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llvm::DWARFTypePrinter Struct Reference

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFTypePrinter.h"

Public Member Functions

 DWARFTypePrinter (raw_ostream &OS)
void appendTypeTagName (dwarf::Tag T)
 Dump the name encoded in the type tag.
void appendArrayType (const DWARFDie &D)
DWARFDie skipQualifiers (DWARFDie D)
bool needsParens (DWARFDie D)
void appendPointerLikeTypeBefore (DWARFDie D, DWARFDie Inner, StringRef Ptr)
DWARFDie appendUnqualifiedNameBefore (DWARFDie D, std::string *OriginalFullName=nullptr)
void appendUnqualifiedNameAfter (DWARFDie D, DWARFDie Inner, bool SkipFirstParamIfArtificial=false)
void appendQualifiedName (DWARFDie D)
DWARFDie appendQualifiedNameBefore (DWARFDie D)
bool appendTemplateParameters (DWARFDie D, bool *FirstParameter=nullptr)
void decomposeConstVolatile (DWARFDie &N, DWARFDie &T, DWARFDie &C, DWARFDie &V)
void appendConstVolatileQualifierAfter (DWARFDie N)
void appendConstVolatileQualifierBefore (DWARFDie N)
void appendUnqualifiedName (DWARFDie D, std::string *OriginalFullName=nullptr)
 Recursively append the DIE type name when applicable.
void appendSubroutineNameAfter (DWARFDie D, DWARFDie Inner, bool SkipFirstParamIfArtificial, bool Const, bool Volatile)
void appendScopes (DWARFDie D)

Public Attributes

bool Word = true
bool EndedWithTemplate = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file DWARFTypePrinter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DWARFTypePrinter()

llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::DWARFTypePrinter ( raw_ostream OS)

Definition at line 29 of file DWARFTypePrinter.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ appendArrayType()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendArrayType ( const DWARFDie D)

◆ appendConstVolatileQualifierAfter()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendConstVolatileQualifierAfter ( DWARFDie  N)

◆ appendConstVolatileQualifierBefore()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendConstVolatileQualifierBefore ( DWARFDie  N)

◆ appendPointerLikeTypeBefore()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendPointerLikeTypeBefore ( DWARFDie  D,
DWARFDie  Inner,
StringRef  Ptr 

◆ appendQualifiedName()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendQualifiedName ( DWARFDie  D)

◆ appendQualifiedNameBefore()

DWARFDie llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendQualifiedNameBefore ( DWARFDie  D)

◆ appendScopes()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendScopes ( DWARFDie  D)

◆ appendSubroutineNameAfter()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendSubroutineNameAfter ( DWARFDie  D,
DWARFDie  Inner,
bool  SkipFirstParamIfArtificial,
bool  Const,
bool  Volatile 

◆ appendTemplateParameters()

bool llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendTemplateParameters ( DWARFDie  D,
bool FirstParameter = nullptr 

◆ appendTypeTagName()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendTypeTagName ( dwarf::Tag  T)

◆ appendUnqualifiedName()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendUnqualifiedName ( DWARFDie  D,
std::string *  OriginalFullName = nullptr 

Recursively append the DIE type name when applicable.

Definition at line 529 of file DWARFTypePrinter.cpp.

References appendUnqualifiedNameAfter(), appendUnqualifiedNameBefore(), and D.

Referenced by appendQualifiedName(), appendScopes(), and llvm::dumpTypeUnqualifiedName().

◆ appendUnqualifiedNameAfter()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendUnqualifiedNameAfter ( DWARFDie  D,
DWARFDie  Inner,
bool  SkipFirstParamIfArtificial = false 

◆ appendUnqualifiedNameBefore()

DWARFDie llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::appendUnqualifiedNameBefore ( DWARFDie  D,
std::string *  OriginalFullName = nullptr 

◆ decomposeConstVolatile()

void llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::decomposeConstVolatile ( DWARFDie N,

◆ needsParens()

bool llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::needsParens ( DWARFDie  D)

◆ skipQualifiers()

DWARFDie llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::skipQualifiers ( DWARFDie  D)

Definition at line 72 of file DWARFTypePrinter.cpp.

References D, and llvm::resolveReferencedType().

Referenced by needsParens().

Member Data Documentation

◆ EndedWithTemplate

bool llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::EndedWithTemplate = false

◆ OS

raw_ostream& llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::OS

◆ Word

bool llvm::DWARFTypePrinter::Word = true

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