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llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat Class Referencefinal

#include "llvm/ADT/APFloat.h"

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Public Member Functions

 DoubleAPFloat (const fltSemantics &S)
 DoubleAPFloat (const fltSemantics &S, uninitializedTag)
 DoubleAPFloat (const fltSemantics &S, integerPart)
 DoubleAPFloat (const fltSemantics &S, const APInt &I)
 DoubleAPFloat (const fltSemantics &S, APFloat &&First, APFloat &&Second)
 DoubleAPFloat (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS)
 DoubleAPFloat (DoubleAPFloat &&RHS)
DoubleAPFloatoperator= (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS)
DoubleAPFloatoperator= (DoubleAPFloat &&RHS)
bool needsCleanup () const
APFloatgetFirst ()
const APFloatgetFirst () const
APFloatgetSecond ()
const APFloatgetSecond () const
opStatus add (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS, roundingMode RM)
opStatus subtract (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS, roundingMode RM)
opStatus multiply (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS, roundingMode RM)
opStatus divide (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS, roundingMode RM)
opStatus remainder (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS)
opStatus mod (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS)
opStatus fusedMultiplyAdd (const DoubleAPFloat &Multiplicand, const DoubleAPFloat &Addend, roundingMode RM)
opStatus roundToIntegral (roundingMode RM)
void changeSign ()
cmpResult compareAbsoluteValue (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS) const
fltCategory getCategory () const
bool isNegative () const
void makeInf (bool Neg)
void makeZero (bool Neg)
void makeLargest (bool Neg)
void makeSmallest (bool Neg)
void makeSmallestNormalized (bool Neg)
void makeNaN (bool SNaN, bool Neg, const APInt *fill)
cmpResult compare (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS) const
bool bitwiseIsEqual (const DoubleAPFloat &RHS) const
APInt bitcastToAPInt () const
Expected< opStatusconvertFromString (StringRef, roundingMode)
opStatus next (bool nextDown)
opStatus convertToInteger (MutableArrayRef< integerPart > Input, unsigned int Width, bool IsSigned, roundingMode RM, bool *IsExact) const
opStatus convertFromAPInt (const APInt &Input, bool IsSigned, roundingMode RM)
opStatus convertFromSignExtendedInteger (const integerPart *Input, unsigned int InputSize, bool IsSigned, roundingMode RM)
opStatus convertFromZeroExtendedInteger (const integerPart *Input, unsigned int InputSize, bool IsSigned, roundingMode RM)
unsigned int convertToHexString (char *DST, unsigned int HexDigits, bool UpperCase, roundingMode RM) const
bool isDenormal () const
bool isSmallest () const
bool isLargest () const
bool isInteger () const
void toString (SmallVectorImpl< char > &Str, unsigned FormatPrecision, unsigned FormatMaxPadding, bool TruncateZero=true) const
bool getExactInverse (APFloat *inv) const


