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llvm::MachO::ObjCInterfaceRecord Class Reference

#include "llvm/TextAPI/Record.h"

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Public Member Functions

 ObjCInterfaceRecord (StringRef Name, RecordLinkage Linkage, ObjCIFSymbolKind SymType)
bool hasExceptionAttribute () const
bool isCompleteInterface () const
bool isExportedSymbol (ObjCIFSymbolKind CurrType) const
RecordLinkage getLinkageForSymbol (ObjCIFSymbolKind CurrType) const
void updateLinkageForSymbols (ObjCIFSymbolKind SymType, RecordLinkage Link)
bool addObjCCategory (ObjCCategoryRecord *Record)
std::vector< ObjCCategoryRecord * > getObjCCategories () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachO::ObjCContainerRecord
 ObjCContainerRecord (StringRef Name, RecordLinkage Linkage)
ObjCIVarRecordaddObjCIVar (StringRef IVar, RecordLinkage Linkage)
ObjCIVarRecordfindObjCIVar (StringRef IVar) const
std::vector< ObjCIVarRecord * > getObjCIVars () const
RecordLinkage getLinkage () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MachO::Record
 Record ()=default
 Record (StringRef Name, RecordLinkage Linkage, SymbolFlags Flags)
bool isWeakDefined () const
bool isWeakReferenced () const
bool isThreadLocalValue () const
bool isData () const
bool isText () const
bool isInternal () const
bool isUndefined () const
bool isExported () const
bool isRexported () const
bool isVerified () const
void setVerify (bool V=true)
StringRef getName () const
SymbolFlags getFlags () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MachO::Record
StringRef Name
RecordLinkage Linkage
SymbolFlags Flags
bool Verified

Detailed Description

Definition at line 191 of file Record.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ObjCInterfaceRecord()

llvm::MachO::ObjCInterfaceRecord::ObjCInterfaceRecord ( StringRef  Name,
RecordLinkage  Linkage,
ObjCIFSymbolKind  SymType 

Definition at line 193 of file Record.h.

References llvm::MachO::Record::Linkage, and updateLinkageForSymbols().

Member Function Documentation

◆ addObjCCategory()

bool ObjCInterfaceRecord::addObjCCategory ( ObjCCategoryRecord Record)

Definition at line 220 of file RecordsSlice.cpp.

References llvm::MachO::Record::Name.

◆ getLinkageForSymbol()

RecordLinkage ObjCInterfaceRecord::getLinkageForSymbol ( ObjCIFSymbolKind  CurrType) const

◆ getObjCCategories()

std::vector< ObjCCategoryRecord * > ObjCInterfaceRecord::getObjCCategories ( ) const

◆ hasExceptionAttribute()

bool llvm::MachO::ObjCInterfaceRecord::hasExceptionAttribute ( ) const

Definition at line 199 of file Record.h.

References llvm::MachO::Unknown.

Referenced by llvm::MachO::SymbolConverter::visitObjCInterface().

◆ isCompleteInterface()

bool llvm::MachO::ObjCInterfaceRecord::isCompleteInterface ( ) const

Definition at line 202 of file Record.h.

References llvm::MachO::Rexported.

Referenced by llvm::MachO::SymbolConverter::visitObjCInterface().

◆ isExportedSymbol()

bool llvm::MachO::ObjCInterfaceRecord::isExportedSymbol ( ObjCIFSymbolKind  CurrType) const

◆ updateLinkageForSymbols()

void ObjCInterfaceRecord::updateLinkageForSymbols ( ObjCIFSymbolKind  SymType,
RecordLinkage  Link 

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