
262  {0x1FACE, 0x1FADB}, {0x1FAE0, 0x1FAE8}, {0x1FAF0, 0x1FAF8},
263  {0x1FB00, 0x1FB92}, {0x1FB94, 0x1FBCA}, {0x1FBF0, 0x1FBF9},
264  {0x20000, 0x2A6DF}, {0x2A700, 0x2B739}, {0x2B740, 0x2B81D},
265  {0x2B820, 0x2CEA1}, {0x2CEB0, 0x2EBE0}, {0x2F800, 0x2FA1D},
266  {0x30000, 0x3134A}, {0x31350, 0x323AF}, {0xE0100, 0xE01EF}};
268  static const UnicodeCharSet Printables(PrintableRanges);
269  // Clang special cases 0x00AD (SOFT HYPHEN) which is rendered as an actual
270  // hyphen in most terminals.
271  return UCS == 0x00AD || Printables.contains(UCS);
272 }
274 /// Unicode code points of the Cf category are considered
275 /// formatting characters.
276 bool isFormatting(int UCS) {
278  // https://unicode.org/Public/15.0.0/ucdxml/
279  static const UnicodeCharRange Cf[] = {
280  {0x00AD, 0x00AD}, {0x0600, 0x0605}, {0x061C, 0x061C},
281  {0x06DD, 0x06DD}, {0x070F, 0x070F}, {0x0890, 0x0891},
282  {0x08E2, 0x08E2}, {0x180E, 0x180E}, {0x200B, 0x200F},
283  {0x202A, 0x202E}, {0x2060, 0x2064}, {0x2066, 0x206F},
284  {0xFEFF, 0xFEFF}, {0xFFF9, 0xFFFB}, {0x110BD, 0x110BD},
285  {0x110CD, 0x110CD}, {0x13430, 0x13438}, {0x1BCA0, 0x1BCA3},
286  {0x1D173, 0x1D17A}, {0xE0001, 0xE0001}, {0xE0020, 0xE007F}};
288  static const UnicodeCharSet Format(Cf);
289  return Format.contains(UCS);
290 }
292 /// Gets the number of positions a character is likely to occupy when output
293 /// on a terminal ("character width"). This depends on the implementation of the
294 /// terminal, and there's no standard definition of character width.
295 /// The implementation defines it in a way that is expected to be compatible
296 /// with a generic Unicode-capable terminal.
297 /// \return Character width:
298 /// * ErrorNonPrintableCharacter (-1) for non-printable characters (as
299 /// identified by isPrintable);
300 /// * 0 for non-spacing and enclosing combining marks;
301 /// * 2 for CJK characters excluding halfwidth forms;
302 /// * 1 for all remaining characters.
303 static inline int charWidth(int UCS)
304 {
305  if (!isPrintable(UCS))
308  // Sorted list of non-spacing and enclosing combining mark intervals as
309  // defined in "3.6 Combination" of
310  // https://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode15.0.0/UnicodeStandard-15.0.pdf
311  static const UnicodeCharRange CombiningCharacterRanges[] = {
312  {0x0300, 0x036F}, {0x0483, 0x0489}, {0x0591, 0x05BD},
313  {0x05BF, 0x05BF}, {0x05C1, 0x05C2}, {0x05C4, 0x05C5},
314  {0x05C7, 0x05C7}, {0x0610, 0x061A}, {0x064B, 0x065F},
315  {0x0670, 0x0670}, {0x06D6, 0x06DC}, {0x06DF, 0x06E4},
316  {0x06E7, 0x06E8}, {0x06EA, 0x06ED}, {0x0711, 0x0711},
317  {0x0730, 0x074A}, {0x07A6, 0x07B0}, {0x07EB, 0x07F3},
318  {0x07FD, 0x07FD}, {0x0816, 0x0819}, {0x081B, 0x0823},
319  {0x0825, 0x0827}, {0x0829, 0x082D}, {0x0859, 0x085B},
