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llvm::DevirtSCCRepeatedPass Class Reference

A helper that repeats an SCC pass each time an indirect call is refined to a direct call by that pass. More...

#include "llvm/Analysis/CGSCCPassManager.h"

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Public Types

using PassConceptT = detail::PassConcept< LazyCallGraph::SCC, CGSCCAnalysisManager, LazyCallGraph &, CGSCCUpdateResult & >

Public Member Functions

 DevirtSCCRepeatedPass (std::unique_ptr< PassConceptT > Pass, int MaxIterations)
PreservedAnalyses run (LazyCallGraph::SCC &InitialC, CGSCCAnalysisManager &AM, LazyCallGraph &CG, CGSCCUpdateResult &UR)
 Runs the wrapped pass up to MaxIterations on the SCC, iterating whenever an indirect call is refined.
void printPipeline (raw_ostream &OS, function_ref< StringRef(StringRef)> MapClassName2PassName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::PassInfoMixin< DevirtSCCRepeatedPass >
void printPipeline (raw_ostream &OS, function_ref< StringRef(StringRef)> MapClassName2PassName)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::PassInfoMixin< DevirtSCCRepeatedPass >
static StringRef name ()
 Gets the name of the pass we are mixed into.

Detailed Description

A helper that repeats an SCC pass each time an indirect call is refined to a direct call by that pass.

While the CGSCC pass manager works to re-visit SCCs and RefSCCs as they change shape, we may also want to repeat an SCC pass if it simply refines an indirect call to a direct call, even if doing so does not alter the shape of the graph. Note that this only pertains to direct calls to functions where IPO across the SCC may be able to compute more precise results. For intrinsics, we assume scalar optimizations already can fully reason about them.

This repetition has the potential to be very large however, as each one might refine a single call site. As a consequence, in practice we use an upper bound on the number of repetitions to limit things.

Definition at line 562 of file CGSCCPassManager.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PassConceptT

Definition at line 564 of file CGSCCPassManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DevirtSCCRepeatedPass()

llvm::DevirtSCCRepeatedPass::DevirtSCCRepeatedPass ( std::unique_ptr< PassConceptT Pass,
int  MaxIterations 

Definition at line 568 of file CGSCCPassManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ printPipeline()

void llvm::DevirtSCCRepeatedPass::printPipeline ( raw_ostream OS,
function_ref< StringRef(StringRef)>  MapClassName2PassName 

Definition at line 577 of file CGSCCPassManager.h.

References OS.

◆ run()

PreservedAnalyses llvm::DevirtSCCRepeatedPass::run ( LazyCallGraph::SCC InitialC,
CGSCCAnalysisManager AM,
LazyCallGraph CG,
CGSCCUpdateResult UR 

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