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llvm::RangeListEntry Struct Reference

A class representing a single range list entry. More...

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFDebugRnglists.h"

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Public Member Functions

Error extract (DWARFDataExtractor Data, uint64_t *OffsetPtr)
void dump (raw_ostream &OS, uint8_t AddrSize, uint8_t MaxEncodingStringLength, uint64_t &CurrentBase, DIDumpOptions DumpOpts, llvm::function_ref< Optional< object::SectionedAddress >(uint32_t)> LookupPooledAddress) const
bool isSentinel () const

Public Attributes

uint64_t Value0
 The values making up the range list entry. More...
uint64_t Value1
- Public Attributes inherited from llvm::DWARFListEntryBase
uint64_t Offset
 The offset at which the entry is located in the section. More...
uint8_t EntryKind
 The DWARF encoding (DW_RLE_* or DW_LLE_*). More...
uint64_t SectionIndex
 The index of the section this entry belongs to. More...

Detailed Description

A class representing a single range list entry.

Definition at line 31 of file DWARFDebugRnglists.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump()

void RangeListEntry::dump ( raw_ostream OS,
uint8_t  AddrSize,
uint8_t  MaxEncodingStringLength,
uint64_t CurrentBase,
DIDumpOptions  DumpOpts,
llvm::function_ref< Optional< object::SectionedAddress >(uint32_t)>  LookupPooledAddress 
) const

Definition at line 175 of file DWARFDebugRnglists.cpp.

◆ extract()

Error RangeListEntry::extract ( DWARFDataExtractor  Data,
uint64_t OffsetPtr 

◆ isSentinel()

bool llvm::RangeListEntry::isSentinel ( ) const

Definition at line 44 of file DWARFDebugRnglists.h.

References llvm::DWARFListEntryBase::EntryKind.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Value0

uint64_t llvm::RangeListEntry::Value0

The values making up the range list entry.

Most represent a range with a start and end address or a start address and a length. Others are single value base addresses or end-of-list with no values. The unneeded values are semantically undefined, but initialized to 0.

Definition at line 36 of file DWARFDebugRnglists.h.

Referenced by extract().

◆ Value1

uint64_t llvm::RangeListEntry::Value1

Definition at line 37 of file DWARFDebugRnglists.h.

Referenced by extract().

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