320  {0x0898, 0x089F}, {0x08CA, 0x08E1}, {0x08E3, 0x0902},
321  {0x093A, 0x093A}, {0x093C, 0x093C}, {0x0941, 0x0948},
322  {0x094D, 0x094D}, {0x0951, 0x0957}, {0x0962, 0x0963},
323  {0x0981, 0x0981}, {0x09BC, 0x09BC}, {0x09C1, 0x09C4},
324  {0x09CD, 0x09CD}, {0x09E2, 0x09E3}, {0x09FE, 0x09FE},
325  {0x0A01, 0x0A02}, {0x0A3C, 0x0A3C}, {0x0A41, 0x0A42},
326  {0x0A47, 0x0A48}, {0x0A4B, 0x0A4D}, {0x0A51, 0x0A51},
327  {0x0A70, 0x0A71}, {0x0A75, 0x0A75}, {0x0A81, 0x0A82},
328  {0x0ABC, 0x0ABC}, {0x0AC1, 0x0AC5}, {0x0AC7, 0x0AC8},
329  {0x0ACD, 0x0ACD}, {0x0AE2, 0x0AE3}, {0x0AFA, 0x0AFF},
330  {0x0B01, 0x0B01}, {0x0B3C, 0x0B3C}, {0x0B3F, 0x0B3F},
331  {0x0B41, 0x0B44}, {0x0B4D, 0x0B4D}, {0x0B55, 0x0B56},
332  {0x0B62, 0x0B63}, {0x0B82, 0x0B82}, {0x0BC0, 0x0BC0},
333  {0x0BCD, 0x0BCD}, {0x0C00, 0x0C00}, {0x0C04, 0x0C04},
334  {0x0C3C, 0x0C3C}, {0x0C3E, 0x0C40}, {0x0C46, 0x0C48},
335  {0x0C4A, 0x0C4D}, {0x0C55, 0x0C56}, {0x0C62, 0x0C63},
336  {0x0C81, 0x0C81}, {0x0CBC, 0x0CBC}, {0x0CBF, 0x0CBF},
337  {0x0CC6, 0x0CC6}, {0x0CCC, 0x0CCD}, {0x0CE2, 0x0CE3},
338  {0x0D00, 0x0D01}, {0x0D3B, 0x0D3C}, {0x0D41, 0x0D44},
339  {0x0D4D, 0x0D4D}, {0x0D62, 0x0D63}, {0x0D81, 0x0D81},
340  {0x0DCA, 0x0DCA}, {0x0DD2, 0x0DD4}, {0x0DD6, 0x0DD6},
341  {0x0E31, 0x0E31}, {0x0E34, 0x0E3A}, {0x0E47, 0x0E4E},
342  {0x0EB1, 0x0EB1}, {0x0EB4, 0x0EBC}, {0x0EC8, 0x0ECE},
343  {0x0F18, 0x0F19}, {0x0F35, 0x0F35}, {0x0F37, 0x0F37},
344  {0x0F39, 0x0F39}, {0x0F71, 0x0F7E}, {0x0F80, 0x0F84},
345  {0x0F86, 0x0F87}, {0x0F8D, 0x0F97}, {0x0F99, 0x0FBC},
346  {0x0FC6, 0x0FC6}, {0x102D, 0x1030}, {0x1032, 0x1037},
347  {0x1039, 0x103A}, {0x103D, 0x103E}, {0x1058, 0x1059},
348  {0x105E, 0x1060}, {0x1071, 0x1074}, {0x1082, 0x1082},
349  {0x1085, 0x1086}, {0x108D, 0x108D}, {0x109D, 0x109D},
350  {0x135D, 0x135F}, {0x1712, 0x1714}, {0x1732, 0x1733},
351  {0x1752, 0x1753}, {0x1772, 0x1773}, {0x17B4, 0x17B5},
352  {0x17B7, 0x17BD}, {0x17C6, 0x17C6}, {0x17C9, 0x17D3},
353  {0x17DD, 0x17DD}, {0x180B, 0x180D}, {0x180F, 0x180F},
354  {0x1885, 0x1886}, {0x18A9, 0x18A9}, {0x1920, 0x1922},
355  {0x1927, 0x1928}, {0x1932, 0x1932}, {0x1939, 0x193B},
356  {0x1A17, 0x1A18}, {0x1A1B, 0x1A1B}, {0x1A56, 0x1A56},
357  {0x1A58, 0x1A5E}, {0x1A60, 0x1A60}, {0x1A62, 0x1A62},
358  {0x1A65, 0x1A6C}, {0x1A73, 0x1A7C}, {0x1A7F, 0x1A7F},
359  {0x1AB0, 0x1ACE}, {0x1B00, 0x1B03}, {0x1B34, 0x1B34},
360  {0x1B36, 0x1B3A}, {0x1B3C, 0x1B3C}, {0x1B42, 0x1B42},
361  {0x1B6B, 0x1B73}, {0x1B80, 0x1B81}, {0x1BA2, 0x1BA5},
362  {0x1BA8, 0x1BA9}, {0x1BAB, 0x1BAD}, {0x1BE6, 0x1BE6},
363  {0x1BE8, 0x1BE9}, {0x1BED, 0x1BED}, {0x1BEF, 0x1BF1},
364  {0x1C2C, 0x1C33}, {0x1C36, 0x1C37}, {0x1CD0, 0x1CD2},
365  {0x1CD4, 0x1CE0}, {0x1CE2, 0x1CE8}, {0x1CED, 0x1CED},
366  {0x1CF4, 0x1CF4}, {0x1CF8, 0x1CF9}, {0x1DC0, 0x1DFF},
