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llvm::MCPseudoProbeDecoder Class Reference

#include "llvm/MC/MCPseudoProbe.h"

Public Types

using Uint64Set = DenseSet< uint64_t >
using Uint64Map = DenseMap< uint64_t, uint64_t >

Public Member Functions

bool buildGUID2FuncDescMap (const uint8_t *Start, std::size_t Size)
bool buildAddress2ProbeMap (const uint8_t *Start, std::size_t Size, const Uint64Set &GuildFilter, const Uint64Map &FuncStartAddrs)
bool buildAddress2ProbeMap (MCDecodedPseudoProbeInlineTree *Cur, uint64_t &LastAddr, const Uint64Set &GuildFilter, const Uint64Map &FuncStartAddrs)
void printGUID2FuncDescMap (raw_ostream &OS)
void printProbeForAddress (raw_ostream &OS, uint64_t Address)
void printProbesForAllAddresses (raw_ostream &OS)
const MCDecodedPseudoProbegetCallProbeForAddr (uint64_t Address) const
const MCPseudoProbeFuncDescgetFuncDescForGUID (uint64_t GUID) const
void getInlineContextForProbe (const MCDecodedPseudoProbe *Probe, SmallVectorImpl< MCPseudoProbeFrameLocation > &InlineContextStack, bool IncludeLeaf) const
const AddressProbesMapgetAddress2ProbesMap () const
AddressProbesMapgetAddress2ProbesMap ()
const GUIDProbeFunctionMapgetGUID2FuncDescMap () const
const MCPseudoProbeFuncDescgetInlinerDescForProbe (const MCDecodedPseudoProbe *Probe) const
const MCDecodedPseudoProbeInlineTreegetDummyInlineRoot () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 339 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Uint64Map

Definition at line 369 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

◆ Uint64Set

Definition at line 368 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildAddress2ProbeMap() [1/2]

bool MCPseudoProbeDecoder::buildAddress2ProbeMap ( const uint8_t *  Start,
std::size_t  Size,
const Uint64Set GuildFilter,
const Uint64Map FuncStartAddrs 

Definition at line 535 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References assert(), buildAddress2ProbeMap(), and Size.

Referenced by buildAddress2ProbeMap().

◆ buildAddress2ProbeMap() [2/2]

bool MCPseudoProbeDecoder::buildAddress2ProbeMap ( MCDecodedPseudoProbeInlineTree Cur,
uint64_t LastAddr,
const Uint64Set GuildFilter,
const Uint64Map FuncStartAddrs 

◆ buildGUID2FuncDescMap()

bool MCPseudoProbeDecoder::buildGUID2FuncDescMap ( const uint8_t *  Start,
std::size_t  Size 

Definition at line 374 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References assert(), Name, llvm::XCOFF::NameSize, and Size.

◆ getAddress2ProbesMap() [1/2]

AddressProbesMap & llvm::MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getAddress2ProbesMap ( )

Definition at line 414 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

◆ getAddress2ProbesMap() [2/2]

const AddressProbesMap & llvm::MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getAddress2ProbesMap ( ) const

Definition at line 410 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

◆ getCallProbeForAddr()

const MCDecodedPseudoProbe * MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getCallProbeForAddr ( uint64_t  Address) const

Definition at line 582 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References llvm::Address.

◆ getDummyInlineRoot()

const MCDecodedPseudoProbeInlineTree & llvm::MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getDummyInlineRoot ( ) const

Definition at line 423 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

◆ getFuncDescForGUID()

const MCPseudoProbeFuncDesc * MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getFuncDescForGUID ( uint64_t  GUID) const

Definition at line 611 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References assert().

Referenced by getInlineContextForProbe(), and getInlinerDescForProbe().

◆ getGUID2FuncDescMap()

const GUIDProbeFunctionMap & llvm::MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getGUID2FuncDescMap ( ) const

Definition at line 416 of file MCPseudoProbe.h.

◆ getInlineContextForProbe()

void MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getInlineContextForProbe ( const MCDecodedPseudoProbe Probe,
SmallVectorImpl< MCPseudoProbeFrameLocation > &  InlineContextStack,
bool  IncludeLeaf 
) const

◆ getInlinerDescForProbe()

const MCPseudoProbeFuncDesc * MCPseudoProbeDecoder::getInlinerDescForProbe ( const MCDecodedPseudoProbe Probe) const

◆ printGUID2FuncDescMap()

void MCPseudoProbeDecoder::printGUID2FuncDescMap ( raw_ostream OS)

Definition at line 548 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References I, and OS.

◆ printProbeForAddress()

void MCPseudoProbeDecoder::printProbeForAddress ( raw_ostream OS,
uint64_t  Address 

Definition at line 558 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References llvm::Address, and OS.

Referenced by printProbesForAllAddresses().

◆ printProbesForAllAddresses()

void MCPseudoProbeDecoder::printProbesForAllAddresses ( raw_ostream OS)

Definition at line 569 of file MCPseudoProbe.cpp.

References llvm::make_first_range(), OS, printProbeForAddress(), and llvm::sort().

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