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llvm::coverage Namespace Reference


namespace  accessors
 This namespace defines accessors shared by different versions of coverage mapping records.


class  BinaryCoverageReader
 Reader for the coverage mapping data that is emitted by the frontend and stored in an object file. More...
struct  CountedRegion
 Associates a source range with an execution count. More...
struct  Counter
 A Counter is an abstract value that describes how to compute the execution count for a region of code using the collected profile count data. More...
struct  CounterExpression
 A Counter expression is a value that represents an arithmetic operation with two counters. More...
class  CounterExpressionBuilder
 A Counter expression builder is used to construct the counter expressions. More...
class  CounterMappingContext
 A Counter mapping context is used to connect the counters, expressions and the obtained counter values. More...
struct  CounterMappingRegion
 A Counter mapping region associates a source range with a specific counter. More...
class  CoverageData
 Coverage information to be processed or displayed. More...
class  CoverageFilenamesSectionWriter
 Writer of the filenames section for the instrumentation based code coverage. More...
class  CoverageMapError
class  CoverageMapping
 The mapping of profile information to coverage data. More...
class  CoverageMappingIterator
 A file format agnostic iterator over coverage mapping data. More...
class  CoverageMappingReader
struct  CoverageMappingRecord
 Coverage mapping information for a single function. More...
class  CoverageMappingWriter
 Writer for instrumentation based coverage mapping data. More...
struct  CoverageSegment
 The execution count information starting at a point in a file. More...
struct  CovMapFunctionRecordV1
struct  CovMapFunctionRecordV2
struct  CovMapFunctionRecordV3
struct  CovMapHeader
struct  CovMapTraits
struct  CovMapTraits< CovMapVersion::Version1, IntPtrT >
struct  CovMapTraits< CovMapVersion::Version2, IntPtrT >
struct  CovMapTraits< CovMapVersion::Version3, IntPtrT >
struct  ExpansionRecord
 Coverage information for a macro expansion or #included file. More...
struct  FunctionRecord
 Code coverage information for a single function. More...
class  FunctionRecordIterator
 Iterator over Functions, optionally filtered to a single file. More...
class  InstantiationGroup
 An instantiation group contains a FunctionRecord list, such that each record corresponds to a distinct instantiation of the same function. More...
class  LineCoverageIterator
 An iterator over the LineCoverageStats objects for lines described by a CoverageData instance. More...
class  LineCoverageStats
 Coverage statistics for a single line. More...
class  RawCoverageFilenamesReader
 Reader for the raw coverage filenames. More...
class  RawCoverageMappingDummyChecker
 Checks if the given coverage mapping data is exported for an unused function. More...
class  RawCoverageMappingReader
 Reader for the raw coverage mapping data. More...
class  RawCoverageReader
 Base class for the raw coverage mapping and filenames data readers. More...


using LineColPair = std::pair< unsigned, unsigned >


enum class  coveragemap_error {
  success = 0 , eof , no_data_found , unsupported_version ,
  truncated , malformed , decompression_failed , invalid_or_missing_arch_specifier
enum  CovMapVersion {
  Version1 = 0 , Version2 = 1 , Version3 = 2 , Version4 = 3 ,
  Version5 = 4 , Version6 = 5 , CurrentVersion = INSTR_PROF_COVMAP_VERSION


const std::error_category & coveragemap_category ()
std::error_code make_error_code (coveragemap_error E)
static iterator_range< LineCoverageIteratorgetLineCoverageStats (const coverage::CoverageData &CD)
 Get a LineCoverageIterator range for the lines described by CD.

Typedef Documentation

◆ LineColPair

using llvm::coverage::LineColPair = typedef std::pair<unsigned, unsigned>

Definition at line 213 of file CoverageMapping.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ coveragemap_error


Definition at line 59 of file CoverageMapping.h.

◆ CovMapVersion


Definition at line 1010 of file CoverageMapping.h.

Function Documentation

◆ coveragemap_category()

const std::error_category & llvm::coverage::coveragemap_category ( )

Definition at line 968 of file CoverageMapping.cpp.

Referenced by make_error_code().

◆ getLineCoverageStats()

static iterator_range< LineCoverageIterator > llvm::coverage::getLineCoverageStats ( const coverage::CoverageData CD)

Get a LineCoverageIterator range for the lines described by CD.

Definition at line 754 of file CoverageMapping.h.

References End, and llvm::make_range().

◆ make_error_code()

std::error_code llvm::coverage::make_error_code ( coveragemap_error  E)

Definition at line 72 of file CoverageMapping.h.

References coveragemap_category(), and E.

Referenced by llvm::coverage::CoverageMapError::convertToErrorCode().