367  {0x20D0, 0x20F0}, {0x2CEF, 0x2CF1}, {0x2D7F, 0x2D7F},
368  {0x2DE0, 0x2DFF}, {0x302A, 0x302D}, {0x3099, 0x309A},
369  {0xA66F, 0xA672}, {0xA674, 0xA67D}, {0xA69E, 0xA69F},
370  {0xA6F0, 0xA6F1}, {0xA802, 0xA802}, {0xA806, 0xA806},
371  {0xA80B, 0xA80B}, {0xA825, 0xA826}, {0xA82C, 0xA82C},
372  {0xA8C4, 0xA8C5}, {0xA8E0, 0xA8F1}, {0xA8FF, 0xA8FF},
373  {0xA926, 0xA92D}, {0xA947, 0xA951}, {0xA980, 0xA982},
374  {0xA9B3, 0xA9B3}, {0xA9B6, 0xA9B9}, {0xA9BC, 0xA9BD},
375  {0xA9E5, 0xA9E5}, {0xAA29, 0xAA2E}, {0xAA31, 0xAA32},
376  {0xAA35, 0xAA36}, {0xAA43, 0xAA43}, {0xAA4C, 0xAA4C},
377  {0xAA7C, 0xAA7C}, {0xAAB0, 0xAAB0}, {0xAAB2, 0xAAB4},
378  {0xAAB7, 0xAAB8}, {0xAABE, 0xAABF}, {0xAAC1, 0xAAC1},
379  {0xAAEC, 0xAAED}, {0xAAF6, 0xAAF6}, {0xABE5, 0xABE5},
380  {0xABE8, 0xABE8}, {0xABED, 0xABED}, {0xFB1E, 0xFB1E},
381  {0xFE00, 0xFE0F}, {0xFE20, 0xFE2F}, {0x101FD, 0x101FD},
382  {0x102E0, 0x102E0}, {0x10376, 0x1037A}, {0x10A01, 0x10A03},
383  {0x10A05, 0x10A06}, {0x10A0C, 0x10A0F}, {0x10A38, 0x10A3A},
384  {0x10A3F, 0x10A3F}, {0x10AE5, 0x10AE6}, {0x10D24, 0x10D27},
385  {0x10EAB, 0x10EAC}, {0x10EFD, 0x10EFF}, {0x10F46, 0x10F50},
386  {0x10F82, 0x10F85}, {0x11001, 0x11001}, {0x11038, 0x11046},
387  {0x11070, 0x11070}, {0x11073, 0x11074}, {0x1107F, 0x11081},
388  {0x110B3, 0x110B6}, {0x110B9, 0x110BA}, {0x110C2, 0x110C2},
389  {0x11100, 0x11102}, {0x11127, 0x1112B}, {0x1112D, 0x11134},
390  {0x11173, 0x11173}, {0x11180, 0x11181}, {0x111B6, 0x111BE},
391  {0x111C9, 0x111CC}, {0x111CF, 0x111CF}, {0x1122F, 0x11231},
392  {0x11234, 0x11234}, {0x11236, 0x11237}, {0x1123E, 0x1123E},
393  {0x11241, 0x11241}, {0x112DF, 0x112DF}, {0x112E3, 0x112EA},
394  {0x11300, 0x11301}, {0x1133B, 0x1133C}, {0x11340, 0x11340},
395  {0x11366, 0x1136C}, {0x11370, 0x11374}, {0x11438, 0x1143F},
396  {0x11442, 0x11444}, {0x11446, 0x11446}, {0x1145E, 0x1145E},
397  {0x114B3, 0x114B8}, {0x114BA, 0x114BA}, {0x114BF, 0x114C0},
398  {0x114C2, 0x114C3}, {0x115B2, 0x115B5}, {0x115BC, 0x115BD},
399  {0x115BF, 0x115C0}, {0x115DC, 0x115DD}, {0x11633, 0x1163A},
400  {0x1163D, 0x1163D}, {0x1163F, 0x11640}, {0x116AB, 0x116AB},
401  {0x116AD, 0x116AD}, {0x116B0, 0x116B5}, {0x116B7, 0x116B7},
402  {0x1171D, 0x1171F}, {0x11722, 0x11725}, {0x11727, 0x1172B},
403  {0x1182F, 0x11837}, {0x11839, 0x1183A}, {0x1193B, 0x1193C},
404  {0x1193E, 0x1193E}, {0x11943, 0x11943}, {0x119D4, 0x119D7},
405  {0x119DA, 0x119DB}, {0x119E0, 0x119E0}, {0x11A01, 0x11A0A},
406  {0x11A33, 0x11A38}, {0x11A3B, 0x11A3E}, {0x11A47, 0x11A47},
407  {0x11A51, 0x11A56}, {0x11A59, 0x11A5B}, {0x11A8A, 0x11A96},
408  {0x11A98, 0x11A99}, {0x11C30, 0x11C36}, {0x11C38, 0x11C3D},
409  {0x11C3F, 0x11C3F}, {0x11C92, 0x11CA7}, {0x11CAA, 0x11CB0},
410  {0x11CB2, 0x11CB3}, {0x11CB5, 0x11CB6}, {0x11D31, 0x11D36},
411  {0x11D3A, 0x11D3A}, {0x11D3C, 0x11D3D}, {0x11D3F, 0x11D45},