DoubleAPFloat scalbn (const DoubleAPFloat &X, int Exp, roundingMode)
DoubleAPFloat frexp (const DoubleAPFloat &X, int &Exp, roundingMode)
hash_code hash_value (const DoubleAPFloat &Arg)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from llvm::APFloatBase
enum  cmpResult { cmpLessThan, cmpEqual, cmpGreaterThan, cmpUnordered }
 IEEE-754R 5.11: Floating Point Comparison Relations. More...
enum  opStatus {
  opOK = 0x00, opInvalidOp = 0x01, opDivByZero = 0x02, opOverflow = 0x04,
  opUnderflow = 0x08, opInexact = 0x10
 IEEE-754R 7: Default exception handling. More...
enum  fltCategory { fcInfinity, fcNaN, fcNormal, fcZero }
 Category of internally-represented number. More...
enum  uninitializedTag { uninitialized }
 Convenience enum used to construct an uninitialized APFloat. More...
enum  IlogbErrorKinds { IEK_Zero = INT_MIN + 1, IEK_NaN = INT_MIN, IEK_Inf = INT_MAX }
 Enumeration of ilogb error results. More...
typedef APInt::WordType integerPart
typedef int32_t ExponentType
 A signed type to represent a floating point numbers unbiased exponent. More...
using roundingMode = llvm::RoundingMode
 IEEE-754R 4.3: Rounding-direction attributes. More...
enum  Semantics {
  S_IEEEhalf, S_BFloat, S_IEEEsingle, S_IEEEdouble,
  S_IEEEquad, S_PPCDoubleDouble, S_Float8E5M2, S_Float8E4M3FN,
  S_x87DoubleExtended, S_MaxSemantics = S_x87DoubleExtended
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::APFloatBase
static unsigned int semanticsPrecision (const fltSemantics &)
static ExponentType semanticsMinExponent (const fltSemantics &)
static ExponentType semanticsMaxExponent (const fltSemantics &)
static unsigned int semanticsSizeInBits (const fltSemantics &)
static unsigned getSizeInBits (const fltSemantics &Sem)
 Returns the size of the floating point number (in bits) in the given semantics. More...
static const llvm::fltSemanticsEnumToSemantics (Semantics S)
static Semantics SemanticsToEnum (const llvm::fltSemantics &Sem)
static const fltSemanticsIEEEhalf () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsBFloat () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsIEEEsingle () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsIEEEdouble () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsIEEEquad () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsPPCDoubleDouble () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsFloat8E5M2 () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsFloat8E4M3FN () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsx87DoubleExtended () LLVM_READNONE
static const fltSemanticsBogus () LLVM_READNONE
 A Pseudo fltsemantic used to construct APFloats that cannot conflict with anything real. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from llvm::APFloatBase
static constexpr unsigned integerPartWidth = APInt::APINT_BITS_PER_WORD
static constexpr roundingMode rmNearestTiesToEven
static constexpr roundingMode rmTowardPositive = RoundingMode::TowardPositive
static constexpr roundingMode rmTowardNegative = RoundingMode::TowardNegative
static constexpr roundingMode rmTowardZero = RoundingMode::TowardZero
static constexpr roundingMode rmNearestTiesToAway

Detailed Description

Definition at line 617 of file APFloat.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [1/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( const fltSemantics S)

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [2/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( const fltSemantics S,

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [3/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( const fltSemantics S,
integerPart  I 

Definition at line 4495 of file APFloat.cpp.

References llvm::lltok::APFloat, I, and llvm::semIEEEdouble.

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [4/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( const fltSemantics S,
const APInt I 

Definition at line 4501 of file APFloat.cpp.

References llvm::lltok::APFloat, I, and llvm::semIEEEdouble.

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [5/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( const fltSemantics S,
APFloat &&  First,
APFloat &&  Second 

Definition at line 4509 of file APFloat.cpp.

References First, and move.

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [6/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS)

Definition at line 4518 of file APFloat.cpp.

References llvm::lltok::APFloat, and RHS.

◆ DoubleAPFloat() [7/7]

llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::DoubleAPFloat ( DoubleAPFloat &&  RHS)

Definition at line 4526 of file APFloat.cpp.

References assert(), RHS, llvm::semBogus, and llvm::semPPCDoubleDouble.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::add ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS,
roundingMode  RM 

Definition at line 4671 of file APFloat.cpp.

References RHS, and llvm::AArch64::RM.

Referenced by subtract().

◆ bitcastToAPInt()

APInt llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::bitcastToAPInt ( ) const

◆ bitwiseIsEqual()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::bitwiseIsEqual ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS) const

Definition at line 4895 of file APFloat.cpp.

References RHS.

◆ changeSign()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::changeSign ( )

Definition at line 4818 of file APFloat.cpp.

Referenced by makeLargest(), and subtract().

◆ compare()

APFloat::cmpResult llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::compare ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS) const

Definition at line 4887 of file APFloat.cpp.

References llvm::APFloatBase::cmpEqual, and RHS.

Referenced by isLargest(), and isSmallest().

◆ compareAbsoluteValue()

APFloat::cmpResult llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::compareAbsoluteValue ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS) const

◆ convertFromAPInt()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::convertFromAPInt ( const APInt Input,
bool  IsSigned,
roundingMode  RM 

◆ convertFromSignExtendedInteger()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::convertFromSignExtendedInteger ( const integerPart Input,
unsigned int  InputSize,
bool  IsSigned,
roundingMode  RM 

◆ convertFromString()

Expected< APFloat::opStatus > llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::convertFromString ( StringRef  S,
roundingMode  RM 

◆ convertFromZeroExtendedInteger()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::convertFromZeroExtendedInteger ( const integerPart Input,
unsigned int  InputSize,
bool  IsSigned,
roundingMode  RM 

