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llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param Struct Reference

#include "Target/AMDGPU/AMDGPULibFunc.h"

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
template<typename Stream >
void mangleItanium (Stream &os)

Static Public Member Functions

static Param getIntN (unsigned char NumElts)
static Param getFromTy (Type *Ty, bool Signed)

Public Attributes

unsigned char ArgType = 0
unsigned char VectorSize = 1
unsigned char PtrKind = 0
unsigned char Reserved = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 293 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFromTy()

AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::getFromTy ( Type Ty,
bool  Signed 

◆ getIntN()

static Param llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::getIntN ( unsigned char  NumElts)

Definition at line 306 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

References llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::I32.

◆ mangleItanium()

template<typename Stream >
void llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::mangleItanium ( Stream &  os)

◆ reset()

void llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::reset ( )

Definition at line 300 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

References ArgType, PtrKind, and VectorSize.

Referenced by llvm::AMDGPUMangledLibFunc::AMDGPUMangledLibFunc().

Member Data Documentation

◆ ArgType

unsigned char llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::ArgType = 0

Definition at line 294 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

Referenced by getArgType(), and reset().

◆ PtrKind

unsigned char llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::PtrKind = 0

Definition at line 296 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

Referenced by reset().

◆ Reserved

unsigned char llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::Reserved = 0

Definition at line 298 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

◆ VectorSize

unsigned char llvm::AMDGPULibFuncBase::Param::VectorSize = 1

Definition at line 295 of file AMDGPULibFunc.h.

Referenced by getVecSize(), and reset().

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