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LiveDebugValues Namespace Reference


struct  DbgOp
 TODO: Might pack better if we changed this to a Struct of Arrays, since MachineOperand is width 32, making this struct width 33. More...
struct  DbgOpID
 An ID used in the DbgOpIDMap (below) to lookup a stored DbgOp. More...
class  DbgOpIDMap
 Class storing the complete set of values that are observed by DbgValues within the current function. More...
class  DbgValue
 Class recording the (high level) value of a variable. More...
class  DbgValueProperties
 Meta qualifiers for a value. More...
struct  FuncValueTable
 A collection of ValueTables, one per BB in a function, with convenient accessor methods. More...
class  InstrRefBasedLDV
class  LocIdx
 Handle-class for a particular "location". More...
class  LocIdxToIndexFunctor
class  MLocTracker
 Tracker for what values are in machine locations. More...
struct  ResolvedDbgOp
 A DbgOp whose ID (if any) has resolved to an actual location, LocIdx. More...
struct  SpillLoc
class  SpillLocationNo
 Thin wrapper around an integer – designed to give more type safety to spill location numbers. More...
class  ValueIDNum
 Unique identifier for a value defined by an instruction, as a value type. More...
class  VLocTracker
 Collection of DBG_VALUEs observed when traversing a block. More...


using ValueTable = SmallVector< ValueIDNum, 0 >
 Type for a table of values in a block.
using FragmentOfVar = std::pair< const DILocalVariable *, DIExpression::FragmentInfo >
 Types for recording sets of variable fragments that overlap.
using OverlapMap = DenseMap< FragmentOfVar, SmallVector< DIExpression::FragmentInfo, 1 > >

Typedef Documentation

◆ FragmentOfVar

Types for recording sets of variable fragments that overlap.

For a given local variable, we record all other fragments of that variable that could overlap it, to reduce search time.

Definition at line 995 of file InstrRefBasedImpl.h.

◆ OverlapMap

Definition at line 997 of file InstrRefBasedImpl.h.

◆ ValueTable

Type for a table of values in a block.

Definition at line 208 of file InstrRefBasedImpl.h.