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VectorUtils.h File Reference
#include "llvm/ADT/MapVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "llvm/Analysis/LoopAccessAnalysis.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CheckedArithmetic.h"

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struct  llvm::VFParameter
 Encapsulates information needed to describe a parameter. More...
struct  llvm::VFShape
 Contains the information about the kind of vectorization available. More...
struct  llvm::VFInfo
 Holds the VFShape for a specific scalar to vector function mapping. More...
class  llvm::VFDatabase
 The Vector Function Database. More...
class  llvm::InterleaveGroup< InstTy >
 The group of interleaved loads/stores sharing the same stride and close to each other. More...
class  llvm::InterleavedAccessInfo
 Drive the analysis of interleaved memory accesses in the loop. More...


namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
namespace  llvm::VFABI
namespace  llvm::Intrinsic
 This namespace contains an enum with a value for every intrinsic/builtin function known by LLVM.


enum class  llvm::VFParamKind {
  llvm::Vector , llvm::OMP_Linear , llvm::OMP_LinearRef , llvm::OMP_LinearVal ,
  llvm::OMP_LinearUVal , llvm::OMP_LinearPos , llvm::OMP_LinearValPos , llvm::OMP_LinearRefPos ,
  llvm::OMP_LinearUValPos , llvm::OMP_Uniform , llvm::GlobalPredicate , llvm::Unknown
 Describes the type of Parameters. More...
enum class  llvm::VFISAKind {
  llvm::AdvancedSIMD , llvm::SVE , llvm::SSE , llvm::AVX ,
  llvm::AVX2 , llvm::AVX512 , llvm::LLVM , llvm::Unknown
 Describes the type of Instruction Set Architecture. More...