412  {0x11D47, 0x11D47}, {0x11D90, 0x11D91}, {0x11D95, 0x11D95},
413  {0x11D97, 0x11D97}, {0x11EF3, 0x11EF4}, {0x11F00, 0x11F01},
414  {0x11F36, 0x11F3A}, {0x11F40, 0x11F40}, {0x11F42, 0x11F42},
415  {0x13440, 0x13440}, {0x13447, 0x13455}, {0x16AF0, 0x16AF4},
416  {0x16B30, 0x16B36}, {0x16F4F, 0x16F4F}, {0x16F8F, 0x16F92},
417  {0x16FE4, 0x16FE4}, {0x1BC9D, 0x1BC9E}, {0x1CF00, 0x1CF2D},
418  {0x1CF30, 0x1CF46}, {0x1D167, 0x1D169}, {0x1D17B, 0x1D182},
419  {0x1D185, 0x1D18B}, {0x1D1AA, 0x1D1AD}, {0x1D242, 0x1D244},
420  {0x1DA00, 0x1DA36}, {0x1DA3B, 0x1DA6C}, {0x1DA75, 0x1DA75},
421  {0x1DA84, 0x1DA84}, {0x1DA9B, 0x1DA9F}, {0x1DAA1, 0x1DAAF},
422  {0x1E000, 0x1E006}, {0x1E008, 0x1E018}, {0x1E01B, 0x1E021},
423  {0x1E023, 0x1E024}, {0x1E026, 0x1E02A}, {0x1E08F, 0x1E08F},
424  {0x1E130, 0x1E136}, {0x1E2AE, 0x1E2AE}, {0x1E2EC, 0x1E2EF},
425  {0x1E4EC, 0x1E4EF}, {0x1E8D0, 0x1E8D6}, {0x1E944, 0x1E94A},
426  {0xE0100, 0xE01EF},
427  };
428  static const UnicodeCharSet CombiningCharacters(CombiningCharacterRanges);
430  if (CombiningCharacters.contains(UCS))
431  return 0;
433  static const UnicodeCharRange DoubleWidthCharacterRanges[] = {
434  // Hangul Jamo
435  { 0x1100, 0x11FF },
436  // Deprecated fullwidth angle brackets
437  { 0x2329, 0x232A },
438  // CJK Misc, CJK Unified Ideographs, Yijing Hexagrams, Yi
439  // excluding U+303F (IDEOGRAPHIC HALF FILL SPACE)
440  { 0x2E80, 0x303E }, { 0x3040, 0xA4CF },
441  // Hangul
442  { 0xAC00, 0xD7A3 }, { 0xD7B0, 0xD7C6 }, { 0xD7CB, 0xD7FB },
443  // CJK Unified Ideographs
444  { 0xF900, 0xFAFF },
445  // Vertical forms
446  { 0xFE10, 0xFE19 },
447  // CJK Compatibility Forms + Small Form Variants
448  { 0xFE30, 0xFE6F },
449  // Fullwidth forms
450  { 0xFF01, 0xFF60 }, { 0xFFE0, 0xFFE6 },
451  // CJK Unified Ideographs
452  { 0x20000, 0x2A6DF }, { 0x2A700, 0x2B81F }, { 0x2F800, 0x2FA1F }
453  };
454  static const UnicodeCharSet DoubleWidthCharacters(DoubleWidthCharacterRanges);
456  if (DoubleWidthCharacters.contains(UCS))
457  return 2;
458  return 1;
459 }
461 static bool isprintableascii(char c) { return c > 31 && c < 127; }
464  unsigned ColumnWidth = 0;
465  unsigned Length;
466  for (size_t i = 0, e = Text.size(); i < e; i += Length) {
467  Length = getNumBytesForUTF8(Text[i]);
469  // fast path for ASCII characters
470  if (Length == 1) {
471  if (!isprintableascii(Text[i]))
473  ColumnWidth += 1;
474  continue;
475  }
477  if (Length <= 0 || i + Length > Text.size())
478  return ErrorInvalidUTF8;
479  UTF32 buf[1];
480  const UTF8 *Start = reinterpret_cast<const UTF8 *>(Text.data() + i);
481  UTF32 *Target = &buf[0];
482  if (conversionOK != ConvertUTF8toUTF32(&Start, Start + Length, &Target,
483  Target + 1, strictConversion))
484  return ErrorInvalidUTF8;
485  int Width = charWidth(buf[0]);