◆ convertToHexString()

unsigned int llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::convertToHexString ( char *  DST,
unsigned int  HexDigits,
bool  UpperCase,
roundingMode  RM 
) const

◆ convertToInteger()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::convertToInteger ( MutableArrayRef< integerPart Input,
unsigned int  Width,
bool  IsSigned,
roundingMode  RM,
bool *  IsExact 
) const

◆ divide()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::divide ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS,
APFloat::roundingMode  RM 

◆ fusedMultiplyAdd()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::fusedMultiplyAdd ( const DoubleAPFloat Multiplicand,
const DoubleAPFloat Addend,
APFloat::roundingMode  RM 

◆ getCategory()

APFloat::fltCategory llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::getCategory ( ) const

Definition at line 4844 of file APFloat.cpp.

Referenced by isDenormal(), isLargest(), and isSmallest().

◆ getExactInverse()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::getExactInverse ( APFloat inv) const

◆ getFirst() [1/2]

APFloat& llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::getFirst ( )

Definition at line 649 of file APFloat.h.

◆ getFirst() [2/2]

const APFloat& llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::getFirst ( ) const

Definition at line 650 of file APFloat.h.

◆ getSecond() [1/2]

APFloat& llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::getSecond ( )

Definition at line 651 of file APFloat.h.

◆ getSecond() [2/2]

const APFloat& llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::getSecond ( ) const

Definition at line 652 of file APFloat.h.

◆ isDenormal()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::isDenormal ( ) const

Definition at line 4982 of file APFloat.cpp.

References llvm::APFloatBase::fcNormal, and getCategory().

◆ isInteger()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::isInteger ( ) const

Definition at line 5005 of file APFloat.cpp.

References assert(), and llvm::semPPCDoubleDouble.

◆ isLargest()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::isLargest ( ) const

◆ isNegative()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::isNegative ( ) const

Definition at line 4848 of file APFloat.cpp.

Referenced by isLargest(), and isSmallest().

◆ isSmallest()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::isSmallest ( ) const

◆ makeInf()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::makeInf ( bool  Neg)

Definition at line 4850 of file APFloat.cpp.

◆ makeLargest()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::makeLargest ( bool  Neg)

◆ makeNaN()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::makeNaN ( bool  SNaN,
bool  Neg,
const APInt fill 

Definition at line 4882 of file APFloat.cpp.

◆ makeSmallest()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::makeSmallest ( bool  Neg)

Definition at line 4868 of file APFloat.cpp.

References assert(), and llvm::semPPCDoubleDouble.

Referenced by isSmallest().

◆ makeSmallestNormalized()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::makeSmallestNormalized ( bool  Neg)

◆ makeZero()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::makeZero ( bool  Neg)

Definition at line 4855 of file APFloat.cpp.

◆ mod()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::mod ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS)

◆ multiply()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::multiply ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS,
APFloat::roundingMode  RM 

◆ needsCleanup()

bool llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::needsCleanup ( ) const

Definition at line 647 of file APFloat.h.

◆ next()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::next ( bool  nextDown)

◆ operator=() [1/2]

DoubleAPFloat & llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::operator= ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS)

Definition at line 4532 of file APFloat.cpp.

References DoubleAPFloat(), and RHS.

◆ operator=() [2/2]

DoubleAPFloat& llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::operator= ( DoubleAPFloat &&  RHS)

Definition at line 639 of file APFloat.h.

References DoubleAPFloat(), move, and RHS.

◆ remainder()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::remainder ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS)

◆ roundToIntegral()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::roundToIntegral ( APFloat::roundingMode  RM)

◆ subtract()

APFloat::opStatus llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::subtract ( const DoubleAPFloat RHS,
roundingMode  RM 

Definition at line 4676 of file APFloat.cpp.

References add(), changeSign(), llvm::MipsISD::Ret, RHS, and llvm::AArch64::RM.

◆ toString()

void llvm::detail::DoubleAPFloat::toString ( SmallVectorImpl< char > &  Str,
unsigned  FormatPrecision,
unsigned  FormatMaxPadding,
bool  TruncateZero = true 
) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ frexp

DoubleAPFloat frexp ( const DoubleAPFloat X,
int Exp,

◆ hash_value

hash_code hash_value ( const DoubleAPFloat Arg)

Definition at line 4900 of file APFloat.cpp.

◆ scalbn

DoubleAPFloat scalbn ( const DoubleAPFloat X,
int  Exp,

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