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llvm::DWARFDebugLine Class Reference

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFDebugLine.h"


struct  ContentTypeTracker
 Tracks which optional content types are present in a DWARF file name entry format. More...
struct  FileNameEntry
struct  LineTable
struct  Prologue
struct  Row
 Standard .debug_line state machine structure. More...
class  SectionParser
 Helper to allow for parsing of an entire .debug_line section in sequence. More...
struct  Sequence
 Represents a series of contiguous machine instructions. More...

Public Member Functions

const LineTablegetLineTable (uint64_t Offset) const
Expected< const LineTable * > getOrParseLineTable (DWARFDataExtractor &DebugLineData, uint64_t Offset, const DWARFContext &Ctx, const DWARFUnit *U, function_ref< void(Error)> RecoverableErrorHandler)
void clearLineTable (uint64_t Offset)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file DWARFDebugLine.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clearLineTable()

void DWARFDebugLine::clearLineTable ( uint64_t  Offset)

Definition at line 623 of file DWARFDebugLine.cpp.

References llvm::Offset.

◆ getLineTable()

const DWARFDebugLine::LineTable * DWARFDebugLine::getLineTable ( uint64_t  Offset) const

Definition at line 596 of file DWARFDebugLine.cpp.

References llvm::Offset.

◆ getOrParseLineTable()

Expected< const DWARFDebugLine::LineTable * > DWARFDebugLine::getOrParseLineTable ( DWARFDataExtractor DebugLineData,
uint64_t  Offset,
const DWARFContext Ctx,
const DWARFUnit U,
function_ref< void(Error)>  RecoverableErrorHandler 

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