486  if (Width < 0)
488  ColumnWidth += Width;
489  }
490  return ColumnWidth;
491 }
493 } // namespace unicode
494 } // namespace sys
495 } // namespace llvm
Definition: README.txt:29
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
@ conversionOK
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:149
@ ErrorInvalidUTF8
Definition: Unicode.h:28
Target - Wrapper for Target specific information.
Definition: TargetRegistry.h:145
const char * data() const
data - Get a pointer to the start of the string (which may not be null terminated).
Definition: StringRef.h:131
static bool isprintableascii(char c)
Definition: Unicode.cpp:461
the resulting code requires compare and branches when and if the revised code is with conditional branches instead of More there is a byte word extend before each where there should be only and the condition codes are not remembered when the same two values are compared twice More LSR enhancements i8 and i32 load store addressing modes are identical int int c
Definition: README.txt:418
Represents a closed range of Unicode code points [Lower, Upper].
Definition: UnicodeCharRanges.h:23
Holds a reference to an ordered array of UnicodeCharRange and allows to quickly check if a code point...
Definition: UnicodeCharRanges.h:38
bool isFormatting(int UCS)
Unicode code points of the Cf category are considered formatting characters.
Definition: Unicode.cpp:276
constexpr double e
Definition: MathExtras.h:53
ConversionResult ConvertUTF8toUTF32(const UTF8 **sourceStart, const UTF8 *sourceEnd, UTF32 **targetStart, UTF32 *targetEnd, ConversionFlags flags)
Convert a partial UTF8 sequence to UTF32.
Definition: ConvertUTF.cpp:736
bool contains(uint32_t C) const
Returns true if the character set contains the Unicode code point C.
Definition: UnicodeCharRanges.h:64
int columnWidthUTF8(StringRef Text)
Gets the number of positions the UTF8-encoded Text is likely to occupy when output on a terminal ("ch...
Definition: Unicode.cpp:463
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:50
@ strictConversion
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:156
static int charWidth(int UCS)
Gets the number of positions a character is likely to occupy when output on a terminal ("character wi...
Definition: Unicode.cpp:303
unsigned getNumBytesForUTF8(UTF8 firstByte)
Definition: ConvertUTF.cpp:545
constexpr size_t size() const
size - Get the string size.
Definition: StringRef.h:137
Definition: SIDefines.h:439
unsigned int UTF32
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:128
@ ErrorNonPrintableCharacter
Definition: Unicode.h:29
bool isPrintable(int UCS)
Determines if a character is likely to be displayed correctly on the terminal.
Definition: Unicode.cpp:27
unsigned char UTF8
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:130