std::optional< VFInfollvm::VFABI::tryDemangleForVFABI (StringRef MangledName, const CallInst &CI)
 Function to construct a VFInfo out of a mangled names in the following format:
VFParamKind llvm::VFABI::getVFParamKindFromString (const StringRef Token)
 Retrieve the VFParamKind from a string token.
void llvm::VFABI::getVectorVariantNames (const CallInst &CI, SmallVectorImpl< std::string > &VariantMappings)
 Populates a set of strings representing the Vector Function ABI variants associated to the CallInst CI.
Typellvm::ToVectorTy (Type *Scalar, ElementCount EC)
 A helper function for converting Scalar types to vector types.
Typellvm::ToVectorTy (Type *Scalar, unsigned VF)
bool llvm::isTriviallyVectorizable (Intrinsic::ID ID)
 Identify if the intrinsic is trivially vectorizable.
bool llvm::isVectorIntrinsicWithScalarOpAtArg (Intrinsic::ID ID, unsigned ScalarOpdIdx)
 Identifies if the vector form of the intrinsic has a scalar operand.
bool llvm::isVectorIntrinsicWithOverloadTypeAtArg (Intrinsic::ID ID, int OpdIdx)
 Identifies if the vector form of the intrinsic is overloaded on the type of the operand at index OpdIdx, or on the return type if OpdIdx is -1.
Intrinsic::ID llvm::getVectorIntrinsicIDForCall (const CallInst *CI, const TargetLibraryInfo *TLI)
 Returns intrinsic ID for call.
Valuellvm::findScalarElement (Value *V, unsigned EltNo)
 Given a vector and an element number, see if the scalar value is already around as a register, for example if it were inserted then extracted from the vector.
int llvm::getSplatIndex (ArrayRef< int > Mask)
 If all non-negative Mask elements are the same value, return that value.
Valuellvm::getSplatValue (const Value *V)
 Get splat value if the input is a splat vector or return nullptr.
bool llvm::isSplatValue (const Value *V, int Index=-1, unsigned Depth=0)
 Return true if each element of the vector value V is poisoned or equal to every other non-poisoned element.
bool llvm::getShuffleDemandedElts (int SrcWidth, ArrayRef< int > Mask, const APInt &DemandedElts, APInt &DemandedLHS, APInt &DemandedRHS, bool AllowUndefElts=false)
 Transform a shuffle mask's output demanded element mask into demanded element masks for the 2 operands, returns false if the mask isn't valid.
void llvm::narrowShuffleMaskElts (int Scale, ArrayRef< int > Mask, SmallVectorImpl< int > &ScaledMask)
 Replace each shuffle mask index with the scaled sequential indices for an equivalent mask of narrowed elements.
bool llvm::widenShuffleMaskElts (int Scale, ArrayRef< int > Mask, SmallVectorImpl< int > &ScaledMask)
 Try to transform a shuffle mask by replacing elements with the scaled index for an equivalent mask of widened elements.
void llvm::getShuffleMaskWithWidestElts (ArrayRef< int > Mask, SmallVectorImpl< int > &ScaledMask)
 Repetitively apply widenShuffleMaskElts() for as long as it succeeds, to get the shuffle mask with widest possible elements.
void llvm::processShuffleMasks (ArrayRef< int > Mask, unsigned NumOfSrcRegs, unsigned NumOfDestRegs, unsigned NumOfUsedRegs, function_ref< void()> NoInputAction, function_ref< void(ArrayRef< int >, unsigned, unsigned)> SingleInputAction, function_ref< void(ArrayRef< int >, unsigned, unsigned)> ManyInputsAction)
 Splits and processes shuffle mask depending on the number of input and output registers.
MapVector< Instruction *, uint64_tllvm::computeMinimumValueSizes (ArrayRef< BasicBlock * > Blocks, DemandedBits &DB, const TargetTransformInfo *TTI=nullptr)
 Compute a map of integer instructions to their minimum legal type size.
MDNodellvm::uniteAccessGroups (MDNode *AccGroups1, MDNode *AccGroups2)
 Compute the union of two access-group lists.
MDNodellvm::intersectAccessGroups (const Instruction *Inst1, const Instruction *Inst2)
 Compute the access-group list of access groups that Inst1 and Inst2 are both in.
Instructionllvm::propagateMetadata (Instruction *I, ArrayRef< Value * > VL)
 Specifically, let Kinds = [MD_tbaa, MD_alias_scope, MD_noalias, MD_fpmath, MD_nontemporal, MD_access_group].
Constantllvm::createBitMaskForGaps (IRBuilderBase &Builder, unsigned VF, const InterleaveGroup< Instruction > &Group)
 Create a mask that filters the members of an interleave group where there are gaps.
llvm::SmallVector< int, 16 > llvm::createReplicatedMask (unsigned ReplicationFactor, unsigned VF)
 Create a mask with replicated elements.
llvm::SmallVector< int, 16 > llvm::createInterleaveMask (unsigned VF, unsigned NumVecs)
 Create an interleave shuffle mask.
llvm::SmallVector< int, 16 > llvm::createStrideMask (unsigned Start, unsigned Stride, unsigned VF)
 Create a stride shuffle mask.
llvm::SmallVector< int, 16 > llvm::createSequentialMask (unsigned Start, unsigned NumInts, unsigned NumUndefs)
 Create a sequential shuffle mask.
llvm::SmallVector< int, 16 > llvm::createUnaryMask (ArrayRef< int > Mask, unsigned NumElts)
 Given a shuffle mask for a binary shuffle, create the equivalent shuffle mask assuming both operands are identical.
Valuellvm::concatenateVectors (IRBuilderBase &Builder, ArrayRef< Value * > Vecs)
 Concatenate a list of vectors.
bool llvm::maskIsAllZeroOrUndef (Value *Mask)
 Given a mask vector of i1, Return true if all of the elements of this predicate mask are known to be false or undef.
bool llvm::maskIsAllOneOrUndef (Value *Mask)
 Given a mask vector of i1, Return true if all of the elements of this predicate mask are known to be true or undef.
APInt llvm::possiblyDemandedEltsInMask (Value *Mask)
 Given a mask vector of the form <Y x i1>, return an APInt (of bitwidth Y) for each lane which may be active.


static constexpr char constllvm::VFABI::_LLVM_ = "_LLVM_"
 LLVM Internal VFABI ISA token for vector functions.
static constexpr char constllvm::VFABI::_LLVM_Scalarize_ = "_LLVM_Scalarize_"
 Prefix for internal name redirection for vector function that tells the compiler to scalarize the call using the scalar name of the function.
static constexpr char constllvm::VFABI::MappingsAttrName = "vector-function-abi-variant"